I am lame.

No really, it’s true.  I love nothing more than spending time at home, watching TV with my laptop next to me, surfing the web with Dave doing the same in his recliner.  (I was going to say “with my laptop next to me, blogging”, but we know that’s a blatant lie, since my blogging efforts have been extremely paltry as of late.)  When reading my blog or checking out my Life List, I’m sure people think that I lead of a life of excitement, and am always on the go-go-GO.  It’s definitely not true.  I put on a good front.  🙂

This weekend, Arielle and I had #laceyandarielle’samazingbestdayinnyceverrrrr (see Arielle’s post here, mine is coming up, I swear).  It was a looooong day, and after we had gone into the VODKA ICE CAGE (more details on this later, I promise) it was about 10pm and I called it a night.  I’m pretty sure Arielle and our friends stayed out until the wee hours of the morning, partying like rockstars.

I’d love to say that this only happens once in awhile, but it really is the norm for me.  Long gone are the nights when I’d be at the bar until 2 or 3am.  Even back in college, it was rare that I was out that late. Being in a crowded bar with music blasting so loudly that I can’t hear my friend 2 inches next to me has no appeal.  I get tired, and I’m usually yawning in everyone’s face every five minutes.  Wah wahhh.

By now I’m kind of used to being called lame, or “Grandma”, or being made fun of when I’m turning it in early. But really, I don’t mind.

Do you party till dawn?  Or are you tucked under the covers before the Nightly News?


  1. i guess it depends on where i am but sometimes i can rally and stay up super late without even noticing it. but most nights i like to call it around 11, i enjoy my sleep a little too much.

  2. I actually get anxious sometimes, if the clock nears 11pm… like, um, it’s my bedtime guys. Last time I rallied was a few weeks ago when my friends and I went camping. We didn’t get to the site until 11pm, and ended up staying up til after 4am because we decided to walk the mile to the beach and look at the stars in the middle of the night w/ the sound of the ocean. Worth it, obvs.

  3. Jen and I are honestly total night owls. However, we prefer to spend our time tucked in our tree. (Am I taking the night owl nickname too far?) We’ve NEVER ever in our entire lives gone to a club, rave or whatever they are called. 😛

  4. I’m usually in bed by 11pm. Even if I’m out sometimes, it gets to 11pm and I’m all “Okay, would it be bad if I just left without saying anything so that they won’t know how lame I secretly am?!” Yeah. Cos I’m cool like that.

    At least in Canberra, I have an excuse to leave stuff early, because the last buses leave at 11pm. So I can’t get home otherwise. Once I move back to Melbourne, I think I’ll just have to start saying that I’m saving up all my late nights for Chicago and the 20SB summit!!

  5. oh i can relate 100%. i love being social and our calendar is always quite full, but i love nothing more than spending an evening home too…or going out with friends and being home at a decent hour to get some good sleep 🙂

  6. Lacey – I am the exact same way. My friends have been calling me a grandma for years – and I’m 26. I am definitely a morning person and I cannot for the life of me stay up super late.

  7. I am totally the same!! I hate staying up late and would MUCH rather be on my couch with my husband and a couple of beers and the DVR than just about anywhere else. When people plan dinners after 7pm, I’m like, “REALLY.” because I have shit to do in the morning, people.

  8. a lot of my classmates are still in the college-party phase… I get that we’re in school and all, but it’s not college, it’s portfolio school — we can’t afford to slack off. I just feel old when they start talking about planning all these parties or even just talking about the ones I didn’t go to! I may stay up until 1a still, but it’s at home with the cats… generally because I lost track of time doing something on my computer.

    It’s 10pm on a Friday night.. and I’m already about ready to go to bed!


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