20SB Vlog Day! Introduce Yourself…

Today is 20SB Vlog Day!

Please, please forgive me as you view the monstrosity of a vlog that is below. A few notes:

  • Vimeo captures the WORST screen shots.  I don’t look this heinous in person, I promise.
  • I did this in a hotel room in San Francisco.
  • That meant I was holding my flip cam in my hand, supported against my laptop screen.
  • I’ve never vlogged before.
  • Can’t you tell?
  • I say “uhhhh” a lot.
  • Yes, I am wearing a bright yellow sweatshirt.  It’s from my alma mater, and I’ve had it for close to 10 years now.  (Sad that my freshman year of college was that long ago.)

Vlog Day – Introduce Yourself! from Lacey Bean on Vimeo.

Did you vlog today? Introduce yourself!!
This video post is part of 20SB’s Vlog Day and the topic is “Introduce Yourself”…anyone can participate! Details are here.


  1. Yay! It’s so great to see your face again! Did you just love San Francisco?

  2. you dont look heinous. very nice Vlog!

    ps- i have a trio of rubber ducks for you. they are “office” sized. 🙂

  3. Rubber Duckies For The Win!

  4. Obviously the next vlog needs to feature the duckie collection so we can see all of them!



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