Extreme Couponing!!!!

Have you watched Extreme Couponing on TLC? Please tell me you have, because this show is my new crack. (Although I’m not sure I had old crack… maybe Toddlers and Tiaras?) Any time it’s on, even a repeat, I get sucked in. I can’t help but love this show because my grandmother was ALL about the coupons, and went as far as getting rainchecks for the items that the store was out of, that she had a coupon for. (And how we made fun of her.)  Not only does it remind me of my grandma, it also appeases my inner nerd.  (Renee and I one had an entire email conversation about our coupon nerdiness. And it. was. glorious.)

I had been into couponing for a few months before the show premiered, but let’s say these ladies (and men) kicked me into high gear. I don’t expect to put in anywhere near the amount of time they do, or get as steep a discount, but I definitely look for coupons a little more than I did before. Anyway, last weekend our supermarket had an INSANE special where they took double and TRIPLE coupons on each item, and also doubled the amount of the coupon up to a dollar. SAY WHAAAAAAAT?  Dave and I stocked up on coupons, and immediately headed over to get our shopping on.  And we did well.


  • $23.93 saved with our PAC card.
  • $16.95 saved with manufacturers coupons (including all the doubling, tripling, and doubling up to $1 ea.
  • Total saved? $40.88
  • WIN

And we did get *paid* to take some items out of the store, like on the show. 🙂 It was super amusing to walk around the grocery story and see who else was taking a stab at extreme couponing. I saw a gaggle of women as I passed through each aisle who would shriek every time they figured out they were getting something for free, or dirt cheap. I just hope they read the fine print of the super coupon event, because it was limited to 10 manufacturers coupons per check out. Needless to say Dave and I split our groceries into 2 check outs to accommodate the rule. Hey, whatever works!!

I do think the show is making it harder for ordinary people (like me and you) to coupon.  So many people are trying to get the insane deals that cashiers are coming down much harder on those customers who have coupons.  I went shopping last night and the cashier read each one of my coupons before she scanned them, which I had never seen anyone do before.  I mean, kudos to them trying to do their jobs – I’m sure a lot of people try to scam the system now.  Even with her scrutinizing my coupons, I still walked out of the store with an almost $115 grocery bill, whittled down to $73 between coupons and my PAC card.  WIN.

Do you coupon?  Or attempt to extreme coupon?  Or are you just as obsessed with the show as I am?


  1. Okay. i deff watched at first, but couldn’t get over the woman buying 37 bottles of mylanta. Who needs that much mylanta? what does she do with it? maybe she should get her insides checked. secondly (proper word?), all the coupons I receive are for things i never buy. Then I feel like i should buy it, but no what am I gonna do with it anyway. Will the kids eat it? and thirdly, how do they use all those coupons in one transaction?

  2. I love this show!
    Unfortunately my area SUCKS for coupons.
    No double or triples (that I’ve seen thus far) and very little in the Sunday paper.
    Most of the savings I do get is with store cards.
    My big thing is most of the products that do go on sale are things I wouldn’t normally buy, or it’s name brand stuff that is still more expensive than the generic, even with coupons.
    However, maybe I’m just not being as viligant as I could be. I’ll be unemployed soon so I might be better about coupons in the coming months!

  3. I watch the show and I want to do it but then what the hell do I do with all the extra stuff? A lot of the stuff is oddball stuff or geared towards families. I do totally use the Costco coupons.

    • Yeah I made a comment the other day about how EVERY family on the show buys gatorade, and those yakisoba instant noodles. Who wants all that? I only clip coupons for items I’ll use.

  4. I agree about couponing for sport being more popular is making cashiers scrutinize more, but I try and to through the line of a younger, bored looking person (especially a guy) that is less likely to freak about them if I have one that’s a little expired.

    If i was going to EXTREME! coupon though, I wouldn’t be able to be a freak that loaded up with diapers even if I didn’t have kids… I’d feel compelled to donate that shit to charity and write it off on my taxes as the full price. Wow, I am not coming off sounding entirely law abiding here, but still. Charity. Buy super cheapo diapers for disadvantaged families if you get your rocks off couponing, people. Someone needs to do a TV show about that.

  5. My mom is an avid couponer and I always thought she was at a crazy level, but the people on the show are just ridiculous. Sometimes I feel like it doesn’t even make sense for them to have sooo much stuff, like the people who have rooms that look like mini convenience stores.

    Anyway, I inherited couponing habits from my mom. I don’t grocery shop for myself yet, so I haven’t perfected the art of combining coupons with sales, but I clip coupons for makeup and snacks. I even have a little organizer for them that I carry in my purse – I always felt a little weird because using coupons always seemed like something only older people did, not people in their teens/twenties. But if I can save a dollar on something, then why not?

  6. I am SO IMPRESSED. I’ve gotten even more intense with my couponing after I upgraded my little plastic file for coupons to an ACTUAL coupon binder… It. is. awesome.

    • I LOVE IT!!! I haven’t worked my way up to a binder yet, but I did get that little plastic file. Had one before with pre-set tabs, and that didn’t work out so well for me.

  7. Honestly, I value my time too much to do any form of extreme couponing. Or maybe I’m just lazy! And I definitely don’t have the space to stock pile all of those items (items that I probably wouldn’t even buy in the first place). But I definitely use coupons here and there and get an insane sense of satisfaction when I save 50 cents on a tube of toothpaste 🙂

  8. I have always been a savvy shopper, mostly using earned store rewards and coupons whenever possible. I delved into the workd of extreme couping two years ago and while I do not make the haul as seen on the show, I use the exact same concept to get what I need for my family.

    The one thing to keep in mind is *all* items go on sale and have coupons in cycles. So to say that it is only for junk isn’t accurate – not exactly. I shop mainly at Whole Foods; they take coupons AND have their own. Combining them on a sale price is the point. I stock up to a certain point, but I don’t get crazy. I’ve been known to just have a cart filled with multiples of six to eight items, how much I think I’ll need before the sale comes back. That’s the deal in brevity. Eventually you can get to where I am where I don’t pay for much but produce, dairy, and meat. I could cut my food bill more if I wasn’t a snob, but my family only eats organic meat, dairy, and most produce.

    So in a nutshell, that’s how I do it and why.


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