No Strings Attached!

Few things in life will lure my Manhattan dwelling friends from the city into my outer borough of the Bronx.  I mean really, the Bronx might as well be a different state the amount of times that my friends have visited me.  However, I was able to entice them into crossing the borough lines for some delicious snacks, great company, and a viewing of No Strings Attached, featuring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.

The movie was pretty funny, but I’m not going to lie, the end kind of ruined it for me.  The whole time it was entertaining, witty, and there was barely any cheese factor.  And one friggin line at the end of the movie killed it.  (If you’ve seen the movie, I’m referring to what Ashton’s character says to Natalie’s as they’re in front of the hospital, right before her sister’s wedding. VOM.)  However, one of my favorite parts is when he says that she fights like a hamster.  It reminded me SO MUCH of when Dave and I play fight!!  🙂

I did enjoy it as a whole though, and would definitely watch it again if it was on TV, or I was in the mood for a nice, girly flick.

And of course, hanging out with my girls was awesome.  After the movie was over, we watched bad TV, a repeat of America’s Best Dance Crew (Instant Noodles!) and then one of the best movies ever – Bring it On. (This is not a cheerocracy. I am the cheertator.)  And we also gorged ourselves on yummy cheese and wine.  What is it about that combination that’s so, so good??

And here’s my final thought about the movie.  Have you ever had a “friends with benefits” situation that worked out? I know the answer for me is definitely no.  I’ve had “friends with benefits”, and it never, ever worked out.  I’m curious if anyone else has a different experience.


*I was given a copy of No Strings Attached, plus a gift card to purchase snacks for the viewing by Paramount.  All opinions on the movie, or thoughts expressed in this post, are my own.


  1. Depends on the definition of “worked out.” Did any of them develop into full-on relationships? No. Did some, like platonic friendships, wend their way through periods of varying intensity before fading away? Sure. I’m even still friends with a few. Mostly, it seemed to be all about how upfront it was in the beginning … and then again (and again) as things continued to proceed.

  2. I won a Clever Girls gift pack with all of these things in it, which wasn’t as fun as having people over to watch with me. And I haven’t watched it yet… but I AM wearing my cozy socks…

  3. i am right there with you about that final line! my friends and i all said the same thing, so much cheese, it made no sense!!!

    also, wine and cheese is always a win.


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