The Log Cabin Syrup CHALLENGE!

A few weeks ago, I joined a Twitter chat hosted by Clever Girls Collective and Log Cabin Syrups.  A few minutes into the chat, I was notified that I had won a prize pack!!  Woo hoo!!  Fast forward a week or so later, and this beauty arrives at our door:


Syrupy goodness mmmmmm

I cant even come close to describing how excited Dave was to see my winnings.  I mean really, you’d think it was his birthday or something.  And I’m not sure if he was more stoked for the cornucopia of syrup without high fructose corn syrup, or the sweet cast iron skillet.  Well, what does one do when one receives a box filled with syrup and tools for delicious breakfast making?  1 – makes delicious breakfast… and 2 – HAS A SYRUP CHALLENGE!!!!!!


Now I just want to throw out there that Dave was SUPER into THE CHALLENGE.  The man LOVES his syrup, so I’m pretty sure this was close to Nirvana for him. (I enjoy syrup as well, but if you poured out the amount that I put on pancakes/waffles compared to my husband’s amount, it not be equal at all.)

Dave got to work whipping up some yummy pancakes, while I assembled the test subjects for THE CHALLENGE. We had 4 kinds of Log Cabin syrup in total – Original, Lite Reduced Calorie, and Sugar Free – all from the No High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) line, and 1 bottle of Original syrup with HFCS that we had in our pantry.


The challengers, lined up for battle

We worked methodically, taking our time to dunk the pancakes into the respective syrup testing cups to properly ensure a full coating (or a decent dip, for me), and chewed each piece thoroughly, for maximum flavor results. (Or something like that, whatever it’s pancakes and we were having fun.)

My verdict went kind of like this:
– Original – Yummy!!
– Lite Reduced – Yummy!! But watery.
– Sugar Free – Yummy!! But not as good as Original.

And here’s Dave’s. Verbatim. The man spent a lot of time on this…
Log Cabin Original with HFCS is the syrup to compare the rest to. Seeing as how we already have a large bottle of it, and I have been eating my waffles and pancakes with Log Cabin since I was a child, I am most familiar with it’s taste and all the others are variations on what I consider the true Original.

I went in order from least to highest sugar content, starting with the Sugar Free. I expected that I would like this one the least, but surprisingly it turned out to be my first choice after the HFCS version. The aspartame gave it a slightly fruity flavor, and yes, you can tell that it is not sugar- but the flavor was not bad at all. It was pleasantly sweet, and thick enough to coat my tongue nicely. The flavor is certainly different than the flavor of the pure sugar syrups, but different in a good way.

The Lite Reduced calorie finished in last place. It was definitely thicker in consistency than the sugar free, but the flavors were muted in comparison to the last few. At 100 calories a serving, it was half the calories of the Pure Sugar Log cabin, so there is motivation, I suppose, to eat it- but if I were really looking to watch calories I’d once again choose the sugar free – 20 calories a serving in that bad boy.

Log Cabin’s new Original is made with pure sugar and no HFCS. It was the thickest and tasted the most like those “high end” pure maple syrup brands that you can buy in the Northeast US and Canada. You can definitely tell the difference between it and the version with HFCS, and needless to say it was great. It was hard to decide between the Sugar Free and the no HFCS versions, because both are good and the flavor profiles are so different.

I have to admit, I was really hoping that I could say that the Log Cabin without HFCS was my favorite, because I do try to stay away from it- but that was just not the case. Perhaps it is because I am just used to it, but the Original made with Corn Syrup was my top choice. At 210 calories, it is the heavyweight, the thickest, and the sweetest. The flavor of HFCS is different than the pure sugar and aspartame, but I have to admit that I am used to it. However, I am willing to sacrifice flavor for health- and in the future I will be choosing the Sugar Free Version of Log Cabin.

Yeah so there you go.  I can sum up things in about 5% of the vocabulary that it takes Dave.  🙂  But seriously, although we like the Original syrup with HFCS best, I won’t mind going through the other bottles when this one is empty.  I’d probably buy the Original without HFCS going forward though, just for health reasons.

*Disclaimer Shmisclaimer: I was not asked by Clever Girls Collective or Log Cabin Syrups to post about my prize pack.  I decided on my own, with my husband, to have THE CHALLENGE and decided to write about it because who doesn’t love a CHALLENGE??


  1. This is awesome. 🙂 I love doing taste challenges. And I love that your husband got WAY into it!

    I think it’s really interesting how the one with HFCS has a different color.. the others without it look to me like a higher quality of syrup, which you’d think would taste better. But yeah, HFCS is in almost everything. I do know that I love Sierra Mist Natural (which doesn’t have it) more than any other caffeine free soda. And I have ketchup that’s HFCS free, I should compare it to regular ketchup.

    Yay fun challenges and winning stuff!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. Totally fun. I notice the slight difference in bottles of water, brands, etc. So it’s great to see that I’m not the only crazed person when it comes to these things. Found you on 20sb!! =)

  3. I love that your syrup is huge compared to the ones they sent. Dave does love his syrup huh?

  4. I love this entry so much. Dave’s very detailed reviews are fantastic.

  5. Nice review! I wonder how the syrups would stack up next to the real deal from Vermont?


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