#NintendoEnthused in Seattle!

You know what would be awesome? Time to blog. Mehhhhh. I’ve been wanting to recap my great weekend in Seattle since I got back (and wanted to do it on Monday!), but work/life/etc seems to get in the way.  Stupid work/life/etc.

Anywho, last Thursday found me heading to Seattle via Brand About Town and Nintendo! This lovely trip allowed me to see and meet some of my favorite ladies!!

100_3573Top L-R: Erini, Katelin, Rachel, Stacey, Ev’Yan, Amy, Jenn
Bottom L-R: me, Nora, Rebekah, Jamie, Doniree, Gwen

Katelin and I had a movie-style, slow motion, running hug towards each other at the opening cocktail hour. It was EPIC. (I wish someone had gotten video of it. It was that good.)

The Nintendo headquarters are amazing. Sadly we couldn’t take pictures, but it’s the most green building I’ve ever been in. They also have a soccer field, volleyball nets and more right outside, an amazing on site store and cafeteria, and the best conference room names ever. “Meet me in ‘Another Castle’.” Oh yes, one of their conference rooms is called “Another Castle”.

Everyone LOVED the Nintendo 3DS! It was interesting seeing everyone’s reactions to it, since I had gotten a sneak peak during Fashion Week.  I did get to learn about a few more games and interesting features this time around – one of my favorites is the StreetPass feature!  I’m going to steal the description that Erini wrote about it, because she summed it up so well!

As you pass someone with a 3DS, if you have this activated, you collect their Mii, which will in turn you can collect puzzle pieces as well as play a game called Find Mii.  In this game, you’re the ruler of your kingdom — …— but you’re trapped in a cage.  You need heroes — other Miis — to set you free from the ghosts.


Doniree, Katelin, Michelle and Rachel having fun with the Ninendo 3DS

Nintendo was AMAZING enough to give each and every Enthusiast a Nintendo 3DS of their very own!  There were literally Oprah-esque squeals of joy from the room when this was announced.  But that didn’t stop me from almost buying out the Nintendo store!!


My kick ass, "Old School" controller mug

The second night of our fabulous weekend the entire group was split up into 6 smaller groups for dinner. We had been sent a list to choose from a few weeks prior to the event, and gave our top 2 choices. I wound up at my 1st choice, Anthony’s Pier 66 with Doniree and Melissa, where I was greeted with great views (even in the rain) and the biggest crab legs I’ve ever seen in my life!


Yes, I devoured each and every one. (there were like 5 total)

There was also an insanely decadent flourless chocolate cake, with caramel sauce and sea salt, that had me scraping the remnants off of my place with my fingers. I = classy.

The weekend FLEW by, and I was on airplanes for most of Thursday and Saturday, but I couldn’t be more thankful to Nintendo and Brand About Town.  It was truly an experience, and my Nintendo 3DS hasn’t left my side since I got it! (I love collecting new Mii friends in StreetPass!  Now to get more games!)  To wrap it up, the 20SBers in attendance (and various #BiSC alums) couldn’t leave Seattle without taking some sort of ridiculous picture… there wasn’t a fountain to jump in, but we made do with what we had…

Forest is the new fountain jump.

20SB/BiSCers in the "forest" (photo courtesy of Katelin)


**Disclosure alert!! Nintendo and Brand About Town were nice enough to pay for this trip out to Seattle. However, all the stuff in this here post? Are my own opinions. Kthxbai!**


  1. That weekend was amazing. SO GLAD I FINALLY GOT TO MEET YOU! 🙂

    I think I’m still recovering from all that awesomeness. … and sad that I was lame and went to bed while you guys played in the forest. Love your mug! I got my NES fix by getting the wallet.

    Now I really wish I was going to BiSC!

  2. I had such a great time meeting/getting to know you! After what, two years of reading your blog? Seriously, just so awesome. LOVE the group photo and all of us who went. Just the best time ever.

    Loved your recap too 🙂

    Now, can we all get together again this weekend, please!?

  3. That sounds awesome!

  4. Where are the dudes? I’m going to have my own get together. Men and Playstation 3. And beer. PS- Men only

    • There were some dudes – Nintenbros, if you will (I didn’t come up with that).

      And if you want Dave to come to your manfest, he prefers xbox over playstation.


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