Just another Friday in the office…

No, I’m not going to quote that stupid Friday song (I already did it on Twitter hee hee).  I do feel bad for Rebecca Black though – granted the song is awful, but some of the comments she is getting are just extremely evil.

Anyway… just another typical Friday in the office here… get coffee, walk up the stairs, open the door, and I noticed that we got some new… additions…

Yes, it’s Spiderman.  And yes, his foot is anchored in the trash can. Don’t want him toppling over, do we?

What’s that? Your office doesn’t have a blow up giraffe with dumps like a truck (what? what?)  Also, why is its head so much smaller than the rest of its body?  It’s also Cheeto orange, which just adds to the amazingness that is this thing.  And let’s not forget… the zebra.

Why? Because he can.

Spiderman’s hitchin’ a ride!! Wouldn’t you? There’s no reason for him to use his spidey-web to get around when he’s got a ZEBRA to cart him to and fro.

I don’t know why they’re in my office either.  Our CEO likes to buy weird stuff sometimes, and I think in his excitement to purchase items for April Fools Day (an office favorite) he couldn’t contain himself when it came to these friendly creatures.  (And superheroes?)

Sometimes my job drives me crazy.  But sometimes I can’t help but love it.  🙂


  1. Haha, love that you have blow-up animals and Spiderman in your office. Pretty hilarious and awesome and makes Friday better if you ask me.

    We do not have super awesome stuff like that at my office, no, not at all. Maybe we should…

  2. You know, some of the blow up dolls that people might purchase for office pranks could necessitate HR getting involved. :p

  3. This is epic. And I think that’s an absolutely wonderful surprise to find in your office on a Friday. And I think Spiderman looks damn good on that zebra.


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