DIY: Photo wall

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Dave and I have been lucky enough to have traveled to some great places during our relationship, both together and apart. And with each trip, we’ve amassed a HUGE collection of pictures chronicling our adventures.  We both LOVE trying to capture everything on film!  After 4+ years together, it was time to print out all the great shots we had, and create a little homage to our travels in our home.  Hence, the Photo Wall!!! And because I love step by step posts by other bloggers, here’s my own!

First… well first print out all your pictures, and buy frames. I knew I wanted all black frames for continuity, but I bought a bunch of different styles, to change it up a bit. I have all of my pictures uploaded to Flickr, and they are linked with Snapfish, so it’s super easy (and cheap!) to print your photos in whatever sizes you want. Then, all framed up and ready to go, lay them all out and arrange an rearrange until your little heart is content with the placement.


Then, for easy reference, label each picture with a number,and map it out on a piece of paper, so you don’t forget/mess it up.  (Cause that’s something I would TOTALLY do.)

TOTALLY to scale. Haha!

Once you’re all laid out and ready to go, (TWSS?) enlist your handy husband to help hang up all of the pictures, and make sure they’re straight and what not.


He's so handy!! (And cute!)

And voila!  Gorgeous photo wall!!!


I didn’t want to limit it to just photos, so there’s also some postcards from the Museum of Communism in Prague there, as well as an NYC skyline cutout that I purchased at the MoMA and backed on scrapbook paper, and an old school NYC postcard. We also didn’t spread the pictures out among the entire wall, so we can add to it when we want to. Oh yeah, and a random old picture of my parents from the 70s that I just adore. (Like my Dad’s Jew-fro?)


Click for descriptions of each picture

I’m absolutely in love with it.  Like, every time I walk into our living room it makes me smile.  And it reminds me of all the great places we’ve been – our honeymoon in Europe, all the fun we’ve had in NYC, Costa Rica, Israel, etc.  I can’t wait to add to it!

Do you have a photo wall in your house?  Or a place where you display all your pictures/memorabilia?


  1. I love it!! We have the exact same thing above our couch in our living room – and Mike did it all. Well, I bought the frames at the Christmas Tree Shop.

  2. Ooooh, you’re so smart! I’m doing something like this…but I want bright frames because it’s for my office. I’m slowly collecting the frames though…because I’m awkward…and a little fussy! I have 4 so far…I’ll get there eventually haha. x

  3. I absolutely love this! I really like the mix of different kinds of frames and that it’s all different stuff. Once I get my own place, I’m definitely doing something similar. I have a few frames up in my room but there’s no room for a whole wall of photos.

  4. I love this! The idea of adding pictures as well as postcards and a NY cutout is a great idea, as is leaving room off to the sides to continue adding to it!

  5. We have the same thing in our house! I love looking at pictures from our various trips! 🙂

  6. I have a photo wall in my dining room, and absolutely love it! Mine is all black frames as well, and I loved arranging and rearranging it until i was happy with the look! Love this, my dear!


  7. as i told you earlier, LOVE THIS. seriously so cute!

  8. I’ve wanted a photo wall since I saw it in Brothers and Sisters, it’s just not happend due to space and where we rented, but it’s in the works now. I just need to get some great photos of our friends – my photo wall won’t have many photos we visted, but rather about us, friends and family.

    • I love that idea! Across the room from our photo wall is basically the wedding wall – a blow up of the two of us, and then other shots of our families and bridal party.

  9. Love the photo wall! I make little collages from random ticket stubs, photos, bottle caps and other random things collected from trips taken and I have about six hung in my stairwell. I love walking past them and remembering the adventures my husband and I have taken together. It makes me smile.


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