Puerto Plata – Cable Cars, Cigars and Rum (Oh My!)

Two of the saving graces of our trip (and reasons to leave the resort) were the excursions. Yes, we wanted to relax, lay by the beach, drink our faces off, etc. But we’re also explorers by nature, and we’d feel horrible if we went to another country and never left the resort! So, we picked two days to head out, one of those days being a cable car ride up to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, the nearby mountaintop.  The mountain is famous for it’s gorgeous views of Puerto Plata, the Isabel de Torres nature reserve and also for it’s replica of Christ the Redeemer.  We pulled up to the cable car building, and I was surprised that it looked like any other nondescript office building.  (I guess they didn’t put any money into making it “Disney-fied” for the tourists.)  The ascent to the top takes 10 minutes.  And once you get high enough, the scenery, as promised, is breathtaking.

on the cable car platform
Isabel de Torres
on the way up!
And up!

And while the Dominican version of Christ the Redeemer is half the size of the original, it’s still a pretty impressive structure once you’ve reached the top, and are staring at it from the base.

100_3281 100_3282

We took some time at the top, walking around the conservatory, listening to our guide tell semi-lewd jokes (they seriously LOVE their slightly risque jokes there!) and then took the cable car back down to the bottom.  We were off to explore downtown Puerto Plata!! (Or explore it as much as our tour would safely allow.)  We visited quite a few sights and stores, but only a few worth mentioning, like the cigar and rum factories!

The cigar factory was really just a shop, but it was really cool to go inside and see all the dried tobacco leaves hanging from the ceiling, and hear about the cigars.  Also funny that Dave and I were the only ones to raise our hands when the owner asked who smoked cigars!  (Yes, I’ve grown to love them since trying my first on our honeymoon.)  Dave also got to roll his own cigar to take home. 


The rum factory tour was of Brugal Rum, and although I was not a fan of the actual rum itself, we were allowed to tour the bottling portion of the factory, and that was insanely cool to see. (Sadly pictures weren’t allowed.) It was loud as hell in there, but amazing to see how each machine does it’s part to get the rum bottled, labeled, and packed for shipping. So cool.


And then of course that afternoon we got back to the hotel and couldn’t get a dinner reservation. 🙂


  1. phampants says

    I need to visit the Caribbean one of these days.

  2. Anonymous says

    love the photos. definitely makes me want to get away for a few days, like… now!!!

  3. oooh that looks so fun! and pretty!


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