I’m having a love affair…

…with my MyTouch android phone!!

Not my phone

For realz.  Originally I had wanted an iPhone when they were coming to Verizon, but holy hell was that plan going to be expensive!! And T-Mobile was running a deal where you would get a free phone and activation when opening a new account – so voila! We got ourselves some MyTouches (MyTouch’s?) ANDROID PHONES WOOO!

It’s so fancy. And shiny.  And puuuuurdy.  I’m seriously obsessed with it, and have spent countless hours figuring out what apps I want to download, and more importantly, what screen they should reside on.  I mean, you can’t just have any ole’ app on the homepage! That’s reserved for the special ones.  Apps we have so far?  (Homepage special ones in bold.)

  • Advanced Task Killer (helps easily shut down all the apps that are running in the background)
  • Facebook
  • Fandango
  • Foodspotting Lite (this just came out – I can’t wait to put it to use!)
  • Foursquare (yes, I’m one of those)
  • Google calendar (SO much easier to keep track of Dave’s and my schedule!)
  • Google Reader
  • Groupon/Livingsocial (no need to print them out anymore!)
  • Hopstop (I can’t navigate the subway to save my life)
  • Mashable
  • Seesmic (for keeping track of multiple social media accounts, SO much better than the TweetDeck/HootSuite apps)
  • Twitter (yeah… I guess I should get rid of this one now?)
  • Where’s My Droid (helps you find your phone if you lose it)
  • Words With Friends.  (ADDICTING!!)
  • Yammer (20SB team chatting – oh yes, I’m part of the team now!
  • Yelp 

Considering I’ve only had the phone for a few weeks, and we were away for one of them, I’m sure I’ll be expanding my pages from 5-7, and adding tons more.

Oh sweet android phone with your hot pink case… how I do love you so.

Are you infatuated with your smart phone?  Is smartphone one word?  Do you have any AMAZING apps that you think I shouldn’t be without??

*I had to come back and edit this post, b/c Erini had commented with some apps, and I realized I left some off the list!  DOH!  Can’t keep track of them already! 

*I was not paid or endorsed in any way to write about this phone.  I just love it THAT much.  🙂


  1. I love my Droid Incredible. The price of verizon DOES suck, but it has the best coverage in Chicago.

    Apps that I love:

    – Advanced Task Killer (a must for not letting needy apps drain your phone)
    – Jorte calendar system
    – Evernote
    – Yelp (I love the Monocle feature. It's awesome.)
    – Google Maps.

    I don't do too much besides social media stuffs, email, and texting on my phone. … sadly I'm a terrible Words With Friends friend… I've neglected all of my games…

    The MyTouch was the T-Mobile phone I'd wanted if I switched. Hope you continue to love it! 🙂

  2. Love the android, get yourself NYCMate, way better version of HopStop in my opinion. Also totally love my OI Shopping List, discount calculator and Tip & Split! Great phone, you will become more and more obsessed.

  3. Oh!!! Totally forgot, Tango, for video chat and Lookout Mobile security, simply for the ability to wipe out your phone and disable it should you lose it. You would also like Urban Spoon. And I love my SwiftKey keyboard, which analyzes how you type, and essentially makes it so you don't really need to type to text, it is awesome!!! I am sure you also got the Kindle App for yourself, I use my mom's acct LOL

  4. Mrs. Potts says

    Mr. Potts & I so need (really do need) new phones & we'd love to get a Droid. I need to go check what Sprint has available, since that is who our service is through.

  5. Thisisme says

    So fun!!!

    Words with friends needs a self help group! SOO ADDICTING!!

  6. heidikins says

    I also have a MyTouch, and my absolute favorite app is SMS Backup (the one by Christoph Studer). It backs up/syncs all your text messages to your gmail account. Best. Feature. Ever.


  7. I used to have the blackberry from hell and then I upgrade to an iPhone and I can't keep my hands off it. And Words with Friends – so addicting! I love it!

  8. Haha…welcome to the dark side…Android phones are super addicting. I have an Iphone and I barely get ANY work done. So good luck staying concentrated on task. An app that is really helpful is PANDORA!!

  9. Shoshanah says

    There's actually a google reader app?!?! I have no idea, although I guess it doesn't surprise me

  10. Michelle says

    I liked…

    Handcent – you can customize your text messaging. Add your own Flair

    Words With Friends – Scrabble (i'm MieshieMatsui and Alison is xastrydx)

    WomanLog – To track everything

    Key Ring – you can down load all this discount keyring cards

    Vignette – Pretty Awesome Photo program with all sorts of filters

    Living Social – yup they have an app.

    ANGRY BIRDS – Addictive to the point where I had to cut myself off. I think Allison had to too.

    Enjoy the new phone! We all gotta hang out soon. Maybe another excursion to L & B

  11. I went from being a BlackBerry user (for two long ass years) to owning an iPhone4.

    I will admit, I love my phone. I go snap happy with my camera and the apps I find in the app store!

    I just wish I hadn't spent two long years being a BlackBerry user.


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