What’s your SN?

The other day, LiLu and I got into an email chain about old screen names. Remember when AIM used to be the biggest thing since sliced bread? And your away message HAD to be clever? If you left the room without an away message up, it was the worst thing ever? Anyway, we started talking about the screen names we had, and how they were ridiculously awesome, and then brought the convo to Twitter… and let me tell you, there were some clear winners.

 (I was going to post a screen shot of the old screen names here, but then didn’t know if any of the people involved still had any digital ties to those names, and didn’t want to set any hackers/stalkers loose. So imagine a screen shot here of an awesome twitter convo with ridiculous screen names.)

Some great ones I had? LBeanie113 (The 113 was my anniversary with my early high school boyfriend – November 3.) SkaLuva69. Or something. Cause I loved ska music, and clearly, spelling lover as “luva” is far cooler. And obviously 69 cause well… ya know.  And the best?  PixxieLixx. Can we say p0rno name? The reason behind that one? I was hanging out with all the punk kids in my neighborhood, and I loved chugging pixie stix all day when I was with them. Yeah. How are we so amazing clever when we’re younger?

Now it’s your turn. Spill it. You know you had some good screen names back in the day. The more ridiculous, the better.  Ready… GO!!


  1. magdalena viktoria says

    I have some sort of nostalgia for this–good old AIM days, livejournal before blogging, and so on..

    s/n I remember: LiL NsYnC BaBiE (yes, capital and lower case important), Slayergal (Buffy the vampire slayer obsession), Babydoll, and so on…haha

  2. Oh geez, my first sn was Dreame2590. Then I graduated up to BrightEyes1221 and then to amazinrain.

    I guess none of those are tooooo embarrassing, but man, I'm glad I don't have them anymore.

  3. The most embarrassing SN I ever had is still the one I use for AIM. :O

    I was too lazy to ever switch up my primary account.

  4. oh my GOD! How I loved IM? Remember all the secret ways you could track who was looking at your profile?

    Yep, I used that.

    Mine on Yahoo messenger in highschool was raeven_13.

    and, mine in college was allison2608. clearly, I got more creative.

  5. The Brooklyn Boy says


    … the abbreviated .mid filename for the "Mana Fortress" music from SNES RPG classic "Secret of Mana."

    Yeah. I don't know how I got cool either. Still a mystery.

  6. Suburban Sweetheart says

    GlossandSauce. Because I was obsessed with lip gloss & I was saucy? Beats me. Also, SaKaBi02, which was the first two letters of my first, middle & last name, but which everyone else said sounded African…

  7. My first one was "catscannedmylive." It was suppose to be liver, but it was too long.

    Phamilypuff was because of pokemon.

    EntertheForce is a Star Wars reference.

    And now, Phampants. Because I forgot to wear pants to breakfast on a retreat.

  8. TriXy99oZ

    something with Opal in it, but I forget.

  9. the only one i can remember is gnat2112—thought i was real creative there with gnat instead of nat (and my last name started with g)…i had others that i CANNOT remember and it's driving me crazy! i'll comment later if it comes back to me…i know they were super lame!

  10. Cards103
    The cards because my roommate and I were both in sports and our mascot was the cardinals.
    103 because that was our room number.
    Why did I team up with my roommate on this? Because I didn't know you could have more than one screen name per computer. I thought we had to SHARE.
    Why did I think that way? AIM was so new I didn't know any better.
    Moral of this story?
    I'm old.

  11. oh man, mine was along the lines of cleopatra and just wow to the flashback. i was obsessed with away messages, it was slightly ridiculous, haha.

  12. Mine was LetsyLou929 and then elledogg929… 929 being my birthday and felt the need to include it in everything. LetsyLou is a nickname from my parents that I thought was cool. Oh! And I was cinnamoneyes something or another for awhile, another nickname. Yeah, I knew how to pick 'em…

  13. Mine was snowgirl0429 – which isn't thaaaat bad, all things considered. But my first Hotmail address was stovetop9 because of my love of stovetop stuffing.

  14. HA! I love this – my first one was Skitch3139. Skitch was the drummer's nickname in the movie "That Thing You Do!" and I just had the biggest crush on him. The numbers are just the ones AOL ads to it. After that, I've had a few others… LoveD505 (Love, D, and my birthday), and the one I still have that I still talk to people on/with sometimes is emeraldlily583. (Birth stone, May's flower, bday). EmeraldLily is actually where I started playing with the name "lily" and eventually what LilySpeak was born out of ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fun post!

  15. AOL SN's were so ridiculous…I was lividzebra and azreal137 – like the angel of death. Not sure what I was thinking with that one..

  16. LOL!! Ahh, the good old days. My original AOL screen name was SNAILS123. Awesome.

    I can't remember all my other names, but DebBaLuSh420 or something seems familiar. ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. We seriously had this convo in our office earlier this week! I was cutielee369 Makes you want to gag a little doesn't it? haha

  18. Oh geez… My first AOL name was LindsBinz22 – not terribly lame, I still have it as a log in for some things. But then the list includes: starlighter5, MyFreddie59 (referencing an ex's "area" – WTF was I thinking?!)and xXplicitDream (which wasn't even meant to be dirty!).

  19. What a funny post. My first screen name (I think I was in the fourth grade with AOL 2.4) was Happy1888 because I was happy? and we lived at house number 1888. I went from that to DarkSide911 because I liked Star Wars and was weird.

  20. Oh jeeez, is it shameful to admit that I had lil_miss_lick? Yeah? I thought as much. meh. I still get friends emailing me to that acct, that's probably more embarrasing!!

  21. oh man, my first was Sugar032. like what!? hahah. i liked sugar! the one i had the longest was christaleena: a combo of my first and middle name, christina lee. what a dork.

  22. I had a ska related one, skagod69. I also had yourmom81, leggomymega, and my personal favorite, CBHmakemelaff, which spelled out says Carrie Bradshaw's Horseface makes me laugh. I am terrible.

  23. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    Oh man, memories! I don't remember my super old AOL password but I do remember my current AIM one, which I've had since…high school. Jdeesse

  24. steven andrew says

    Oh my god. This is an amazing post, because I had SUCH terrible Yahoo and AIM screen names. I changed them ALL the time! :\
    A few areee… :
    xxnightxterrors (Static-X. I was so hardcore)

    nova_x_dragon (I got it from Final Fantasy 9!)

    bjea125 (after my neices names and my birthday)

    I had all sorts of names for blogs and names on an online game I played. Terrible. I thought I was so hardcore. Hahaha!

  25. Chunky Knubby Navel says

    HAHAHA! PixxieLixx. That is amazing(ly dirty)!


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