To shave, or not to shave? (That is the question!)

At my office, we’re set up in long pods, with seats on either side, so basically 4 people face each other in one area.  (Does that make sense?  If not, sorry… just imagine 4 people sitting at a square desk so they face each other.)  Anywho – in my little corner, we’re comprised of 3 girls, and the 1 lone boy.  So, sometimes, as would be expected, we forget he’s there and talk about girly things.  (Sorry!) 

Well one of these times we started talking about shaving.  It started out innocently enough – my boss and I were heading out to get a quick pedicure at the nearby salon, and we were debating on whether our unshaven legs would offend the salon employees.  But then the conversation moved into even girlier territory, and we started discussion the etiquette of shaving your legs and other lady parts for the doctor.  (This is when our male coworker immediately put his hands over his years and began to sing “LALALALALALALALALALALAAAAA!!!” 

But I’m curious.  The general consensus between the work ladies was yes, shaving before going to the doctor, especially the lady doctor, was a definite.  Otherwise we felt bad.  Not that we really feel bad for the doctor, because I’m sure they’ve seen everything, but just like, don’t you want to be all cleaned up and what not when getting poked and prodded?  I remember specifically one time working at a clothing store when I was in college, and telling my coworker I had to go back to my dorm to shower and shave before a doctor appointment later that day.  She was so perplexed that I felt the need to go and take care of things, when to me, it was second nature.

What’s your take on this?  To shave, or not to shave?  And guys reading this, sorry!!  I guess I should have told you to put the visual equivalent of earmuffs on?  Blindfold?


  1. Classy Fab Sarah says

    I always wonder about this! My pedi guy says NOT to shave before pedicures, because it can make tiny cuts on your skin that make you more prone to pick up a nasty infection.

    But the girly doc is a totally different territory. I, for one, am an "all or nothing" kind of girl. But my doc is this super-sweet religious lady and going in with a bald eagle seems… crude to me. So I usually let it grow in a bit before I go to the doc, because I feel weird.

    But I never know what the right etiquette is! But I do think about it!

    Haha, TMI!

  2. I've actually been thinking about getting a bikini wax, but I am petrified of paying them like, $40, having the woman rip of one strip and me begging her to stop and therefore waste 40 perfectly good dollars.

    But I think as long as you don't go to the doctor with a fish taco situation, you're okay!

  3. Oh yay TMI.

    I'll shave my legs and such before seeing a doctor…. but not the lady bits.

    For me, shaving means sexy time, and sexy time is generally the furthest thing on my mind while I'm getting poked and prodded by a doc.

    And honestly, in regards to sexy time, if a guy is bugged out because I didn't shave, then I don't really want to be with him. I don't make him shave his bits…

  4. I feel if I'm completely fresh shaven it just looks like I was trying too hard. Ha! So instead I make a point to do it a day or so before, and with the thought I've put into it, I most definitely AM trying too hard!

  5. As a "lady doctor" I can tell you – we really don't care. Best to keep things as they usually are – hopefully that means clean, but beyond that, groom as per usual. So, if you usually shave, shave…if you usually wax, wax…if you usually do neither, then…you get the point. We truly see it all. But I do always appreciate recent bathing!

  6. Leanna Vera says

    Great post lady since I wonder about this all the time!

    I always shave the day before I get a pedicure. I just get weirded out at the thought of someone touching my hairy legs.

    I usually shave 2 days before going to the lady doctor. Being completely bare before at the doctor makes me feel awkward.

  7. I am so freaking lazy about shaving my legs. Everything else, I tend to stay on top of. But my legs? Well, thank god it is fine and blond and sparse, haha. So, would I shave prior to a pedi? Um, if I remember. For the lady doc? Well, she is my mom's age and somehow it just feels…gross…to get all "cleaned up" for the doctor. I am worried she will judge me and think I am some wild hooker or something. So I do usually let it grow a bit. Clearly, I over think this.

  8. suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic] says

    I think being clean is all that's important, as the lady doc commented. 😉 I try not to get tooo hairy though if I know I'll have my legs exposed.

  9. with me, it's not even a matter of etiquette – I just would be embarrassed to have a stranger look at my unshaven legs or lady parts. It would definitely be more about ME being comfortable than the other person involve!

  10. I just make sure I shower before I go but shaving doesn't matter. I figure they don't really care so why should I? If I happen to shave, then great.

  11. I shave my legs the morning of my doctor's appointment and my "lady area" a couple days before. I don't want to look like I've gone all out for the occasion, but I like to be tidy! I am so glad you posted this (and that people commented) because I've actually thought, wondered, and worried about this very issue a LOT.

  12. I've always heard not to shave before the pedicure as well due to the risk of infection.

    In terms of the OB– they don't care. Just shower! They've seen it all! I'm sure most woman don't shave down there before birth- and much scarier things happen down there on that day so hair is the LEAST of an OBGYN's worries!

  13. I say shave for the girly doc for sure. I once apologized for not having shaved because the next day I was going on vacation and wanted to wait until right before I left for shaving time. TMI? Oh well. 🙂

    And I get pretty freaked out by the thought of anyone being near my unshaven legs, so I'd say shave first before getting a pedicure.

  14. I'm totally with you on shaving pre-lady doctor. I only didn't once and it was cause I was sick with the stupid flu and just wasn't up for it. Otherwise, I always do. Same thing for pedicures, when I go to get facials and before I go to the regular doc just in case. Can never be too careful (though I often wonder why I care since you're right, I'm sure they have seen EVERYTHING and then some!)

  15. Legally Fabulous says

    lol i love this post.
    First off – I am not a big leg shaver to begin with. I usually try to remember to shave before a pedi, but if I don't remember I don't sweat it. I just always remember that there are always WAY GROSSER people than me. Even if I have runners feet and hairy legs, there are really disgusting people with really gross stuff going on.

    As for the lady bits – I wax anyway, so it's not something I worry about. But I can totally understand the comments of the girls with older doctors who would feel like skank nasties for bein all groomed down there! (so funny, and so ridiculous, and I totally get it). Luckily my doctor is cool and young so I don't have to worry about it.

    Same thing goes for lady doc though – I may be bad but you know there are people who are way worse.
    I feel like even if I'm a little "unkempt", you know they have to see some stinky scary bushes, right? Lol.

  16. WAX! I started Brazilian waxing six years ago and have not looked back. I now only go every six weeks. So worth the money.

  17. oye, in my opinion showering is a MUST but shaving I don't make it date night appropriate if you know what i mean, but its not exactly a disaster zone

  18. ok as soon as i read your tags for this post, i knew i was in love with your blog. i always do the most random tags…and they often start with awkward too.

    as far as this shaving stuff goes…BARE is the way to go. i HATE hair. ew. ew. ew.

  19. Drew {Coral Cafe} says

    Hilarious!!! I must say, shaving is a must for me! Although if you're not going to see my legs in my attire that day, I'll skip it, bc sometimes I'm too lazy and in a hurry! (or I'm always in a hurry bc the story of my life is being late to EVERYTHING!!

  20. This is hilarious, Lacey! I think a lot of people wonder about this but have never had the guts to ask. So thanks! I'm definitely reading your blog from now on. 😉


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