"Play with Mii in 3D!"

You may have seen this explosion of a tweet from me last week…

Yes, that’s right. Brand About Town, amazing as always, sent me an invitation to check out the Nintendo 3DS Lounge at the Empire Hotel during Fashion Week.  Yes, THE Empire Hotel that Chuck Bass owns on Gossip Girl (shutup) and during THE NYC Fashion Week.  To top it off with a sneak peek of the new 3DS.  Right???  Right.  Anyway, obviously I said “YES DEAR GOD PLEASE YES!” And made an appointment to check it out on Monday. 


To sum it up quickly? It was very cool. Other than the preview of the 3DS, (which I’ll get to in a moment) you could freshen up from the day with a Spa Chicks mani or pedi, Benefit professional make up (you KNOW I took advantage of that!) or hair style by Marie Robinson. I felt very glamorous.  


Now onto the good stuff – the new Nintendo 3DS! Once my nails were dry from my fabulous manicure, I hopped over to one of the stations where they were set up, and was given a detailed overview by one of the Nintendo staff.


HOLY. CRAP. The Nintendo 3DS is seriously cool.  The 3D graphics are outstanding.  I can’t believe that it’s so clear looking, and without 3D glasses.  I got to try out a few of the new games, and my two favorites were Face Raiders -where you take a picture of yourself, and then “fight” yourself in the game, and the AR Games.  The AR Games are almost unexplainable to a non-techy like me – all I could do was keep exclaiming “This is SO cool!” over and over again.

I was super stoked to get a sneak preview of the 3DS.  It just made me even more excited for the release date – and the #NintendoEnthused Seattle trip!!!  And it didn’t hurt that I came back from the Lounge and showed up at my office with a nice, new manicure, prettily made up face for Valentine’s Day dinner, some sweet Benefit make up, and an uber comfy shirt!


**Disclaimer: I was given an invitation to the Nintendo 3DS Lounge free of charge. I was not asked to, or paid to, write about my experience there, or the items I received. I write about it b/c I love Nintendo and Brand About Town, and they are awesome.


  1. Lucky lucky lucky girl!!! I too LOVE Nintendo. I take my DSi EVERYWHERE and I adore the Wii!

  2. I love that shirt!

  3. Ditto Rachel!

    I love BAT & Nintendo. They are truly amazing@ Cannot wait until Seattle! 🙂

  4. 1. I can't wait for Seattle. I get to meet you!!!!!
    2. What an awesome shirt.
    3. Happy Friday/weekend 🙂

  5. um so awesome. i loved the AR games, so trippy! but now i want to play the face one too, so crazy.

    and YAY SEATTLE!!! see you soooooon!

  6. That sounds like such a blast! And that shirt is too cute!

  7. The jealousy, it burns us!


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