I want to blog, I really do.  I just don’t have time!!!!!  Work is nuts.  And then I’m too tired to even think about writing when I get home.  Wah wahhhh.  And sorry there was no Menu Monday this week, we just didn’t have anything new on our menu!  So many leftovers/recipes that we didn’t get to make from last week. 

I’ve realized that I’m so slow on the fashionista train.  Stuff that’s hot I don’t like until much later down the road, or if something’s popular, I hate it at first, and then fall for it later.  (Uggs definitely fall under this category.)  Today?  I wore some knee socks pulled high above my boots.  Have you seen girls do this?  At first I thought it was so dumb, and then today I kind of did it by accident and thought “Hmmm… this is kind of cute!” 

Jillian Michaels can suck it.  I’ve been doing her Yoga Meltdown DVD, and I have a major LOVE/HATE relationship with her.  Sadistic bitch.  There’s a part at the end of the first workout where she’s congratulating you on getting through it, and she’s smiling, and it looks like it’s SO PAINFUL for her to smile!  Hahaha.

Black Swan?  OMG.  I still have no idea what went on in that movie. 

Chipotle will be the death of me.  I could eat a chicken burrito bowl (with black beans, tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce) every day.  SO GOOD. 

I really need to go through my clothes and see if I need anything for Punta Cana.  If you were to ask Dave, I’d need nothing, but obviously I know better.  🙂  A girl’s gotta look cute!!

I’ve just discovered the amazingness that is Girl Talk (thanks to Arielle) and I can’t. stop. listening.  If you haven’t downloaded the album yet – do it now!  (No really do it – it’s FREE!)  It puts me in a good mood every time I listen!

Dave and I will be married for 10 months next week.  10 MONTHS!!  When did that shit happen???  I can’t believe it’s almost a year.  SO CRAZY. 

I’ve become obsessed with quite possibly one of the trashiest reality shows on TV.  And surprisingly, it doesn’t have anything to do with New Jersey!!  I’m talking about You’re Cut Off! on Vh1.  There was a marathon on TV this weekend, and now I’m hooked.  (Dave shakes his head in disgust as he reads this.)   It’s sad really, but it’s like a train wreck – I can’t stop looking!!

Every time I hold my nephew (who just gets cuter every time I see him!) the baby fever climbs higher and higher until its like a record playing on high volume in my ear going “BABY!BABY!BABY!BABY!BABY!BABY!BABY!BABY!BABY!”  I know Dave and I have a plan, and we’re sticking to our time line, but it’s so hard to when you have an adorable infant in your arms.

On a recommendation from D.A.R. I download The True Story of Hansel & Gretel on my Kindle.  This story had me sucked in from the very beginning.  Everything about it was amazing.  It was uplifting, gut wrenching, maddening, disturbing, intense and more.  Read it.  Trust me.  🙂


  1. When my niece and nephew were little cute babies they definitely each ignited mini baby fever. However, the niece is now 3 and that cute little baby can now throw herself on the floor in public and scream for no good reason. That puts out the baby fever every time for me. Or thinking of a cute little baby turning into me at 15. Yeah. I'll wait for now. I'm going to need extra reserves to deal with that!

  2. sugarmouse says

    i know what you mean about not having the time. never thought i'd see the day where i wouldn't have time to write but this year, i'm MAKING myself post at (the very) least once a day. seems to be working so far.

    i still think uggs are yuck and Jillian Michaels rock! 😀 haha. congratulations on makin it to the 10 month mark! seems everybody's married at this present point of time… makes me sortakinda want to hop on the bandwagon too. but no boyfriend. saddddd.

  3. Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown is my plan for tonight after work. I know *exactly* the sadistic smile you mean.

    Girl Talk is my go-to music for when I'm on the treadmill. It really helps a run go by quicker. If I'm listening to songs that are normal in length I get all ADD and start scrolling through my playlist and get totally distracted. Girl Talk solves that problem!!

  4. I *Love* Chipotle. It's one of my favorites ever. I could eat there every day. No joke.

    10 months already!? That's insane. I can't believe it. Congrats!

    I live in the midwest so fashion? It takes forever to get to us, so I have to say that I have yet to see anyone wearing socks over boots, but I'm intrigued!

  5. Breathe Gently says

    I can't believe you just discovered Girl Talk! They are the BEST gym music tracks ever. Go the old albums too. Clever, clever!

    Also … 10 months? Omgosh.

  6. Auburn Kat says

    How do you like having a kindle? I thought about getting one but I wasn't sure.

  7. Yeah!! Glad you loved that book. I am seriously obsessed with my Kindle. I have a list of like 100 books I want to read "next". ha!

    And yes. I am hearing the babybabybabybabybaby chanting in my head, too. I know it isn't the right time, but tell that to my ovaries!

  8. left you something on my blog!


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