Chrismaka Craftiness!!

Deep, deep down I want to be a crafty person. Sometimes it works out, in the form of T-shirt blankets, beer coaster collages, Halloween decorations, etc. But I definitely don’t have the time or patience to be crafty as much as I’d like.  And honestly, the easier – the better!!  Well, the other day I was perusing the holiday goods at CVS and saw this large tube of ornaments for $9.99.  They were pretty, sparkly and shatterproof (yay clumsy husband proof!)  And then I remembered seeing a blog post last year about making a wreath out of ornaments.  Well a few more stops for other materials and $26 later, I had all I needed to make my Super Awesome Chrismaka Wreath!!!!

First, you need your materials:

Holiday Wreath
Wire hanger and glue gun, and ornaments, ornaments, ornaments!!!

You’ll also need a tutorial to help you along the way. I used a combination of The Thrifty Decor Chick‘s and Eddie Ross‘ to guide me.  I also suggest burning a Christmasy scented candle to help you get in the mood.  (It could also be Hanukkahy scented, but I don’t know what that would entail… latkes?)

Christmas Wreath is my favorite! It smells just like the real thing!

First step, you want to bend your hanger into a circle.  I suggest doing this before you twist the two ends apart, to make it a little easier on yourself.  Then, before you start stringing on the ornaments, hot glue the ornament caps onto the balls.  Seriously.  Do not skip this step.  I didn’t do it with certain ornaments that I felt were on tight enough, only to later have to try and haphazardly glue them back together when they were already strung on the wreath.  The instructions – they do not lie!!

Then, begin stringing!!


Once you’ve strung your balls on (HAHAHAHAHA), if you’re like me, you’ll realize that the teeny, tiny ornaments that you purchased are TOO SMALL and will flip-flop all over the place. SAD FACE. You’ll then spend time unstringing everything, and later creating a lovely holiday decoration with the too small balls (HAHAHAHAHA).

There’s really no rhyme or reason on how to string the ornaments, I just kind of made sure it was an every other color situation where I could.   Then, when you’re done adding ornaments, twist the two ends of the hanger together to make a hook for your wreath.  And when you’re done –



And if you’re like me, and decide that the wreath needs just a little something more, a snappy little bow will do the trick:


Merry Chrismaka!

I love that I now have something to show off for the holidays that I made. I hope I see this tub of ornaments on sale after the 25th… I’d love to make more!

How DIY are you in your decorating? Share what you’ve done! Happy crafting!


  1. Suburban Sweetheart says

    This is so pretty! Well done, my dear.


  3. I love it! How big is it? I'd love a wreath for my fireplace.

  4. super cute!

  5. That is gorgeous! Jen and I went to try and hang a wreath on the outside of our apartment door and as this is our first Christmas here we didn't realize a wreath hook wouldn't fit! ๐Ÿ™ So now we're trying to find those sticky hook thingies!

    Also balls. HAHA!

    But really… Beautiful wreath and I as crafty as I wish I was, I'm not. But I plan on getting there!

  6. Dude that's a Christmas wreath. There ain't nothing Chanukah about it. Haha. You should at least weave some dreidels in there if you want to call it a Christmaka wreath. Or latkes. Or gelt. Make it happen.

  7. Gorgeous!!!

  8. oh so lovely. nicely done.

  9. So pretty!

  10. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    I LOVE the wreath! So clever. Come teach me to be crafty!

  11. It came out so pretty! Love it.

  12. smalltownmom says

    I love that wreath!

  13. That turned out really great! Well done!


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