Ring A Ding Ding Dong

It’s come time for me to purchase an actual alarm clock. Yes, I am one of those people who use their cell phone as their alarm. I’ve been doing it for YEARS, probably since after I moved home from college, so we’re looking at around 5+ years now (god that makes me feel old!) I used to have a shnazzy M&Ms alarm clock, but it either broke, or I passed it on to my parents when I moved. The alarm clock on my phone works well, I can punch the buttons in my sleep to snooze for a bit longer, and its loud enough that I always hear it.

The problem? I can’t turn off the phone part of the phone.

And although I don’t get as many random middle of the night phone calls like I did straight out of college (when we were still partying hard), I still get them.  Whether they’re from crazy ex boyfriends, coworkers trying to figure out when an event is (don’t worry I still love you!) or drunk friends, the minute my text message alert blares right next to my eardrum, my REM cycle is destroyed.  (Slightly melodramatic, but I like my sleep.) 

I used to not mind getting woken up by my cell phone, especially when my boyfriend lived in a different time zone (years ago), but now that I’m getting old, crotchety, and mildly hermit-like, I can’t stand it!!  I think I’m going to spring for a sweet little iHome alarm clock, so I can be woken up by Glee!!  Or No Doubt!  Or the Ninja Rap!!!  No?  No one likes/knows Ninja Rap?  Just me and Arielle?  Ok then.

Do you have an actual alarm clock?  Or do you also use your cell phone as an alarm like me, and suffer through the occasional middle-of-the-night text?


  1. I've used (and still use) my cell phone for an alarm for as long as I can remember

  2. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Ummm…. I use both. I set multiple alarms. Because I can never drag myself out of bed. Am I 16? YES.

  3. The Maiden Metallurgist says

    I am super picky about my alarm clock. It must be analog (I can't stand the digital light display) it must be battery operated (not plug into a wall socket) and it must make a very subtle tick-tick-ticking noins as the seconds pass.

    But- on days when I reall, really, really need to be out the door early (to catch a flight or get to an early meeting) I set my phone alarm as a back up.

  4. If you turn your phone on airplane mode, the text and calls can't reach you but the alarm still works. Not that an actual alarm is a bad idea. 🙂

  5. My new phone has separate volumes for the alarm and the phone! It's genius! It used to drive me crazy when I would get random calls or texts before my alarm went off.

  6. Jenny @ Practically Perfect... says

    I use an alarm clock, but my husband uses his cell phone. Our cell phones back in the States had an "alarm only" setting for the volume, but the phones here don't have that. So, middle of the night he gets a text message, guess who wakes up?!

  7. Yes, always! I have a short and unintrusive text message ringtone, so that's not a problem. if someone were to call, I'd wake up….but that happens, like, once a year when somethign big happens and I get called in to work.

  8. jenniferalaine says

    This took me way too long to realize and I don't know what kind of phone you have but my old blackberry could be put on silent profile and the alarm would still go off and my iPhone I just put on airplane mode (that's the part that took me wayyyyy too long to figure out!) haha

  9. I've used my cell phone ever since I knocked my alarm clock off my bunk bed in college (and before I had a cell phone!!). What kind of phone do you have? I have a blackberry and if I have it on silent my alarm will still go off- have you tried that?

  10. Go ninja go ninja go!

  11. stevenadamswv.com says

    Put your phone on airplane mode so you can turn the phone off and still use the clock.

  12. I definitely have Ninja Rap on a mixed CD in my car and also watched TMNT 2 the other day. Now I feel a little sad about myself, lol

  13. I use my cell phone, but that might change after the baby comes. I have some family members that don't understand that their sleep schedule isn't the same as mine.

  14. most cell phones now you can TURN OFF and it will turn on when the alarm goes off. . .you could test it. many of them you can turn the sound to silent in your settings but the alarm will actually sound. I bought an alarm clock and never ended up using it because I was so used to my phone!


  15. Of course I know the Ninja Rap. I was a Turtle before you were a twinkle in your pappy's eye.

  16. I use my phone but I can also silent or lower the ring and/or text sounds if need be.

  17. I went off to college with an actual alarm clock, but by sophomore year I started using my phone, and I've been using it since. When I get phone calls in the middle of the night it does wake me up, but it's pretty rare. And I can sleep through any text or e-mail since I get alerts for those as well.

    But I can't figure out how to silence everything including alarms on my phone. I've actually started turning my phone off in the movies instead of putting it on silence, because I can't figure out how to silence everything.

  18. I use my blackberry as my alarm clock. It's got a bedside mode that turns off the phone part of it, basically, and makes it act just like an alarm clock. It's pretty perfect.

  19. I still use my phone as my alarm clock and I just set my phone on silent so I can't hear those pesky middle of the night calls/texts

  20. omg, I wouldn't be able to handle life if my phone didn't have a silent with alarm option on it. the wrath of waking jeri up is soooo not cute.


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