Lacey and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yes, yesterday sucked.  Actually, the day started sucking around 3pm on Wednesday, when the train myself and some coworkers were supposed to take to NJ for a meeting WAS NOT RUNNING due to some crap breaking on the NJ Transit line.  Stupid NJ transit.  Cue awful weather and NYC traffic, so I couldn’t get a car until 6:45pm, and had a lovely driver who missed our exit so he went in reverse on the highway shoulder to make it back to the exit (and laughed about driving too fast).  Not going to lie, when he pulled over to the shoulder I immediately thought that he had pulled over to kill me and dump my body on the side of the road.  (Nervous Nellie anyone?)  But I made it to the hotel okay, and watched freaking ANN win ANTM over Chelsea.  ANN.  I mean, I saw it coming from the beginning the way the judges swooned over her constantly, but still.  ANN?  Ughh.

The fun continued when I met my colleague at 10:30pm to go set up for the next morning, and our boxes were no where to be found.  A call to the courier confirmed they had been delivered and signed for that afternoon, but there was nary a box in sight.  We found some hapless manager to help us, but the man was nervously laughing so much that I wanted to stop him in his tracks and tell him to “stop freaking laughing, cause it isn’t funny!”  Sigh.  Needless to say we wandered around this hotel that was huge and very reminiscent of the hotel from The Shining with its long, winding hallways for over an hour, looking for these large boxes that couldn’t have disappeared on their own.  I also made them call the other manager at home past 11 at night to find out where the boxes could be.  “But he’s probably sleeping!”  “I. Don’t. Care.” And of course, when they were found, where were they?  In the one spot that the hotel staff repeatedly insisted that they weren’t.  Le sigh.

It only got better from there Thursday morning, with our AV screen not fitting the room’s low ceilings/chandeliers, two temps being late due to car trouble, my boss being his usual self, and a speaker running late cause she was lost.  (Don’t blame her, I get lost in NJ all the time.)  It was just.. ughh. 

When I made it into work (because we still had to go into the office afterwards) I had a meeting that brought me to tears.  It just wasn’t the day for me. 

A bottle of wine with my husband and a disc of Mad Men later, I had crashed on the couch by 9pm.  Only to wake up with a start this morning, because I had forgotten to set my alarm for it’s normal time. 

TGIF.  That’s all I can say. 


  1. says

    TGIF indeed.

  2. Tails from the City says

    I'm so sorry. What a pain! I'm so glad for you that you're back home. Only makes Mad Men, wine and your husband so much sweeter!

    I've had an equally weird week. Yipee for the wknd!

  3. Sorry for the bad day. And I'm sorry to say I laughed, but just because I used to work at for Marriott and as part of customer service training they have a super cheesy video you have to watch that involves a scene in which a guest is very mad because he can't find his box of materials for a meeting. I hope your meeting wasn't at a Marriott or they might have to revisit the efficiency of this video.

  4. Suburban Sweetheart says


    Anyway… TGIF. Glad to hear I'm not the only neurotic Jew who freaks out about creepy cab drivers & convinces myself I'm about to be made into fish food.

  5. Ugh – sorry you had such a rough day, lady!

    The Ann thing pissed me off. I feel like they dumbed down the competition for her so she could win. Chelsea wasn't awesome (Team Kyla!) but she was way better than Ann. All Ann can do is take great photos. SO LAME!

  6. What a day! Hope today is better and you get to relax with some more wine, chanukah goodies and fun.

  7. aww.. im sorry!! hopefully your day turns around, xxxoo

  8. What a crappy few days. I hope the weekend is extra good to make up for it! I had been hoping for Ann to win but I think it was partly because it's been so obvious she'd win, just so I could say, "Yay, I knew Ann would win" 🙂

  9. oh man i'm sorry lady, TGIF is so right. also ANN, i have a whole rant ready to go on tuesday about this travesty, haha.

  10. Amber (Girl with the red hair) says

    Hope you have a restful and rejuvenating weekend!!

  11. Ugh, I'm so sorry about your day. But I'm with you – don't even talk to me about Ann and ANTM. Total CRAP.

  12. I prescribe you 2 bottles of wine, some cheese, and a foot rub from your husband.

  13. Oh awful. I hope you enjoy your weekend and can recover from your crap week!

  14. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    Oh man, that is not a good day or two. I hope you got to relax this weekend!

  15. This is random and not related to your post – but I couldn't find your email address.

    So, menu queen…I need to make an appetizer for a party on Wednesday night. Any suggestions? I love your quick and easy recipes!

  16. I hope that your weekend provided some R&R for you! I hate the no good, terrible, horrible very bad days. =(


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