Me vs Caffeine

Hi my name is Lacey and I’m addicted to all things coffee. 

I also suffer from frequent headaches.  In the beginning, I believed that my headaches were due to stress, or staring at my computer monitor for too long.  But I noticed that I wasn’t really getting headaches during the week – only on the weekends.  Curious. A few weeks ago though, I finally put two and two together and the light bulb went off (ding!)

I drink coffee Monday – Friday, but not usually on the weekends.   Therefore, I was getting headaches from caffeine withdrawal.  Oh ’twas a sad, sad day when I realized that my body was truly addicted to caffeine. 


My morning routine, Monday – Friday is to get breakfast, and either grab a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ or a local deli, or use the office Keurig (love) for a cup.  What’s sad is that I don’t get coffee every day for the caffeine – I just love the routine of a cup of coffee to start my work day!  So, on weekends, I don’t jump for a cup because it’s not part of my routine.  Sometimes I’ll ask Dave to pour me a cup when he makes himself a pot, but not out of necessity.  Sadly though, when I realized my frequent headaches were due to my lack of caffeine on the weekends, I tried to incorporate a cup every morning. 

The final straw was this past Saturday, when I felt a headache coming on before meeting up with Arielle to see Harry Potter 7p1.  I ran over to the coffee pot, but oh no!!  There was only an inch of coffee left in the pot, and no Dave around to make more coffee for me.  Don’t make fun of me – but I have NO IDEA how to work our coffee pot!  I’m sure it just involves putting in some grinds, pouring in some water, and pushing a button, but that machine intimidates me.  Hence my lusting for a Keurig of my very own. 

Anycaffeineheadache, I slugged down the inch of coffee that was there, went into the city and purchased a latte at Au Bon Pain, figuring that would do the trick.  Oh I was wrong.  The nagging, light pain that I had felt earlier in the day exploded into a full blown stabby headache during the movie.  Once it was over, I ran to a Duane Reade, purchased some Excedrin migraine and water and chugged it down.  Luckily, my headache had subsided by the time I got home. 

When I got home and collapsed on my couch, I realized I couldn’t do it anymore.  I did NOT want to rely on caffeine every day.  I did NOT want to be forced to drink coffee just to make sure I did not have a headache later on.  So, I’ve decided to wean myself from coffee. 


Yes, it’s going to be hard.  But I figure I’ll start moving towards half-caff, and then decaf if necessary.  ๐Ÿ™  Honestly, since I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine anyway, I figure it shouldn’t be that bad.  And I’m sure I’ll get some wicked headaches while my body is getting used to the change, but in the long run, it’ll be worth it. 

Have you gone through caffeine withdrawal?  Or weaned yourself from it?  Anyone successful??  Give me hope people!!!


  1. Tails from the City says

    Start with lattes…move to black tea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This post makes me happy that I don't drink coffee! No stabby headaches for me.

  3. smalltownoven says

    Hi Lacey! I've been a silent reader for a long time but felt the need to speak up today for some reason. I've met a lot of people with caffeine addictions (doctors are coffee fiends) and there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm glad I've managed to stick to drinking it when needed and haven't gotten addicted yet but I expect residency to change that. Good luck!

  4. I weaned myself from coffee once my husband and I started trying to conceive. Just like you I would drink coffee every day. It took about a week of headaches but it really wasn't too bad. Good luck!

  5. I'm not going to lie – it's going to SUCK at times. But you can definitely do it. The most effective way is to go slowly. Drink a full cup of coffee for a couple of days, then drink 3/4 of a cup for a couple days, then half a cup, etc. You can do it!

  6. says

    I drink a lot of caffeine, but caffeine seems to have no effect one mt. Doesn't make me hyper, doesn't keep me awake, etc. But if I break routine, that is when I get headaches.

  7. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Way to go! I'm sure you can do it; just go easy on yourself, forgive yourself any backsliding, & hop back on the caffeine-free wagon. At my last job, I started drinking SO MUCH DIET COKE that I took a break from it for a month, & now I rarely want it!

  8. My mom started out mixing her coffee with decaf, gradually reducing the caffeinated stuff over a period of several weeks. She had the same stabby-headaches problem on the weekend and found this did the trick. She still gets her little coffee routine to start the day but no longer gets headaches if she misses a cup on Saturday or Sunday.

  9. I am in the EXACT same situation. Except for me, it was Diet Coke. I stopped drinking soda, and started having awful headaches, but it took me weeks to figure it out (I cheated.)

    I decided that giving up soda wasn't worth the headaches and withdrawal process, especially right before the holidays, and instead – I've chosen addiction.

  10. cailen ascher says

    since you don't drink it for the caffeine, why not switch to decaf? that's what my mom did when caffeine started to get the best of her. then you can still enjoy a cup (or two) during the week!

  11. I've been coffee-free for 2 weeks. It's not fun but I'm starting to feel a lot better. I started by switching to half-decaf, then all decaf (I thought the taste of coffee would trick my body into thinking I was getting my daily dose of caffeine) then just quit drinking all coffee. It gets easier. I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I did it last fall when we first started thinking about having a baby. It took a couple of rough weeks to lose the headaches, but if you incorporate tea as a substitute at first it may help a little bit. Now I don't miss it at all and have decaf drinks if I stumble into a starbucks.

  13. I don't do coffee but I'm addicted to diet soda. It took me long enough to wean myself off the full fat stuff, i won't be quitting the diet stuff anytime soon.

    One of my male colleagues successfully quit all caffeine (he was on the full fat soda) recently though and after a few days of headaches and withdrawal he came out the other end, so it is possible!

  14. youcancallmeflower says

    I am addicted to caffeine as well! It all started when I needed some energy for school and I would down two or FOUR redbulls. Then I got into drinking iced coffee with flavored syrup. I have never been a regular hot coffee drinker and don't drink it at all as a matter of fact. I drink a TON of unsweet tea. I drank so much last winter that I am convinced it gave me my first wrinkle, that combined with the horrible dry air from last winter. Its my routine to have a soda for breakfast because I'm not a breakfast eater. I noticed when I don't drink any caffeine I feel awful. So I know I'm definitely dependent on it. I have started taking Vitamin B and drinking health and energy boosting Emergen-C. I would like to eventually switch to fizzy water to help combat the soda dependence. Hang in there! You aren't alone lol.

  15. Things I have given up in years past include cigarettes, but I don't think I could give up my cup of joe each morning. I don't get headaches, but I don't ever really wake up until I've had one. Good luck!

  16. I was a big time coffee addict. I drank at least 4 mugs a day, but then one dayu I just decided to stop – after years of tons of coffee. It was a bit hard at first, but now I don't notice it at all. And the big bonus is that when I do need the big caffine kick one cup is all I need, and it keeps me going for days.

  17. I'm kindasorta doing something similar. I'm not cutting cold turkey, and I'm not trying to necessarily quit drinking altogether — I am about to move to a city known for some REALLY good coffee. But, I'm opting for tea (sometimes caffeinated, sometimes not) in the mornings instead and right now – I'm enjoying a Decaf Cafe Florentine instead of any coffee/espresso drink. It's a really nice and cozy coffee alternative. You can do it – share your successes with us!

  18. I've done it! I switched to half caff and now i only drink decaff (it still has a little bit of caffeine in it. But i was pretty successful ๐Ÿ™‚

    It was hard for about a week or two then after that I really didn't notice that much. The hardest part for me was just feeling kind of foggy around 2ish..

  19. Years ago I used to drink a lot of coffee. And then I realized I was addicted to it and would get headaches and so I weaned myself off of it. It wasn't even that I drank it that often, but drinking it every day for a few days in a row always led to withdrawal symptoms.

    Good luck!


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