Thanksgiving Menu Monday!

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving. Time is flying by so fast!!!

As you can see from my meal planning chart –  I’m not cooking dinner this week. We barely have any nights that we’re home, and then Thursday is the big T, Friday we’re off to Foxwoods for the day, and Saturday is Postgiving with friends.

Regardless, I still have a bunch of cooking and baking to do for the get-togethers that we’re invited to.  It’s funny to see all of my meal planning for the week fall under the “Other” category, instead of being spread out during the week like they usually are, with maybe one or two things winding up under “Other”.

My sister-in-law volunteered the two us of to bring dessert to Dave’s aunt’s house on Thanksgiving Day, and obviously that was definitely OK with me.  I’m trying two new recipes for the Day of Thanks, starting with D.A.R.’s Caramel Apple Pie and a divine looking Flourless Chocolate Cake from Real Simple.

For fun, for my office (and if I have time) I’m going to knock out these Andes Creme de Menthe Cookies. I could never find the baking chips in stores, and finally saw them a few months ago and stocked up!  And of course, haven’t made anything with them since.  These cookies look delicious and easy.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is our Postgiving feast with friends.  It’s the third year we’ve done this, and although our group is getting smaller due to family obligations, kids, etc., it’s still a great time and it’s a potluck, so everyone chips in.  My contributions include The Pioneer Woman’s Burgundy Mushrooms (I have 4 lbs of mushrooms sitting in my fridge right now.  4 LBS.)  And THE CINNAMON ROLL CHEESECAKE (YES CAPS LOCK IS NECESSARY.)  If you don’t recall, I made THE CHEESECAKE for Dave’s birthday in April, and the boy has been dropping ever so subtle hints about when I was going to make it again.  He’s also bragged to friends about it, so I feel that it’s time to unleash the beast during Postgiving.  (And I can’t like, I loved it too so I’ll benefit as well.)  Mmmmm CHEESECAKE.

Now, I must go map out an ever so O.C.D. baking/cooking schedule so I don’t freak myself out/run out of time/get anxious/and have time to go out for Pre-Thanksgiving festivities and all the in between.


  1. Um, CINNAMON ROLL CHEESECAKE?! Holy hell, that sounds perfect. PERFECT.

  2. This looks amazing!! I love how efficient you are!! Do you have any recipes for corn bread??? xxxoo

  3. I really just need to get off my ass and make that cheesecake. I swore I would LAST time you blogged about it, ha!

  4. Those PW mushrooms sounds really good! I have a bunch of mushrooms in the fridge right now and that might be a good way to use them!

  5. Jen on the Edge says

    At this moment, I'm feeling very thankful that all I have to make for Thanksgiving is pumpkin cheesecake, butterscotch pie, and a platter of veggies and dip. Easy.


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