The Little Things…

While I’m not completely outside the Funkytown city limits, there are a bunch of little things that are helping me make my way back into the happy, fun place I usually reside:

  • Various arm warmers that I found at H&M.
  • Hazelnut creamer in my coffee.
  • Glee doing not one, but TWO songs from Singing in the Rain (I have an obsession with that movie.)
  • A week full of visits from and with friends.
  • Unseasonably warm weather.
  • Planning my dessert making schedule for Thanksgiving.  (Mmmm dessert.)
  • The Waking Dead on A&E (that show is SO good, and SO scary)
  • Getting a seat on the train.
  • And not being elbowed/squished in by the people next to me.
  • GAP jean leggings (I loathe the word “jeggings”) fitting a little better than they did last month.
  • Chipotle burrito bowls.  Mmm. 
  • A husband who doesn’t mind me dancing around the kitchen like a fool.  He does look at me funny, but he doesn’t mind. 🙂
  • Getting ready to put up our Christmas tree next week!!!!  Cause Dave won’t let me put it up before Thanksgiving.  🙁

Are there any little things helping make your week better?


    1. Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) says

      My husband is making me wait until after Thanksgiving to put up our tree too! I can't wait! It's going to be our Saturday night event 😉

    2. Christmas tree! Next week! Eeeee.

    3. Tails from the City says

      I thought you were Jewish, no?

    4. Tails – I am Jewish, but my husband is Christian (technically) so I use that as my excuse to why we have a tree. 🙂

    5. Tails from the City says

      Great excuse to have a tree! I love decorating all of my non-Jewish friends' trees!!

    6. JenBetweenDots says

      Thanksgiving in Canada is in October – you should tell your hubby that as an excuse to put the tree up early!!

    7. cailen ascher says

      things i'm looking forward to: friday happy hour at my fave bar with friends & family b/c it's my bday!!! yay for 1/2 price cocktails : )

    8. Suburban Sweetheart says

      I desperately hope my GAP denim leggings start to fit a little better soon…

    9. Is the Walking Dead the one about the zombies? The guys in my team at work keep going on about that. Do you like Andrew Lincoln? He has been my crush for YEARS.

      Only things keeping me sane/happy right now are wine and the fact I know I'll be in London (albeit on a work related trip) in less than a month. Oh, and that it's nearly Christmas and I'll have some time off work because of that. That's pretty much it!

    10. wearing a scarf and a constant supply of ricola has made this week better for me, wee! 🙂

    11. (Thanks for reminding me that I need to watch Glee from this past week!)

      Things that make my weeks a little better… puppy cuddles, getting excited to go Christmas shopping, finding new cookie recipes to make, reading lists like this that always help put me in a better mood. Oh, and yeah, the fact that we are doing Christmas tree stuff soon too. I can't believe it's time but I'm so glad! 🙂

    12. @stevenadamswv says

      Netflix is vital.

    13. I love Singing in the Rain too! And loved having the songs on Glee!

    14. We watched the Walking Dead today – went back & watched all three. I'm hooked!!

      Thinking about the little things that make you happy is a wonderful thing to do.


    15. My week got much better yesterday- I moved in with Steve!


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