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This week was pretty quiet – nothing really blog worthy!!!  Actually… I did start a new blog on the side, but I don’t want to reveal it just yet.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Anywho, here’s a few random things floating through this old mind of mine…

– I want a dog.  We cant have one in our current apartment, but I still want one as soon as we live somewhere that allows it.  Mainly because this mush of a dog was running around our place last night when my friend Annie (hiii!!!) came to visit, and I LOVE HIM.  Even though he didn’t like Dave right away.

Look at that face!

– I’m actually excited for Halloween this year. Arielle and I have the BEST costumes EVER for a party we’re going to tonight. Pictures will follow.

– Dave and I are seeing Daniel Tosh Saturday night. I can’t wait – I love Tosh.0!  (If you don’t watch – start.  Trust.)

–  Fun packages from Nintendo and Brand About Town!!

I love Kirby! I used to have the game back in the days of the GameBoy – wooo I’m old!

– I just started using HootSuite to manage multiple Twitter accounts, and so far I’m liking it. The BlackBerry app needs to be improved though. (It’s only in beta right now, so hopefully it will!)

– I know some people didn’t like the Rocky Horror episode of Glee, but OMG I loved it.  LOVED.  We don’t have Fox right now at home due to Cablevision being a stupid jerkface, so I watched at work on Hulu (shhhh) and LOVE.  Especially the “Toucha-Touch Me” song… Schuester w/out his shirt on?  YES PLEASE!!!  Sadly, I didn’t enjoy John Stamos performing “Hot Patootie”.  It just didn’t do it for me.  The Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf cameo was great though!

– How is it basically November already?  I’m not prepared for cold weather. 

– If this? Doesn’t make your uterus hurt?  I don’t know what will.  (I heart babies in costumes!)

– When your entertainment unit comes crashing down off your living room wall at 2:30am, you will wake the fuck up, and immediately know what happened.  Your husband, however, will be completely groggy and not understanding that the stupid thing fell off the wall because there were no studs to support it, but he will make an effort to leave the room first “in case someone was trying to rob the house and steal stuff from the entertainment unit” – because he doesn’t want you having to face the robbers first.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Halloween Weekend!!! 


  1. OMFG i dont even like kids and i have to immediately have one so i can put it in a costume like those.

  2. Jenny @ Practically Perfect... says

    Those kids are adorable! And Kirby?! I haven't played that game in ages!

    I hope you're able to get a dog! Any ideas what kind you'd get?

  3. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Happy Halloweeeeeen! I want a dog, too. :/


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