Menu Monday Funday!!

This weekend went by way too fast and most of it was spent in a car.  We drove up to Ithaca on Saturday for our friend’s wedding, and  made it with just about 2 hours to spare before the ceremony started.  We partied into the night (and in a very cold venue!) and then hit up the Ithaca Brewing Company (knocking another brewery off the Life List! and Buffalo Wild Wings before hitting the road again.  And with that, I’m back at work, and back into menu planning!

This week we have dodgeball on Tuesday night, dinner out with my cousin and her boyfriend on Friday, and plans for a craft beer tasting on a sailboat, followed by a Jack O’Lantern Blaze on Saturday w/ my BFF Allison, so we’re cutting our meals short this week.   We’re making:

Spaghetti Pie!  (aka the BEST MEAL EVER! I’m actually going to make 2 of them, and freeze one for later.  Yummm.

– Rachel Ray’s Ginger Soy Chicken on Shredded Lettuce (Trying to get more use out of my RR 365: No Repeats book!)

And Dave is helping the meal planning effort this week!  (Not that he doesn’t help ever, but sometime she picks meals that are all his own to plan and execute.)  He is making:

– Barley Risotto w/ Onion & Mushrooms – from our AMA Heart Healthy book.  No recipe online, but it’s similar to this recipe.  I’m not a huge fan of risotto, but I’m willing to give it a try!  And it’ll be served with Jamie Oliver’s Baked Creamy Leeks. (Yum.  To both the dish and to Jamie Oliver.)

What are you making?  Is there a famous chef that you find yourself referencing more than others?  Even though I don’t plan it, I’m very partial to Rachael Ray recipes!


  1. The creamy leeks sound great and I happen to have some to use up!!!

  2. Suburban Sweetheart says

    What's a "meny"? 😉 I loooove risotto but am allergic to mushrooms, though I'm still interested in those creamy leeks. And spaghetti pie?! I've never heard of it. I WANT.

  3. Your weekend sounds lovely; the beer and time with best friends. And then food. Well I'm hungry now =)

  4. Tails from the City says

    I second the comment about Leeks…you've saved the leeks in my fridge. I always reference something out of the cookbook The Dinner Doctor, by Ann Byrn when I want to make something delicious, but don't have the time to go entirely from scratch!

  5. Yum yum!! This all sounds good! I hate Rachel Ray, but I am partial to her recipes 🙂

  6. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    Oh my gosh, I need to gchat with you big time because i need to get back on track. Help me!!! And spaghetti pie? I'm intrigued.


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