"It’s a twister! It’s a twister!"

Did you know a tornado touched down in Queens last week?  True story.  I was had no idea it happened at all, and was on my way home from the city, when my boss caught me on my cell right before I got on the train.  She lives in my hometown, and said that I should probably call my parents to make sure they/their house were ok.

Well after 2 attempts to get through to them on the house phone to no avail, I tried my mom’s cell and she responded immediately with “We’re ok!”  Not even a “hello”, haha.  Unfortunately, a lot of the neighborhood wasn’t ok.  Tons of trees were either damaged, down, or completely uprooted.  Sidewalks were torn up, parks ruined, and some storefronts and a local police precinct had windows and walls that came down/imploded.  Insane!!  Not to mention the number of cars that were smashed by falling trees.

We didn’t sustain any damage to our house, but a BIG tree that was in our backyard fell.  And by fell, I mean completely uprooted, and was now sprawled across three backyards – our neighbors on the left, our yard, and our neighbor on the right.

The neighbor on the left?  Their damage was minimal, just the fence that separated us was half down, and some concrete was lifted from the ground. We had major concrete and landscape damage from where the tree uprooted, but luckily our deck was spared by about a foot.  However, the neighbors on the right got a huge brunt of the impact – their fence is totally down, most of the tree is in their yard, and not only was it blocking their driveway, but also partially landed on their car.  ๐Ÿ™

Here are some pictures of the backyard:

The tree across our neighbor’s yard

The root – that thing was HUGE! Taller than me.

Notice the bushes still attached to the ground by the tree root? This reminds me of that scene from Inception where Ellen Page’s character starts to make the walls of the world change, and things are sideways, etc. In light of everything, it was too funny to see!

There was a lot more damage in the area, such as our major roadway below:

Those split trees in the background? Used to be a park. ๐Ÿ™

I couldn’t take pictures of the rest of the neighborhood though, since it was getting dark when I arrived at my parent’s house. I would say that I probably won’t be able to take any pictures when I go home again this weekend, but sadly, since there is so much debris and damage to take care of, there will most likely still be a lot around.

Was anyone you know in New York affected by the tornado(s)? Have you experienced anything like this yourself?


  1. Breathe Gently says

    Oh my gosh, that is so random – I never pictured NYC to have tornadoes?

    I'm glad you guys were ok but sorry to hear about the damage. That must have been some major wind to get that tree uprooted.. goodness.

  2. It was a very weird storm! Jewel ave is really torn up according to our cousins who live there.

    The storm passed over us with the gross looking puke sky and crazy winds but I think the reason Great Neck didn't see so much damage is because we already had alot of trees and limbs go down when we had that microburst this summer.

    Glad to hear your family was okay!

  3. my parents had a huge huge huge tree come up on the corner of their house during the last really nasty winter storm we had. it marginally missed the 3 houses on the other corners. it was crazy.

    im just really glad you guys had no damage to your parents home or cars. glad everyone is safe.

  4. I'm glad you were safe! I was visiting a friend in Manhattan so we saw all the warnings but luckily avoided most of the mess. My husband and parents were anxious to check in on me though to make sure we were okay.

  5. that is still so nuts! so glad your parents' house was okay but that tree, WOW.

  6. That's crazy!! I can't believe you had a tornado. Glad everyone and everything was ok! I have been through a couple tornadoes–one in CT and one in GA. The one in CT was terrifying! I was 8 and at sleepaway camp OUTSIDE and the tornado came through our camp. I remember running through the woods in the middle of the storm to get to the storm center.

    I was also outside during the GA one but it wasn't nearly as terrifying. Partly because my high school happened to be sort of burning down and that was pretty exciting.

  7. That storm was crazy-intense – I live in central/north-ish NJ and it passed us, though it was just a big thunderstorm at that point. I'm glad everything's relatively alright with your family.

    Back in 1998 we had tornado-like weather around here and it was the same thing, with trees uprooted and snapped and tons of downed power lines. In my neighborhood the houses were all okay, but the streets were covered in debris.

    It's strange because the bad storms bring people together. After the one in '98, my dad took us for a walk around the neighborhood and a ton of people were doing the same, looking at the damage and talking to each other about it.

  8. Did you walk out and say "we ain't in queens anymore, Dave"?

  9. We've had a few hurricanes do some flood and and wind damage but I've never really seen any damage from a tornado. Looks terrifying!


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