Project 365 Update & Macro Friday!

Happy Friday!! I’ve been doing Project 365 for a whole month now! And I haven’t missed a day!! (GO ME!) It’s fun to look back (already) and see what pictures I took each day. I’m also learning to use my camera more, and am trying not to rely on the automatic features and settings as much. I’ve been playing with the aperture a lot, and once I get comfortable with that, I figure I’ll move onto shutter speed. 🙂

Here is a mosaic of my pictures so far – days 1 through 32!

And today, I’m participating in Macro Friday, hosted by Blogging From Bolivia.

The rules, from the blog…

… participating is easy, just put a macro photo on YOUR blog with a link to me so others can play along, then come back to MY blog to link up (below)! You have all weekend to enter (now through Sunday at midnight). You can include as many photos as you’d like in your post, but select and specify just one as an entry for voting.

So, here is my macro photo!


I took this while we were at the Cape Cod Winery, wandering around the vineyards. There were grapes all over, and other flowers, but I love how the photo of this dandelion came out!

Happy Weekend!


  1. That slush looks divine! Mmm….
    Congrats on making it a month!
    I'm thinking of joining in but I have to get my flickr back up once I remember my login!

  2. Mom of M&Ms says

    beautiful macro!!!!!

  3. justinegordon says

    this is a great shot, congratulations on your month of photographs they look great, love reading your blog and congratulations on getting married too!

  4. Breathe Gently says

    Great shot Lacey!

    Also I was going through your stream and had to giggle at wallpaper-pants-guy. Too funny. 🙂

  5. Love the photo of the dock. It is a neat angle and I love water! What a fun project. Good luck keeping up with it!

  6. TaraMetBlog says

    I love the photo of the floor commenting on your great shoes! Great macro, too!

  7. Mommy2Four says


  8. one month in and your mosaic looks awesome! just think how great it'll be by the end!!!

  9. yay for one month. today marks my one month. And I was definitely in bed last night when I shot up and flipped all the lights back on to snap a quick pic. Ooops. I love how all the pics look together.

  10. Lovely! Beautiful colors 🙂


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