Do you remember back around Thanksgiving last year, when I came home from work to a chunk of my car missing?


Luckily there was a police report filed, but it took FOREVER to track down the random insurance company of the guy who actually hit my car (3 cars were involved – 2 that hit each other at an intersection, and then plowed into my innocently parked car.)  And yes, I say that I had to track down the guy’s insurance because my insurance company was NO HELP AT ALL.  (We have now since switched companies.)

Anyhoopty, we FINALLY got a settlement from the guy’s shanty insurance company, and decided to junk the car, since the amount we received was a little higher than what we actually paid for it!  (WOOT!)  BUT, life got in the way, and I’ve been driving around in my busted car with it’s ass hanging off for months.  Until today!!!!!


I am now the proud owner of a 98 Volkswagon Beetle. YAY!!!  As I’m apt to do with all inanimate objects, I’m naming it Hank (or Chester… haven’t decided yet), and I can’t wait to be the cause of other people’s punch buggies!!!

Speaking of the punch buggy, Dave HATES the game. Mainly because I spot them all the time, and he just winds up getting hit in the arm over and over again.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Now, because I own one, there had to be some set rules:

  • I cannot call punch buggy on Dave using my own punch buggy.  (I can’t see my car parked on the street and hit Dave.)
  • I can call punch buggy on other punch buggies while in my punch buggy.  (It’s ok to be in my car and call punch buggy on a different beetle.)
  • “Forgetting” or “not recognizing” my punch buggy and then calling punch buggy on it isn’t allowed.  (Don’t lie!)
  • “PUNCH BUGGY!” must be yelled, or it doesn’t count.  Unless decorum calls for not yelling, then whispering or motioning to said punch buggy is allowed.

I swear, we really do have lives. ๐Ÿ™‚ But YAYYYYY punch buggy!! I’m so excited!!


  1. PUNCH BUGGY?!?! I think you mean SLUG BUG. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My best friend had a beetle back in high school. I also loved how it had a little vase inside the car

  3. Cute car!

    OK, that commercial drives me crazy where they are all punching one another calling "White one!" "Red one!" but the cars are any old random Volkswagen. Those aren't the rules!!!

  4. i have the same car! Same year too!! You are going to love it! I always smile when I see it in the parking lot or when i see kids punching each other yelling SLUG BUG!!!

  5. now that you have a bug, does that mean u get to still play the game?

  6. Breathe Gently says

    EEEEEEEE punch buggy! ๐Ÿ˜€

    It's gorgeous and I love the silver!

  7. Jealous! I always wanted a Bug but Dan won't let me get one b/c he had been in an accident in an older model when he was younger and it scarred him mentally. I told him that the new models are way safer but it was a no-go. Oh well. ENJOY!

  8. Woo! Car car C-A-R if you want to get hit then stay where you are! Well…only the first part of that rhyme really applies. Whatevs.

  9. Congrats on the new-to-you car! Hopefully you can keep it away from random accidents. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The Buggy looks fantastic!!!! So Happy you finally were able to replace the last car!!! Woo Hoo Punch Buggy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats, Lace! Love the car, love the color, love it all.

  12. It's adorable!

  13. you said punch buggy so many times in this post im not even sure i know what it means anymore… ahhhh!

    CONGRATS though, wooo NEW CARS!

  14. I'm biased, I love Chester, but that's because it's my cute dog's name. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the car looks girly though. But that's just me. Congrats on getting through that insurance hassle–insurance companies are assholes.

  15. So cute! We play "Slug Bug" too! Congrats on your new beauty!

  16. VWs are the bestest little cars. They are practically indestructible! My first car was a 1998 Jetta that I drove through high school and college. Great gas mileage ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved Betsy!

    Yay for a new car!

  17. yay for a beetle!! seriously i always used to want this car. such a fun ride, woo.

  18. weebarrett says

    i'm a follower of your 365 site, and had to read the full story! that's awful what happened to your car, but awesome that you've got this new one! i've always been envious of those that have gerber daisies as part of their dashboard.

  19. I'm with Doni! SLUG BUG!

  20. Aw, I had a 2001 Bug from senior year of high school until my last year of college. I had to trade it in on a Mazda Tribute because I needed the extra ground clearance in New Orleans. I kept bottoming out in potholes no matter how slow I went when I drove the bug down there.

    I miss it!

  21. Love that game! And love the car!

  22. We call it SLUG BUG, and you have to say no slugs back, otherwise you get punched too. There was also a rule for a few years in my household (I'm convinced my bro made it up to further torture me) that if you didn't "wipe" the punch away, you could get punched back. Yup. Like i said…. totally made up. Jerk face.

  23. Practically Perfect... says

    Hahaha – I have to agree – never heard it called punch buggy! It was always "slug bug" at our house (although we don't "slug bug" to the new VWs – only the old ones!). I'm glad you got a new car, but that really stinks that you had to go through all of that hassle!

  24. Your car is incomplete without spinner rims. And how do you plan on fitting all of Dave's amps in there?!

  25. I'm just a girl says

    I absolutely love the color!

  26. That is so cute! I want to get a car like that one day when I move out of the city.


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