Holy Blog(h)ers Batman!

(I know that blog(h)er thing doesn’t really work cause there should be 2 g’s in blogger, but whatever, go with it, I’m done trying to be clever.)

Wow what a weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect from my first BlogHer, besides a lot of women, a lot of general awesomeness, and like, informative sessions and stuff. But wow. It was a major case of sensory overload. Instead of going on and on about what we did each day, here’s some random thoughts about my experience at BlogHer this weekend.

Embrace your inner stalker. It’s the only way you’re going to find the people you’re looking for, in a crowd of 2,400+ bloggers.

You can’t be afraid to meet new people. There’s going to be over 2,000 people you don’t know. Say hi, introduce yourself, hand out your blogging business card. Then, explain what a JAP is, because not many people from outside the East Coast know that JAP is Jewish American Princess, not Japanese. 🙂

Explore everything. The exhibition halls, the special suites, the art installations, EVERYTHING. Cause you never know what you will see or who you will meet. (Like when we ran into The Bloggess in the BlogHer Serenity Suite and we told her we were friends with Nicole the Intern.  And she asked us why the EFF Nicole wasn’t at BlogHer.  NICOLE WHY WEREN’T YOU AT BLOGHER???? I miss you.  Fifth state?)  You’ll also get to make S’mores in the AMAZING S’mores ‘Snacktivity’ Suite, and take pictures in front of a fake fire with LiLu, Katelin and Jess.  Mmmmmm S’mores. 

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If you don’t like a session you picked to sit in on, you can walk out, it’s ok. There are so many sessions going on at one time that there will be something else that captures your interest. And if you really, REALLY want to go to a particular one, get there early. Seats fill up fast!

Twitter is the best tool during BlogHer, especially for finding people you’re trying to meet up with (see first item re: stalking). Without Twitter, I doubt I would have found Mrs. Jenna, Daisy, or met wishfulnals for the first time. Sadly I did not get to meet Jen on the Edge, even though we tweeted up a storm trying to! And tweets like this wont phase you at all:

You’ll also think that you can never have enough free stuff. But trust me, you can have enough free stuff!! The amount of swag available at BlogHer is insane! And their Swag Swap room – very smart! You can drop off any unwanted swag, and then peruse through to see if there is anything you want that someone else dropped off.

Dinner tastes better when it’s served at the Central Park Boat House, courtesy of #NintendoEnthused.  And riding in a pedicab in New York City is pretty cool, but riding in one driven by a guy dressed as Mario? IS AWESOME.  I brought Arielle to the dinner as my hot date, and we also hung out with so many other lovely bloggers, that I’m too lazy to link them all.  AND, we all received Nintendo DSi XLs!  AMAZING!  I can’t wait to play!  (Dave was pretty stoked too.)

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At a Cheeseburgher party where everyone wears paper bags on their heads, you will discover that your head is small enough to fit entirely inside said paper bag.

 There’s really so much more that I got from going to BlogHer, but really, my favorite thing of all was all the time I got to spend with some of my favorite bloggy friends, and the new bloggy friends I got to meet.

20SB 4 EVA!
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See ya in San Diego!!


  1. looks like a super fun weekend! Even though I'm a 'food' blogger per se, I think I would really enjoy this…if nothing else the free stuff 😉

  2. Jen on the Edge says

    I'm still bummed that I never ran into you!

  3. thegoodgirlgoneblog.com says

    It was great to finally meet you! I wish I would have had more free time 🙁 No worries, you'll just have to come visit!

  4. иικκι јо♥ says

    I am soo jealous!! lol between your and LivitLuvit doing recaps! Definitely going to the next 20SB meetup that's in NYC. Glad you had fun!

  5. Legally Fabulous says

    yay so glad you and Daisy got to meet!

  6. excellent recap and man what a weekend it was. miss you like wo! i mean who else tries to save me from embarrassing myself like crazy? haha.

  7. Bwahahahaha. I jumped on a bed…..and I'm SO glad we finally met!

  8. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    I love you and your tiny head that can be covered by a McDonald's bag. Miss you tons and it was so good to see you and hang out for a few days together. BIG SQUEEZE

  9. The more of these recaps I read, the more I really want to go to San Diego! 🙂

  10. Amazing recap, lady. I miss you already. At least you're not far! We'll have to plan something soon!!


  11. Looks like to much fun! I'd love to be able to go to a BlogHer conference some time. And I must say that s'mores picture is so cute (and it makes me want a s'more)


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