Honeymoon by the Numbers

Yes, I did major recaps of every city. But breaking our honeymoon down by numbers proved to be pretty interesting:

Number of countries/cities visited: 5

Total days gone: 20

Hotels slept in: 6

Hotel upgrades to HUGE ASS SUITES: 1 (in London, thanks to my rockstar Marriott status)

Hours traveled via airplane: 15.5

Hours traveled via train: 16 (approx)

Monuments that we climbed up super lengthy stairs in: 2

Items crossed off my Life List: 5 (plus I knocked some items off a few ongoing things)

Hard Rock Shot Glasses amassed: 3 (Prague, Berlin, Paris)

Rubber Ducks collected: 2

Pictures taken: 1,157 (AFTER editing)

Videos taken (by me): 3

Videos taken by Dave with my Flip camera that he stole from me: too many

Colds/ear infections acquired: 1

Doctors seen due to cold/ear infection: 1

Prescriptions written by doctor for cold/ear infection: 3

Miles walked each day (approx): 2-5

Cities that we rode the subway in: 3

FIFA Fan Parks visited: 3

Museums Visited: 17

Trips to a Laundromat: 1

Pages written in my travel journal: 18 (and still counting!)

Bottles of wine consumed: I’m going to go with 5

Beer consumed: too much to count!


  1. Yay! This looks like it was such an awesome trip. So glad you got to do it!

  2. That sounds so fun! I was keeping up with your travels as we are going to Germany (Munich and Berlin), Belgium, Switzerland, Prague, Krakow, and Warsaw. Welcome home:-)

  3. Breathe Gently says

    Yay for the duckies!!

  4. 20 days and only FIVE Bottles of wine??? :0

    Apart from that, you have yourself a fairly impressive set of stats there!

  5. So glad you had a lovely honeymoon! It's always fun to look at things by the numbers =)

  6. I have loved reading your recaps!!

  7. Jen on the Edge says

    What an amazing trip!

  8. Amazing! Loved reading your recaps.


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