Bonjour de Paris!

I’m home. And SO SAD. Our trip really was fantastic and I can’t believe it flew by so fast. When can I go away again? πŸ™

Paris was actually a city that Dave really wanted to go to, and I didn’t care about. Thinking back on it, I don’t really know why I was ambivalent about Paris… I must have had a reason. Oh well.

We arrived in Paris in the early evening and immediately asked the hotel staff about seeing a doctor. I felt on the train over from Amsterdam ear was not getting any better and that an ear infection was imminent. Knowing my history of ear infections, I needed amoxicillin, or I would NOT be a happy camper. The hotel staff was super nice, and told us they would have an English speaking doctor come within the hour. We belted down some McDonald’s (hey – we were in a rush!) and got me some drugs. (Let’s just talk about how all 3 prescriptions the doctor gave me cost only 18 Euro… TOTAL. Insane.) Since it was still early enough in the night, we decided there was no better time to head to the Eiffel Tower!!!

Our first glimpse of La Tour Eiffel

The crowds were INSANE because the FIFA Fan Park was in an open field across from the TrocadΓ©ro. Holy balls there were a ton of people! When we finally got across the Seine, we decided to walk up to the 2nd level of the Tower. The line is so much shorter to walk than for the elevator. I pushed my pansyness aside, and up we went. It was actually much better than the spiral staircase of death, since it was wider, had landings to stop on throughout the trek, and was broken up into the 1st level, and then 2nd. Still was not a super happy camper, due to my overwhelming fear of heights/falling, but I made it. πŸ™‚

On the 2nd level… still a long ways to go!

We were kind of annoyed when we got to the 2nd level at the sheer disorganization that the staff there had. They closed the ticket booth (for the higher levels) because they needed to let people come down from the top first to make room. Understandable, but there was no one in charge to tell people this at first, and then no clear line for the tickets, people didn’t know where to go to go up or down, it was a general mess. C’est la vie. We finally made it up to the top and although very cramped, the views were spectacular.

Eiffel Tower

As it got darker, Dave and I watched a bit of chaos happen down in the Fan Park, and decided to hightail it to the metro before bedlam broke out. (Surprisingly, at least to us, it seemed like all of Paris was rooting for Spain. I thought it would be fairly split, but guess not!) We ran for the subway, but not before getting some great shots of the Tower glowing at night, and video of the hourly light show!

100_0476 100_0480

And yes Dave, it does look like Vegas πŸ™‚

I realized that we took more pictures in Paris than in any other city (322!), but there was just so much to see! (And so many pictures of the Eiffel Tower to take!) We spent the rest of our time in Paris exploring the Louvre, and hunting down the Mona Lisa (so small!) and Venus de Milo. I had to FIGHT people to get close to the Mona Lisa – the crowds were insane!

100_0518 100_0523
Me in front of the Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo

We continued to run around the city, going through all the covered markets, eating delicious crepes and trying to find every space invader we could! (The space invaders are put up by a street artist all over the world. Once we figured out that we had seen them in New York, Amsterdam and now Paris, we looked for them wherever we were!) One of my favorite days was when we took the metro to Montmartre. The little town was what I had expected Paris to be, with all cobblestone streets, and little shops and cafes everywhere – not a major chain store in sight! The main purpose of our excursion out there was to climb to the top of the church for some more gorgeous views of Paris, and to have a Parisian lunch on the grassy hill overlooking Paris!

Gorgeous panoramic of the view

Our Parisian lunch! Bread, cheese and wine (and an apple)

We also got to see some great Salvador Dali pieces in the Dali Museum that’s there, since he lived in Montmartre for many years (as did other artists like Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh.)

One of Dali’s famous melting clocks

Now that this post is super long, and I’m boring the crap out of most of you (that haven’t hit “mark as read” already), I’ll sum up with the last two major things we did, which were watching the fireworks for Bastille Day, and visiting Notre Dame. Bastille Day was pretty cool, despite the fact that it POURED BUCKETS during most of the day (thus thwarting our attempts to see the Arc de Triomphe… stupid rain). We did go to the MusΓ©e d’Orsay though, and the rain did clear up in the morning for some really cool aerial stuff (like jets flying by and crap… I don’t know how else to describe it) and then at night for the fireworks! Originally we had a great spot to watch from, but then I had to pee SO INSANELY BAD and I RUINED EVERYTHING. Well, not really. We ran back to the hotel, I relieved myself, and then we ran back to a new spot down by the water and Dave managed to snap a few great shots. I also tried my first cigar ever, thus crossing that off my Life List. (I was not good at smoking the cigar. I think I was too scared I was going to inhale by accident to really enjoy it at first. After I had drank a bit more that night, I liked it more.)

Colorful fly-by

My first cigar

Fireworks over the Seine

And last, but not least, the Notre Dame! We went early in the morning, to avoid the lines (and good thing we did – they were pretty long when we left!) and although it was cold and windy, once we were in side, we were blown away by all of the stained glass and architecture.



And that was our trip!! Ta-da! We didn’t get to do everything we wanted to in Paris, but I’d say we covered a lot in the time we were there. I’d love to go back to France to explore other parts of the country.. especially the wineries… mmmm wine. Anywho, here’s some more pictures of Paris to round off our trip!!

Dave and I in front of the Louvre

And the Eiffel Tower!

I just thought this looked cool

I love how their subways look!

Lovelocks – Padlocks of the Pont des Artes – people go to this bridge with their significant other, attach a lock with their names written or engraved on it, and then throw the keys into the river, to show that their love is everlasting (awwww)

Mmmm nutella and banana crepe

We stumbled past a fashion shoot!

More stained glass at Notre Dame

Au Revoir!!


  1. Ahhh, this post brought back so many awesome honeymoon memories! Notre Dame was our favourite place and I loooooved the Nutella and banana crepe πŸ™‚ I want to go back!

  2. The picture of you and Dave in front of Notre Dame is so awesome I want to frame it and display it in my house πŸ™‚

  3. aapuzzanchera says

    looks like you had a great time and Paris looks beautiful. All I can think about when I saw the pic of you two in front of the louvre is The DaVinci Code… HA HA!!!

  4. Dollface says

    Im glad you had such a great time! I love looking at the photos on facebook, so great!! xxxooo

  5. Breathe Gently says

    Ah Paris! I've been there four or five times and I still am in love with it. I always find amazing things to do.. it's beautiful. Gorgeous pictures and MY GOD THE CROWDS. This is why I always tour in off-peak times. We'll be back there in September and then October and I CANNOT WAIT. πŸ˜€

  6. I want to go to Paris now!! It looks like you all had a great trip!

  7. I loooved living vicariously through you (until my trip in September!).

  8. The photo of the planes flying is super awesome! So is the fact that you walked by an awesome photo shoot πŸ™‚

  9. corkyshell says

    These pictures look straight out of a travel magazine, so perfect! I am kind of jealous. I thought I would never care to travel, but your pictures might have convinced me otherwise.

    And cheese and wine? Yum πŸ™‚

  10. ahhhhh! so pretty. so lucky! enjoy! πŸ™‚

  11. ive been following your fb pics and all that – you basically just went on my dream honeymoon SO JEALOUS

  12. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    Gorgeous photos! I can't wait to go back to Paris one day. Looks like so much fun!

  13. ahhh this post made me miss France so much! I am glad you guys had such a great time! When I went I wasn't too excited to see Paris either (I have no idea why) but I found myself awestruck by its beauty-I can't wait to go back.

  14. Gorgeous photos; a few of them made me all teary-eyed because I *so* want to go to Paris someday. Thanks for sharing! You and Dave are such a freakin' cute couple. I know that bread, wine and cheese will be my diet of choice when I'm there. Someday, anyway.

    I'm so sorry that you got sick, but hooray for cheap drugs!

  15. This post made me so homesick for Paris it's not even funny! I lived right next to Notre Dame for 6 months and it was amazing. I love to see other people fall in love with "my" Paris πŸ™‚


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