Well, it’s a little late for all the “Hup Holland!” business, since I’m posting this after the Netherlands has lost to Spain in the World Cup! WAH WAHHHHHHHH ๐Ÿ™ Dave and I actually tried to change our travel plans to allow us to stay one more night in Amsterdam for the final, but it would have been too expensive, and the timing wasn’t right. Guess it worked out in the end!!

Don’t you love this pic? There were so many people trying to take pictures in front of the sign, so Dave had the brilliant idea to take the photo from behind, and then invert it later. BRILLIANT!

We arrived in Amsterdam after a somewhat rocky start with the trains. When Dave ordered our train tickets online prior to our trip, for some reason the company sent us tickets to a smaller train station in Amsterdam, and not the Central Station. We wound up having to go to the airport, and got on what we thought was the right train to Central Station… only to go right back to the station we came from. GRR. Back to the airport again, and we finally got tickets for the right train (that might help instead of getting on illegally, no?) and wound up at Central Station… only to walk completely in circles trying to find our hotel, which turned out to be basically across the block from the station. GAHHH.

Also, let’s note right here that if luggage is inexpensive, there is probably a reason for it. We’re down to one good wheel on each suitcase, and the handle on our large suitcase is stuck in the upward and out position. Guess what’s getting chucked when we get home??!?!

We were staying near the Red Light District (bow chica wow wow!) but far enough away that we felt removed. At first the District kind of reminded me of Vegas (Girls! Bars! Drunk Fools!) but then I was kind of skeeved by the girls in the windows!! It reminded me of a sad zoo haha. They just stand there in scantilly clad outfits, waiting for a patron. Not really doing anything either. Some were on their phones! Like, at least look a little more interested haha.

I love the canals in Amsterdam. Even more so, I love the crooked houses! We found out that a lot of houses were purposely made to tip forward, so when furniture was hoisted through the windows (due to the narrow doors), nothing would hit the facade of the house! But some were just leaning over the sides in all sorts of crazy ways!

100_0271 100_0305

We thought about doing another bike tour in Amsterdam, but the bicyclists there? ARE NUTS! I was warned by friends who have been there before to watch myself, and they weren’t kidding! The bikes (and motorcycles/mopeds) have the right of way, and they take that seriously! They don’t care where you’re walking, in what direction, if you’re on the sidewalk or street. They WILL run you over if you’re not careful. Sheesh!

Besides looking out for oncoming bicycles, Dave and I did as much exploring as we could with me sadly nursing the start of an awful cough/cold… which would turn into an ear infection. (If you know me, you know how normal this is for me, and how much it sucked to happen on our trip!) We took a tour of the canals using a Canal Bike (paddle boat), saw the tiniest canal house, went to the Heineken Brewery, Flower Market, Museum of Sex, and more. Oh and we saw a Live Sex Show… which was very awkward. But we were in Amsterdam, so why not! (So awkward.)

We tried to get to the Van Gogh Museum, but the line was ridiculously long, and we did not want to wait outside in the super hot sun. (It was BOILING that day.) So we settled for the nearby Rijks Museum, and for me taking a picture inside an oversized clog.

So easily amused

And of course we went to the Anne Frank House. What a range of emotions that was. The entire house is encased in this newly designed building which is now the museum. There, you walk through a bunch of artifacts and videos about the occupation before you get to the front part of the old building, which was Otto Frank’s business. Then, you finally go up the stairs to the Secret Annex. Otto Frank wanted to leave the rooms unfurnished as they were after it was raided, and that’s how it is now, save for some items still on the walls, like the movie star pictures that Anne posted there. It was sad, yes, and very moving. The part that got me the most was towards the end there is a blown up picture of Otto Frank in the Annex, when he’s come back years later. The look on his face as he stood in the empty room was heartbreaking. I wonder what he must have been thinking when he came back. Ugh. So sad.

On a lighter note, here are some more pictures from the Amsterdam leg of our trip, starting with me and a giant penis!

At the Museum of Sex

Rabbits with penises anyone?

Dave and I by one of the canals


The plaque outside the Anne Frank House

Lots and lots of clogs

Dave at the Heineken Brewery

Bulbs at the Flower Market

Mmmm cheese

100_0307 100_0329
Different style roofs and decorative aspects were how the Dutch told the houses apart before house numbers

Dave and I on our canal dinner cruise


  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ FUN!!! I went to Amsterdam when I was a teenager, so I'm definitely wanting to go back. LOL – didn't get to visit the sex museum before, but I guess I'll add that to my list of places to check out.

  2. I have almost the same picture with the same penis at the sex museum! I love Amsterdam!

  3. Lexilooo says

    Ha! I have the same picture of me with the giant penis! Also, curious where you saw the live sex show…I may have a scandalous story involving one…

  4. phampants says

    You're travels are making me so jealous!

  5. holy crap i want that cheese. also, the penis picture: priceless. love it.

  6. I have been so jealous of your trip so far- I've been living vicariously through you!! I love that Amsterdam pic!!

  7. Breathe Gently says

    The last time I was in Amsterdam we did an evening canal cruise (ahem, booze cruise) and I've never been more drunk in my entire life. So much so, that I still remember it … six years on. Hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I am loving your updates, I am traveling vicariously through you!

  9. Shoshanah says

    Your pictures from Anderstam are just what I would picture. The clogs, the flowers bulbs, and yes the sex. And I'd love to have the opportunity to go to Anne Frank's house someday.

  10. I love these posts! Your lucky you were with Dave in the Red Light district. It's really sketchy with just girls.

  11. That cheese picture just turned me on a little bit.

    It looks like an absolute blast! And the Van Gogh museum was kind of scary. I may have been… under the influence, a bit… but still.

  12. Jonathan Mack says

    Nice post!
    By the way, if you have any intentions of visiting Red Light District, you should check out The Amsterdam Red Light Guide


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