It’s a Blog About Prague!!

I kept saying to Dave “I have to blog about Prague! I have to blog about Prague!” It was taking me forever, since I kept waiting for all my pictures to go through on Flickr, and the internet here at our hotel is kind of slow. BOO. But they’re all finally up!! You can view the collection of pictures from our honeymoon here.

Prague, in a word, is lovely. Pretty. Beautiful. Serene. Ok, that was 4 words. Really… it was just so pretty!!!


There was so much hidden history that we explored (with much thanks to our Lonely Planet guide), and its so easy to walk around basically the entire city. It was also awesome spending my birthday in Prague, because really, when the hell am I going to be there again??

Dave and I in front of the Charles Bridge and River (on my birthday!)

We had been warned that the locals would try to rip tourists off, especially in the popular sightseeing areas, but soon figured out that they would try to rip you off regardless, once we paid an exorbitant amount of money for batteries, only to see them much cheaper in the train station later. Boo-urns. So with that we quickly learned to not pay for something if the price wasn’t posted, or if we didn’t have reference to what it should cost. The things you learn!!

Two of my favorite things in Prague couldn’t be more different from one another. The first was the Astronomical Clock, located in Old Town Square.

Dave checking his watch against the Astronomical Clock

This thing is massive. And has been around since 1410. AND puts on a little show when the clock strikes on the hour.

Video taken by Dave, who stole my Flip camera and claimed it as his own

My other favorite thing was the John Lennon Wall. Nope, John Lennon was never there. Basically it was a random wall in Prague that the local youth used to irritate the Communist regime by using graffiti as a tool to list their grievances, and in the beginning, it portrayed a picture of John Lennon. It has now become a place to leave messages of peace and inspiration, and even though it’s been painted over before, it barely stays blank for long. (This was loosely summarized from Wikipedia.) I was blown away by it, and took picture after picture.

100_0500 100_0502 100_0510 100_0507

You’re also allowed to add to it, which Dave and I did. ๐Ÿ™‚


We also took a train out to see the Sedlec Ossuary, but that deserves its own post. So, I’ll write about that AWESOME/CREEPY place in another post, and then Berlin!!! (We’re off to Amsterdam today… I’m a little behind!)

Auf Wiedersehen for now!


  1. Breathe Gently says

    Aw, I'm glad you loved Prague. It is just the most gorgeous place – like a beautiful mishmash of lots of European countries thrown into one.

    And of course I have super cute memories of it since Jason proposed there, le sigh! <3

    Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures & recaps!

  2. BakerGirl says

    Prague looks amazing! It's one of the places I haven't made it to yet and I kick myself everytime I think about it. Hopefully someday soon J and I scrape together enough money for a honeymoon in Europe!

  3. Yay! Good post. I am headed to Prague in 6 weeks…and then to Berlin as well:-D

  4. oooh prague looks amazing, and that clock? so cool! and love that you two left your mark, literally!

  5. You are making me so jealous! I went to Prague with my family when I was ten and have some faint memories of it (the huge clock and the horrible fact that I got sick from French Onion Soup, haha), but I can't wait to go back one day. Your pictures are gorgeous. You look like you're having so much fun!

  6. I love this! That clock is so amazing, the whole world changes when you have a flipcam doesn't it?


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