TLC Summer Celebration, and that one time I was mistaken for a reporter

Somehow, in some way, I finagled an invite to the “TLC Summer Celebration”, an event that took place on a rooftop garden in midtown Manhattan, promoting their TV summer line up.


Obviously I got invited because I am a very important person. Who loves watching Say Yes to the Dress. Hey look its Randy!!!

Nope, wasn’t taking pictures like a stalker at all

Randy is quite possibly the most dapper man I have ever seen. He was fabulous. And said hi to my coworker and I – and we were very sophisticated and waited until after he passed by to squeal and giggle like school children. Who said I wasn’t mature?

TLC Summer
My awesome stalking skills. (NOT) – Paul Sr. (American Choppers), Clinton Kelly (What Not to Wear), Bill & Jen (The Little Couple), and Paul Jr. (American Choppers)

Cake Boss was also there, and I assume he is the one behind this amazing cake!


At one point during the event I was walking around, and this guy from TLC stops me and says “Lacey [last name redacted]!” I had no idea who he was, and the following conversation ensued:

TLC guy: “Hey! I’ve been emailing with you!”
Me: (Scrambling to think if I got any emails from him) “Oh, hi!”
TLC guy: “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”
Me: Oh yes, definitely!! Having a lot of fun!” (Still trying to remember said email exchange)
TLC guy: “I thought you were going to be in LA?”

All of a sudden it clicks

Me: “Ohhh… you think I’m Lacey [last name redacted] from [insert very important, very popular media publication here]. Yeah thats not me”
TLC guy: “Oh how funny! I’m so sorry – well where are you from?”

I told to tell him my blog name, we chat, etc. He handled the little snafu pretty well haha.

(My married name is the same as a well known reporter for a big publication. (Not putting which one so I don’t have people searching and trying to figure out my last name.) It was pretty hilarious, and the 1st time it’s happened since I’ve been married. I’m sure it’ll happen again soon enough!)

All in all I had a great time! I was surprised at how intimate the event was (again – how did I get invited?) and by how many of the network’s stars were there. Sorry no Kate + 8 though, she was at the Dancing w/ the Stars finale. (I asked.) I made sure to sneak in a group shot of everyone while they were together (with my super secret stalker skills – or cause I just stood with the other photographers while it was happening), and also snagged some sweet flip flops and a DVD that was the parting gift!!

P5250081 P5270089

Can’t wait to watch some of my fave shows! And possibly pretend that I’m that reporter if I’m ever mistaken for her again. 😉


  1. I love Say Yes to the Dress and Randy, but I think I'm most excited about Clinton! LOVE him. I need a Clinton Clone in my life!

  2. Classy Fab Sarah says

    I would totally freak if I got to go to this party… I am obsessed with TLC shows!! So cool!

  3. Dollface says

    I am soooo jealous!! I love all of those wedding shows!! how did you get invited, lucky ducky 🙂 xxxooo

  4. i LOVE clinton!

  5. way to be a stalker because i totally would have too, love the pics and love randy! woo!

  6. BakerGirl says

    Looks like an amazing party! I would have freaked if I saw all of these people in one place! I love majority of the TLC shows! Jealous! 🙂

  7. Ah, I LOVE Bill and Jen! So cool that you got to go to this.

  8. Umm, what!?!?! That is so rad!! It's CLINTON!!!! 🙂

  9. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    Super jealous! Great photos too. I'm shocked Paul Sr. and Jr were there together. I love TLC shows. And way to go getting an invite, you are very VIP

  10. Shoshanah says

    I'm a little obsessed with TLC shows, so I would have loved to be able to go to something like that.

  11. I don't get the cake? Maybe if I got more than basic cable… 🙁

  12. I have watched very little TLC. Until this past weekend it was pretty much just What Not To Wear and Little People Big World. But then my sister came to town and stayed overnight and I realized Friday night is wedding night…mind blown. That show where 4 broads go to one another's weddings and rate them?! So bitchy!! Then later in the weekend I saw a bunch of shows about people who are too big to sit up in bed!! I'm a little jealous of your TLC party 🙂

  13. Oh my god! I love Clinton! I probably would have been tackled by security trying to hug him! :p

  14. SO MUCH FUN! I love Randy from Say Yes to the Dress and who doesn't want Clinton to give them a $5000.00 credit card and tell them to go wild… (but within the rules of what to wear)!

    Good Times!

  15. Suburban Sweetheart says

    This is so baller, Lacey! How'd you snag this invite? Love the covert photos.

  16. Is that a pool!?


  17. Classy in Philadelphia says

    Ahhh so jealous. You're obviously super fab being invited to things like this.

  18. Breathe Gently says

    Are those Havaianas I spy? I LIVE in those things. <3

  19. Stephanie says

    What an awesome adventure! GOod stalking skills. I totally would have been doing the same thing!

  20. Amberdawn says

    Wow, you're so lucky, I love half those shows, I would have died if I found myself at that party!

  21. SO awesome!


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