Things learned in San Francisco

I was in San Fran for the 2nd time this spring (and I’m going back next month!) This time I finally got to do a little sight seeing, and I also learned a few things…

– Sea lions are loud. And crazy cute. My coworkers and I kept yelling “Sea Lion fight!!!!!” whenever they would start to go crazy haha. (I also got to cross this off my Life List! I’ve always wanted to see the sea lions at the wharf!)

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– Locals will look at you like you’re crazy when you say you want to go to the wharf and check out the sea lions. I guess that’s probably how I react when someone tells me they want to go to Times Square. (CRAZIES!)

– Jack in the Box = freaking delicious

– Homeless people in San Fran are a lot more aggressive than they are in New York!! We witnessed a guy being super nice and buying a homeless man a sandwich in Jack in the Box, and the homeless guy was trying to finagle a full meal out of the guy!! “I want a number 6! Medium! With a milkshake!” And the nice man was clearly like, “No, I’m buying you 1 burger, that’s it!”. Really? Someone is doing you a solid and you’re going to try and milk it for all it’s worth?? And then then homeless Joe was walking around the place trying to scam more food or money from everyone. Lovely.

– When you think your card key was demagnetized, and you go downstairs to the front desk to get a new one, the agent will be kind and whisper to you that your card is fine, but you were trying to get into the wrong room, so you don’t look like an ass in front of people.

– Going to restaurants that have been featured on Man vs Food is my new goal. We went to Taqueria La Cumbre, which is famous for being the place that originated the Mission Burrito. While the food was really good, I had an issue with my Snapple. I noticed the bottle looked a little worse for the wear, but otherwise fine. But when I was taking my first sips… it tasted…. off. I finished my sip, and looked in and saw a GIANT FLOATING ORB OF SOMETHING NOT RELATED TO ICED TEA. I have no idea what it was, and really, I didn’t want to know. I calmly brought my drink back to the counter, where the girl proceeded to look inside, go, “Oh my!” and she gave me another snapple. That didn’t have a deadly virus floating around in it.

I chose not to make a big deal, cause how would they have known? They didn’t make the Snapple!! Although of course the next day I felt super gross/sick and kept telling everyone I had ebola. (I = hypochondriac?) I feel fine now, in case you were concerned. ๐Ÿ™‚

– On the airplane, if you ask me to open the window on the plane so you can see outside, you should have booked yourself a window seat in the first place. Yes, I did it, but I wasn’t super pleasant. (Aka I’m a bitch… and get yourself a goddamn window seat!)

– What is the point of wearing a SARS mask if you’re going to keep taking it off? Really? I understand if you want to wear it to protect yourself from germs, but if you take it off, it kind of DEFEATS THE PURPOSE!

– Also, bitching about the fact that we’re sitting on the tarmac waiting for our gate to open up won’t get us there any faster. So please, shut up!


  1. Mrs. Potts says

    Haha! I've seen some super aggressive homeless people & that always disturbs me when someone is trying to do something nice & they ask for more.

    Haven't been to San Fran in a while & would love to get back soon. Mr. Potts would like to go too. May have to plan something.

  2. haha a lot of these made me laugh…the SARS mask and the nasty snapple in particular!

  3. Dollface says

    Ahh ive been to SF. Really hilly, and pretty cold when I went in a September, but China Town was super fun!!! xxxoo

  4. I hear ya about San Francisco! My boyfriend and I were there for a month and we were blown away by the homeless people and how aggressive they were! They're not like that in Seattle (or Chicago, where I lived before)! We were walking to Jack in the Box and a homeless guy started swearing at my boyfriend because he wouldn't give him money. It was craziness.

  5. Haha, sounds like fun! Except the annoying plane people and the Snapple. Oddly enough, I also found something disgusting in my drink – a Coke bottle – a few days ago.

    However, I had found said object AT THE BOTTOM OF MY BOTTLE. Once I was DONE with the drink.


  6. Classy in Philadelphia says

    Haha, I love your plane complaints. So true. Glad you had fan in San Fran..I'd love to visit! Especially to see where Full House was taped!

  7. Shoshanah says

    I've never been a big fan of jack-in-box. I guess maybe because I grew up around it??

  8. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Oh, I love all of this. Traveling makes for great blogging. And… THERE ARE SEA LIONS? Like, just THERE? Not at a Sea World or something? I NEED TO GO TO THERE.


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