This morning was spent on the phone with both EBay and PayPal, getting my accounts straightened up after someone apparently hacked into them. How did I know? I received an email from PayPal letting me know that I had received payment. Payment for what? When I read the email, it read to the tune of me receiving payment for over $11,400. ELEVEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED PLUS DOLLARS. WHAAAAAAAAAAT??????????

I knew it wasn’t a spam email disguised to look like something from PayPal, since I have that email verifier thing turned on in my Gmail. After doing some investigation while on hold with PayPal, I figured out that someone had hacked into my EBay account, and sold some form of gold 10 Oz Bars. Really???? And really, who buys that shit on EBay??? This person also had a couple of items that he (she? let’s not be discriminatory here people) put on their watching list, so I immediately took them off, changed my email login, password, security questions, and got a rep from EBay online to help me cancel the transaction, and the other listing this jackass had posted, selling some antique rare pearl something or other.

I also changed everything in PayPal, and got on the phone with them to figure out how I could NOT have this money hit my account, since I did not want to be held accountable for anything, or be liable for fraud or some bullshit. And then they walked me through refunding the money to the person who bought the gold (really? who buys gold on EBay of all places?) and wrote a note telling them I’d been hacked – sorry guy!!

Thank god this was all caught really fast. It would have sucked major ass if my associated bank accounts were affected in any way.

And PayPal and EBay were super helpful. Minus the fact that EBay posts their help number NO WHERE, and basically forces you to use the online chat. Which I didn’t want to do, but luckily the rep I got was very helpful. But just post a freaking phone number!!!

Sigh. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my morning hours, but at least it was caught and taken care of right away!!

In other non-account hacking news – check out my new blog design!!! I went with Teresa from Splendid Sparrow, and I think she did a fab job!! (And apparently so does the person behind the anonymous comment I received, letting me know that they love the new design, but thought the last one was lame… thanks for the backhanded compliment?) But anyway, Teresa is great, and definitely figured out what I wanted even when I couldn’t articulate it myself.

Also – I changed my domain name! So please update your readers/blogrolls, etc to http://www.perksofbeingajap.com/!! It should roll over automatically for the most part, but add it! Love it!! Cherish it!! 🙂


  1. omg i looooovvvee the new design, so cute!!

    And phew—good catch on the hack, that would have been a nightmare!

  2. My god! Imagine the shock if $11k had shown up in your bank account!

    I love the new design! How did you get it to roll over automatically in the feed reader?

  3. Loving the new design!!!

  4. 1) LOVE the new look/site and feel
    2) What a bummer. and how weird is that!?
    3) glad you caught it all figured out =)

  5. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Oh, that's BRUTAL. So glad you were able to get it straightened out. And I LOVE the new design. I didn't dislike your old one, like said anonymous individual, but I do like this one LOTS!

  6. I'm glad everything worked out ok! And I totally love the new design. Super cute!

  7. The Random Blogette says

    Thanks for stopping by. I have heard of this happening to people but I have never actually heard of a real situation. That is insane. It is so great that you got everything figured out in time! It is good to know that paypal and ebay were helpful!

  8. Oh gosh that would have been quite the mess! Glad you caught it!

    Also, I LOVE this design. Teresa did great work 🙂

  9. um what!!? that is insane, i would have flipped to see that much money in my account. thank goodness you caught it early enough and fixed it, yikes!

  10. Kimberly says

    the new layout is really cute!

  11. Shoshanah says

    Who would have thought a free $10,000 would be a bad thing? But I completely understand why it is. It sucks that you had to spend all morning on the phone, but at least you got it all worked out.

  12. Julie Q says

    aaahhhh! What a headache. That sucks you had to go through that. Love the new layout btw!

  13. Uhh, all I have to say is WHAT??? That is the weirdest thing ever. Who does that and who buys that??? SO WEIRD!!!

  14. Whoa, that is insane!

    Who DOES that?

    Nice work on the new domain .. and the new blog design. I'm totally using Teresa to re-do my new home too! x

  15. Dollface says

    wow… that is nuts!!! I need to start reading my emails more carefully… that is really scary!! im sorry dolly.. xxxoo

  16. That is the worst! At least you have a beautiful new design!

  17. Blergh! What a pain in the butt! Glad you got it all figured out. And I love the new layout!

  18. ÄsK AliCë says

    Love the blog although I never saw the old one!

    Also? Hackers? That shit is scary

  19. Jessica (Bayjb) says

    I cannot believe your account was Hacked! OMG scary! Nightmare. But I love the new design! Looks great.

  20. Something very similar happened to me at the end of 2008. I got an email through from paypal and ignored it, assuming it was spam. Next thing I knew i was getting calls from a debt collection agency telling me i owed paypal over 1000 pounds. I got it sorted with paypal (although the debt collection agency kept chasing me up for a few months) and a few days later the hackers went for my hotmail and ebay accounts, and changed the passwords on those. I got that sorted too but it was so much hassle and stressed me out so much!

  21. It looks gorgeous!

    I use paypal all the time and I keep hearing horror stories of being hacked… GAH!


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