Birthday Dinner!

Man, when time gets away from you due to busyness at work, you have no time to update your blog about dresses bought, food cooked, your cousin, who you think of as a sister (and who hasn’t updated her blog since DECEMBER), turning 21, (God help me. I’m old.) Or the fact that you stayed at the Hilton where BlogHer ’10 is being held, and man is that place HUMONGOUS.

So now that my busy hellish week is over, I can tell you about these things! Well, at least I can tell you about the food!

We didn’t do anything major for Dave’s birthday, since well, no one cares as much about 31 as they do about 30. ๐Ÿ™‚ We did go to Beer Fest, which was awesome, as usual, and I tried on a vest made out of beer caps, which was extremely painful when you’re wearing a tank top. And on Monday, his actual birthday, I made him the dinner of all dinners. (Documented below, in photo essay style.)

For our actual meal, we had The Pioneer Woman’s Ribeye Steak w/ Whiskey Cream Sauce. (The recipe isn’t on her website, but the link that someone posted matches the recipe exactly.)

Pioneer Woman's Ribeye Steak w/ Whiskey Cream Sauce Raw meat
The ingredients, and steak

My “Ewww, raw meat!” face. And double chin? Gross.

Sauteeing the onions Yummmm whiskey cream sauce! Grilling the steaks Voila!! Pioneer Woman's Ribeye Steak w/ Whiskey Cream Sauce

I served the steaks with leftover Oven Roasted Asparagus and Mushrooms, from The Sweets Life. Delicious!! It was also my first time cooking steak, and I was super nervous, so I was so happy when it came out well!

And what’s a birthday without a birthday cake? Or birthday CHEESECAKE!! (Dave likes cheesecake more than regular cake, so cheesecake it was!) I made Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody, and oh mother of god, this was DIVINE. And one of the best parts – I got to use my new KitchenAid Mixer for the first time!!!!

My Kitchen-Aid Mixer!!!
Hello, lover!

Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting Mixing the dry ingredients The cinnamon roll batter Pour cheesecake batter on top Drop teaspoons of cinnamon roll mix and batter on top Out of the oven - yum!


Dave is in LOVE with this cheesecake (and with me for making it, obvs. I am a good wife haha.) It’s seriously fantastic. It’s like cheesecake and a cinnamon roll got married, and this was their love child. You will impress people with your baking skills if you make this. It was also deceptively easy to make!!

Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

Make the steak. And the cheesecake. Your tastebuds and stomach will thank you. You’re welcome.


  1. Mmm. What an excellent birthday dinner! And an excellent wife for making it!

  2. Please bring some of this cheesecake to Glee. Actually, some steak too. Excellent.

  3. Lariats and Lavender says

    OH MY GOD.


  4. thanks for the shoutout…glad you guys had such a great dinner!

    and OH MY GOSH, that cheesecake! must make asap!

  5. Mrs. Potts says

    That looks so good! And while my tastebuds may thank me, my belly most certainly would not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. That cheesecake… OMG, I am actually dying to eat it.

    And kitchen-aid, I am coveting!

  7. i say you make that cheesecake again and bring it with you on the plane to vegas or to blogher, i'm good either way because ohmygod it looks delicious!

  8. Suburban Sweetheart says

    OH MY GOD. I DIE. Come be MY wife.

  9. Samantha Rose... says

    I love you. And miss you. And haven't updated since I have been taken to the dark side by school and dance.

  10. Miss M! says

    That cheesecake looks amazing, like it came from a professional bakery or something! Check you out being all domestic!

  11. Stephanie says

    I must make that cheesecake sometime. Adam would love it. I don't imagine it would last long!

  12. Oh my gosh, that meal looks amazing. I'm literally drooling right now.

  13. Mmmmmm looks so good! Pdub has some amazing recipes. I'm not normally one to embrace cheesecake but this doesn't look like your typical cheesecake…I might just have to try.

  14. That cheesecake!!! Must make. Stat.

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