Wardrobe Overhaul

I don’t know about your husbands/boyfriends/significant others, but when I tell Dave that I have nothing to wear, his eyes roll so far into the back of his skull that he goes partially blind for a few moments. I mean, I have a closet so full of clothing that he is regulated to keeping his clothes in the spare bedroom, and he didn’t have a dresser of his own until we had been living together for probably a year. Hey – I gave up a walk-in closet for him!! It was fair. 🙂

But really – I have nothing to wear!! Or, being more realistic, I hate everything that I own. My daily uniform basically consists of jeans, sweaters and boots in the winter, and jeans, tank tops/t-shirts and flats/flip-flops in the warmer months. Sometimes throwing shorts or skirts/dresses into the mix, but that’s definitely not the norm. And I find that I usually stick to dark colors, or solid colors, not bringing any patterns or fun colors into the mix. (I have a LOT of grey stuff… It’s boring!) I definitely wont win any fashion awards, trust me. I feel like the clothes that I have don’t say anything about ME. What they do say, is that I’m boring and am basically just covering up the naked parts. I don’t use clothing to express my personality the way I want to. (Read = I am also very lazy when getting ready in the mornings. If I put on makeup before I leave the house, that’s an accomplishment!)

In the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about going through a major wardrobe overhaul. Getting rid of everything and anything that I haven’t worn in more than 6 months/1 year, anything that is so old it’s not in syle anymore, and anything that just doesn’t fit or look good on me anymore. Basically doing a serious purge of my closet, and dresser, and getting rid of a LOT of stuff. (I may try to sell some items that are in good shape, but will probably donate most of it.)
Anywho, it seemed like perfect timing when Kyla Roma wrote about her quest to incorporate more dresses into her wardrobe, and came up with Six Months & Six Dresses, where she will buy one new or thrifted dress every month for six months!

And of course she made a super cute badge for it!

I figure this will be a great way to try and help push my fashion limits, while helping to update my wardrobe at the same time. Are you in?


  1. Mrs. Jenna says

    I'm in. I'm on a dress buying kick anyway!

  2. I wish I could be in, but I have a few too many dresses as it is. Maybe I'll go half in.

    I think you should keep clothes that you've worn as recently as a year, or ten months, mostly just because of the seasons. 6 months won't cover your summer apparel, and then you'll be left with nothing to wear on the nice days.

  3. Sammy Skye says

    i have the same problem. except i hate throwing things away. so i keep clothing i dont wear under my bed for 3 months and if i dont miss it then i donate. helps ease the pain. good luck with the spring cleaning and dress shopping!!!

  4. April Elizabeth says

    I am totally in!!! Do we start this month? Well I am.

    Of course if I do this Ill have to shave… and wear it. Crap.

  5. Yay! I'm totally in 🙂

  6. Nice. I don't need to buy anymore dresses right now… !

    If I can't remember the last time I wore something, I put it in the "get rid of" pile. And if I don't fish it out in the next couple weeks, it's gone. I know it sounds like a long process, but I have accumulated a TON of stuff and needed some sort of method.

    I also have begun to subscribe to the "buy something new, something old leaves my closet" mentality which has helped me free up a lot of my hangers!

  7. Hahaha, I am EXACTLY the same way. My closet it packed with clothes and I probably only wear 1/4 of the stuff. Half of it I KNOW i would never wear. And I also rarely wear a dress or a skirt. I used to wear skirts a lot to work (but I kind of got out of that since I only work with a few men who wear jeans all the time!). So yeah, my daily wardrobe consists of jeans, flats and MAYBE a cute shirt (um i would consider like 3 of my shirts to be "cute").

    And my fiance does the same thing as Dave does, rolls his eyes!!! Lol! They don't get it though, we REALLY have nothing to wear!

  8. Lariats and Lavender says

    I can't say I'm in, 'cause I have no money and I'm very nervous when buying dresses. They normally make me look heavier than I am… Blah!

    But Jen and I definitely need to do a wardrobe overhaul. Two girls who love shopping = LOTS OF FREAKIN' CLOTHES.

  9. Yes!! I'm so glad you're in, thanks for playing! =)

  10. April Elizabeth says

    I love your blog! I have awarded you the Fabulous Treat Blog Award for being such a fabulous treat that could sweeten up even the dullest of days. Thanks for writing, thanks for keeping me entertained, and thanks for being fabulous. Here is the link to the award post: http://www.beingagrownupblows.com/2010/04/i-read-too-many-awesome-blogs-to-not.html

    Blogger won't let me post the award so look back to my blog for it.

  11. I am so in. The other day I was late to work simply because I went through like ten outfits, which all ended up on the floor because I didn't have time to clean.

  12. my fave work clothes consist of Ann Taylor LOFT, JCrew sale stuff and Old Navy. That is seriously ALL I wear from head to toe.

    And dresses are the thing I own the most of, by far. It is SO easy to throw on just one piece and not have to worry about separates or what goes with what. 🙂

  13. Shoshanah says

    I NEVER EVER buy clothes, which means that most of my wardrobe is full of things leftover from high school! So even though I rarely buy new clothes, I have 2 dressers and 2 closets full of clothes that I rarely wear. I think this sounds I great idea! And I might wind up taking part

  14. Lisa-Marie says

    I'm in!

    I am challenging myself to wear dresses with tights of leggings. I generally wear them over bootcut or skinny jeans(perhaps something for you to do if you like jeans?), because I'm lazy, and because i'm tall and tights always fall down a bit.

  15. Suburban Sweetheart says

    I bought two dresses this weekend, & I'm really excited about them!

    I've also kind of determined a uniform for myself. I like plain, patternless clothes in comfortable, non-fitted fabrics, with ruffles & things like that at the hem & fun/colorful accessories. My uniform is usually some plain shirt, a cardigan, skinny jeans, flats or boots, & big earrings. I'm not winning any awards, either, but it works for me!


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