What you talkin bout Lacey?

I had the weirdest, most random dream last night. I dreamt that Arielle and I were in a house somewhere (no idea where, or why we were there), and were sleeping over. For some reason, we knew that there were ghosts in this house. We were ok with it because we knew (I don’t know how) that the ghosts were known to be harmless, so we weren’t scared, and we knew to get rid of them all we had to do was basically push them away (don’t know how we knew that either.)

But the weird thing was (cause this dream wasn’t weird enough from the start) was that the ghosts… were celebrities. And not like, celebrities that were dead in real life so it would make sense that they were ghosts in my dreams. They were celebrities that are alive IRL, but were ghosts in the dream. Strange? Yes.

One that I remember was Hillary Swank. And the other was Gary Coleman. GARY FUCKING COLEMAN.

Really? Gary Coleman? And while I forget what Hillary Swank was doing in this dream, I know Gary Coleman was pinching me. PINCHING ME while I slept. And the first time, I swatted him away. The second time, he pinched me so hard in my dream that I woke up in real life!!!!

What in the hell?? And you know some dreams are based off of things that you’ve seen earlier in the day or that seeped their way into your subconscious, but its not like I watched Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, or Ghost Celebrities Who Aren’t Really Dead or anything! (Totally made that last one up, in case you started searching for it on your TV Guide.)

I swear, if I see Hillary Swank and Gary Coleman together on TV in the next few days… I may never go to sleep again.


  1. Ms. Wedding Crasher says

    Haha you crack me up!

    PS I am enjoying following your blog and would love if you could follow mine too. I am a brand new blogger.

  2. I mean, if you and I are going to hang out with celebs in your dreams, Gary Coleman is a pretty awesome one.

  3. Just when I thought that dream couldn't get weirder, it did, sentence by sentence. I've been having really strange dreams lately too.

  4. Arielle and Gary Coleman in one dream? Life on the D list?

  5. i have the weirdest dreams lately. the last one involved disney world, crocodiles and tornados. I have no idea why.


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