March Roundup!!

I’m currently flying to San Francisco for work (and a play date with Nicole – yay!) and I figured now is as better a time than any to update you on my goals.


I haven’t been to the gym since February 1. So yes, I’ve given up on hitting 50 gym visits in 6 months. (BOO.) I suck. Hopefully I’ll start making up for my lack of working out at the gym with working out on the Wii! (And since I saw Jillian Michael’s has a Wii game, that might be next on my list to purchase!)

However, I did OK in the cooking new recipes area, bringing my total so far up to 18 recipes/50. So, 32 recipes left, and 9 months to go!

This month I made:

1. Chicken and Asparagus in White Wine Sauce

2. Beef Slow Cooker Barbecue

3. Red Beans Creole

4. Crock Pot Hot Wings

5. Chili-Garlic Glazed Salmon w/ Thai Style Rice

Funny story with that last recipe, the Chili-Garlic Glazed Salmon. We’ve been trying to eat salmon more cause it’s good for people with high cholesterol. (Ahem Dave.) I love salmon, but he hates fish! All fish! However, he decided to give salmon a try since it’s good for him. The first salmon dish we made was a hit, but this one almost blew my mouth off my face it was so spicy! We went to the nearby Asian market to get the chili sauce with garlic, since we couldn’t find it at the regular supermarket, but what we wound up buying was just chili with garlic, and holy mother of hell was it spicy! We had to cut the marinade soooooo much!! And then it was still way too spicy for me! I was scraping it off the salmon as I was eating it haha. Dave liked it though… but not enough to mask the fish taste from him!

Since I’m traveling this week we don’t have anything on the menu, but hopefully I’ll get right back in gear when I get back! AND Dave’s 31st birthday is at the end of the month, and I’ve already got a bunch of recipes just waiting to be brought out for that special occasion. 🙂


  1. April Elizabeth says

    yum! Maybe Ill try that overly spicy chili garlic on chicken (i dont eat fish either…). Sounds like you are doing awesome on your recipes. Can I suggest a recipe?
    Sounds weird, so good.

    Also, i know I am DYING to see more about your wedding. Just sayin'….. 🙂

  2. Dollface says

    you are super skinny!! and looked fab at the wedding… xxxooo

  3. Cant wait for more recipes keep em coming!
    Congrats on the wedding! You looks gorgeous!
    Happy Newlywed!

  4. Stephanie says

    I have the 2009 Jillian Michaels Wii game and it kicks my butt. The game itself is super lame and the movement you do don't match the movements your Mii is doing AT ALL…but if you ignore that and just follow what you are supposed to do, it si a good workout. The first time he saw me doing it, Adam said, "Ummmm….You seem to be doing an awful lot more work than the girl on the screen is!"

  5. nicole antoinette says

    You can come back for another playdate anytime you want sweet pea.

    Oh hey, remember when we've now hung out four different times, in three different states? And how Vegas next month will make it four states? We rule.


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