"I Bet You Think This Song is About You!"

When Dave and I were planning the wedding, we decided early on that our friends would play our Precessional as we walked down the aisle. (And they did and it was awesome… and yes I will share this with you soon.) At one point, Dave had mentioned that he might surprise me with something, but that I might not like it. I told him that if he thought I might not like it, then maybe he should let me know what it was. His thought was that since he was walking down the aisle with his mom, ahead of me and my parents, that when he got up to the officiant and bridal party, he would get one of the mics and sing the harmonies of the song as I was walking with my parents. Basically singing to me as I was walking down the aisle.

Yeah I nixed that idea the minute it was done coming out of his mouth. To me, that’s just awkward. And cheesy. And not ok. Basically singing at me as I walk down the aisle? Nay. And so I thought the subject was done.

Imagine my surprise at the wedding when we’ve just had my parents, Dave’s best man and my Co-MOHs give their speeches, and when everyone is done, Dave grabs the microphone. I had no idea what he had planned, and didn’t even think about the past conversation we had. Then, this happens:

Bound in Lace from lacey bean on Vimeo.


Yes, that’s right. My (now) husband wrote a song for me. And performed it at our wedding with our friends. I had absolutely no idea this was going to happen, and it was so incredibly sweet and touching! More importantly it didn’t bother me like him singing to me from the altar would have, because he was far removed at the other side of the room, so it was much easier to handle, since I could watch from our sweetheart table. My mom and Co-MOH Allison flung themselves at me thinking I was going to sob or something, but really, I was ok. It was just really nice, and well, amazing!!

The quality and sound of the video is bad, and the guitar solo cuts out halfway through, but you get the idea. And if you can’t hear, here are the lyrics. (P.S. he wrote this song like a year ago!)

“Bound in Lace”
Spent a long time treating love like a game
far too self centered playing the loner, the fool seeking fame
you came along and suddenly I knew
I never imagined that you’d be the one
I’d do anything for you
You opened your heart, and I opened mine.

So here we are, hand in hand
with our souls entwined together
and our love a warm embrace

So here we are, face to face
with our eyes locked together
and our love bound up in lace

From now on our two will be one, not just in name
sharing our pleasures and our dreams, and comforting our pain
I will love you till the stars have left the sky
and even when their lights are gone, our love will brightly shine.

Looks like I picked a winner, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. SO sweet!

  2. Dollface says

    omg… this is totally cute!! cant see the vid at work, but is it on facebook?? xxxooo

  3. That is the sweetest thing ever!

  4. It's Only Me. says

    I think this is precious – good work hubby!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Manhattan Mommy says

    that is sooo sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Classy Fab Sarah says

    Weep. That is SO beautiful!

  7. Shoshanah says

    That's so cute! And I'm sure something you'll never forget about your wedding day

  8. This is why he is a man's man. I strive to be like him. Also, tell him the new Dillinger album is awesome.

  9. That's so awesome!! Sneaky, sneaky boys!

  10. THAT'S love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. That is amazing!!

  12. um lacey that is all sorts of adorable, love it!

  13. I think I'd be sobbing with joy – that's so so the best thing ever.

  14. Classy in Philadelphia says


  15. awww! i love it =)


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