Are you nervous?

My Co-MOH Allison asked me this today. Or what she really said was, “I hate to ask but I gotta know…are you nervous yet? And do you think you will be nervous seeing as how nothing is really going to CHANGE with you and Dave?”

My immediate answer? No. Not at all. I know I’m going to be nervous/excited come Friday and Saturday, just because OMG it’s here and I can’t wait!! Every time I think about the wedding being this weekend I get this huge, stupid grin on my face and I know I’m going to have it plastered on my face the whole day on Saturday and I’m going to look like a grinning idiot in pictures but whatever. 🙂

But nervous to marry Dave? No. Absolutely not. We’ve been dating for over 3 years. Engaged for a little over one of those years, and living together for over 2 years. He is the one I was meant to be with.

When I think back to some of the (less desired) men that I dated before Dave, I asked myself if I would have been happy marrying any of them. The answer very quickly was no.

I could have been married to my abusive, asshole high school boyfriend. (Nothankyou!)
I could have been married to the insecure wannabe (who still doesn’t know who he is – and still pesters me with phone calls and emails – 6 years after I last saw him).
I could have been married to my last boyfriend before Dave, and been with a self centered (and possibly alcoholic) jerk, who is more interested in his best friend (who is his ex girlfriend) than me.

I also could have been married to my ex who I’m still good friends with, and been a military wife. But I know that it wasn’t for me. I give SO much credit to all my girlfriends who are married to men in the military. Some women are cut out for it and some aren’t. They’re all so strong and amazing, and I respect them so much for being able to handle that lifestyle.

I know deep down that I wouldn’t have married any of those men. Besides the fact that I wasn’t in the right place or frame of mind at the time, none of those guys were the right one for me. Dave and I fit like 2 puzzle pieces. We complement each other. He’s calm when I’m stressed. I remember when he forgets. (That happens a lot.) 🙂 He washes, and I fold (actually he drops the laundry off and I put it away when it comes back.) Most of all, we can be ourselves around each other. And that was from the beginning. There was never a need to impress, to pretend to be a better person. There was something from the start that didn’t require effort to make it work. It just worked.

We didn’t become “official” until over a month into dating, and didn’t say, “I love you” until 7 months of dating. Other people questioned that, but as I said to them, I didn’t need him to say it if he wasn’t ready. His actions showed me how much he cared. And I knew he was too busy with work and his band to make time for yet another girl. 🙂

So no, I’m not nervous. I can’t wait to call Dave my husband.


  1. michelle woo says

    Aww, I love this. I'm not really nervous either but every once in a while, I think whoa. This is for reals, dude. I'm anxious for the wedding but I'm also a little sad that the whole engagement process is flying by so fast. It's all kinda crazy. In a good way.

  2. When it's right, it's right.

  3. Samantha Rose... says

    GAH HUSBAND. Tyler and I are next. I'm freaking out.

  4. you found the right one, it's clear.

  5. Eeek I am so so so so excited and happy for you!! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and beautiful marriage 🙂

  6. aw lacey this is all sorts of adorable and i am just so excited for you!! and i totally laughed when you wrote "he forgets and i remember", because that is so how matt and i are too, haha. love it.

  7. I inspired a blog lol. Again, I am so glad you are NOT nervous about anything .<3

  8. nicole antoinette says


    The end.

  9. This is so awesome. I feel the same way about my fiance. I'm so excited for you, this weekend is gonna be awesome!

  10. Manhattan Mommy says

    Nothing to be nervous about! You two seem like you're perfect for eachother 🙂

  11. I can't believe it's almost here!!!!! I wasn't nervous at all, I was SO EXCITED!! You're going to have a blast and have a perma smile all day! So excited for you guys 🙂

  12. What's there to be nervous about, you're gonna be spending the rest of your life with someone you love, who loves you back and gets you :)Being married is fun.


  13. That is wonderful Lacey and gives me hope to keep looking. You and Dave are great together! Mazel Tov from across the pond!
    (I told Chris to be on his best behavior LOL)

  14. SOOO excited for your Lacey!

  15. WooHoo Weddings are awesome!!!!
    And I think yours is going to take the cake!!!
    Reading your blog made me get a big stupid grin on my face, even made me a little teary eyed (tears of joy). So incredibly happy for you two!!!!

    Have a wonderful wedding weekend and see you on saturday!!!!!!!!

  16. I'm curious what you're reaction will be when you begin to walk down the aisle. Since I cry at all weddings I thought I'd be a snotty mess, instead I was overcome with hysterical laughter. I seriously could not stop laughing. And I never shed a single tear…

    I don't blame you for not being nervous. That question along with "how do you feel about this person being the only person you'll have sex with for the rest of life?" question ALWAYS bugged me!

  17. yaaay, I am so excited for you guys and am really excited to see those gorgeous wedding picturs!!

  18. Suburban Sweetheart says

    I love this – and your love story in general. Can't wait to see pics from today. 🙂


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