Wow. I’m sure all you married ladies remember the waiting and waiting and WAITING for the day to come, and then all of a sudden BAM! It’s here! And holy crap I’ll be Mrs. Lacey [new last name here] in less than a week! AHHH!!

Luckily, after last week’s dramafest, we’re not running around too much. Everything is pretty much squared away, with minor details left. Yesterday Dave and I ran to Party City and spent waayyyy too much money on props for our photobooth. Let’s just say we bought a viking helmet. And animal noses. And a variety of other random things. 🙂

I still need to buy frames for some photos that we’re displaying, and figure out a “something blue” since my “something blue” undergarments I think show through my dress. And if there’s a hint of doubt in that area, I’m not wearing them. I figure I’ll either paint my toenails blue, or get some blue stickem rhinestone things and put them on the bottom soles of my shoes.

Also, I had a dream the other night that Dave met my paternal grandmother. My grandma Florrie passed away in 2005, so she never got the chance to meet Dave. I told my dad about it, and he said that it was good that they at least met that way (in my dreams). It was just really random. I haven’t dreamt about her in awhile.

I think all thats left now is to give everyone their details about what time to meet up for hair/makeup/pictures, and to keep my sanity!! 🙂


  1. So exciting! Savor these last few days before the wedding and try and enjoy every moment. Have fun!!!

  2. What a good dream to have the week of your wedding. I am so excited for you!

  3. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about the wedding and see pictures!!! This week will fly by for you I'm sure.

  4. I love dreams like that; it's definitely bittersweet that your grandma can't be here but your dad is right. Hopefully it brought you some comfort during this busy week!

    Enjoy everything coming your way this week; I'm sure it will all be lovely =)

  5. You're soooo close!!!! This week will fly by so be sure to just sit down and take a deep breath if you start to get overwhelmed at any point.

    Oh, and I bought those blue rhinestone type things and put them in the initial of my new last name of the bottom of my shoes for my wedding. Super easy (I think it took me maybe 30 minutes), and they made for some REALLY cute pictures! (Just be sure that the letter is face up when you lift your feet otherwise it will be upside down!)

  6. omg sooo exciting!!!! Will you email me or fb message me where you got your photobooth rental, we are thinking to do that!!! xxxoo

  7. I think your rubber duckie tissues can count as your something blue since they'll be pretty much inside your dress. Ha.

  8. Don't forget to have fun!!!

    I sewed a little patch into the inside of my sister's dress that said "something blue" in blue lettering. It was super cute!

  9. Mrs. Bear says

    Yay yay yay its almost your wedding day =0)

  10. My something blue was the ribbon on my boquet (spelling), it's easier to keep the ribbon than drying the flowers :p

    Hope the week flys by.


  11. stealthnerd says

    How exciting to be so close!! I know this is the hardest advice to listen to but do your best to relax. Especially on the day of! The weather will do what it does and all you can do is decide that whatever the conditions, you'll have awesome pictures and a great day! And trust me, you will!!!

  12. aaaaaah i am so excited for you! i can't believe your wedding is so soon!! yay!!!

  13. Exciting! I like that dream.. I think it bodes well for you two!

  14. Can you still get those rhinestone/crystals stick-on tattoos that were in different shapes?

    Because if you could find some blue ones in the shape of [insert flower here] those would be super cute on the bottoms of your shoes!!! But they may be hard to make/stick yourself. Then again I'm not artistic.

  15. that is so exciting! i hope you can relax in the coming days and enjoy everything that is happening!

  16. Oh my gosh I can't believe it's already time! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it as the big day gets closer!

  17. Yay! Wedding! Eeee! I'm so excited for you!

  18. ablogofherown.wordpress.com says

    Happy wedding week!!!
    I can't wait to see photos.

  19. I am sooo excited for you! This is going to be a crazy week, isn't it?!

  20. Shoshanah says

    You must be so excited! Be sure to enjoy these last few single days and have a blast at your wedding!

  21. Madeleine says

    good luck in these last days! you seem to be handling it all quite well 🙂

  22. That is so exciting!! You could get a blue stitch on the inside of your dress. That's what I did.

    One word of advice – during the reception, keep asking people what time it is. It goes by SO quickly, and you don't to at least know how much time you have left.


  23. Mrs. Potts says

    I can't wait to hear about it when all is said & done!

    Take deep breaths & some time for yourselves to remember.



  25. Jen on the Edge says

    I love the photo booth idea!


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