Showers of Happiness! (15 days to go!)

Why is “Showers of Happiness” like, the catch phrase of bridal showers? I don’t know why, it just strikes me as weird. Anywho, my bridal shower was on Feb 20th, and it was awesome! And as my friend Anita said, my shower showed her that they don’t have to be cheesy!

It was hosted by my mom, Arielle and Allison, and held at one of my favorite restaurants, and we had the entire place to ourselves. They really outdid themselves with the food, it was so delicious! Not that I was really surprised – their food is always amazing. And my cake had canoli cream in it. Yummmm.

The cute invitation!

Me and my Co-MOHs!

I knew that we wouldn’t be playing cheesy games, like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper or what not, but I did ask if we were playing gift Bingo. Well we didn’t play gift Bingo, but we did play Lacey Bingo!! They created a Bingo board where all the squares were different pictures of me. Some baby pictures, most pictures Arielle had, so I was probably at some level of intoxication in 90% of them.) 🙂 And the FREE space was Dave’s picture. Hahaha. It was hilarious. They would describe the picture of me and the guests had to match it up on their board. I was going to scan one to show, but my printer was acting up. Sorry peeps!

We opened gifts, and we are SO lucky – we got so many amazing gifts! Our new dishes, lots of fun kitchen stuff, our new bed set, and these gorgeous handkerchiefs that Dave’s sister got us from Venice, with our initial embroidered on each one. Amazing. One of the best things though?

KITCHENAID MIXER!!! (My bridesmaids Annie and Chase ROCK)

My lovely cake

It was really amazing. My mom outdid herself, and it was small and intimate and everyone I loved was there (some people couldn’t come… but I still love them!) But most importantly… I know you want to see the creation that Arielle put together with bows and streamers and what not, to place atop my head.

Check out those skillz. This is clearly what she’s going to grad school for.

And to end, some of my favorite girls…

Stay tuned for the Bachelorette party!!! 🙂


  1. Mrs. Potts says

    It sounds like a wonderful shower! I'm going to an "Around the Clock" bridal shower where I have to give a gift based off a certain time.

    I got jacked over & got 3pm. Seriously, what do you do at 3pm? 🙂

  2. Philly Girl says

    I absolutely adore your invitations!

  3. April Elizabeth says

    loely shower. Also that mixer will make your life so much better. you have no idea.

    @mrs. Potts – id say get crystal codial glass or crystal margarita glasses. 3pm is a perfect time for an afternoon pick me up.

  4. YAY. That is all.

  5. Lexilooo says

    I love the bingo idea! I might have to borrow it, the next time I host a shower!

  6. Happy shower to you!

  7. aw so so cute! i love small and non corny bridal showers, the lacey bingo is the best.

  8. Shoshanah says

    If I'm being honest, part of me can't wait to get married just so I can have my kitchen aid mixer. Ha!

    I do think that bingo game sounds so cute, and was probably a lot of fun for your guest. When you get your scanner working, you should really try to share a game board!

  9. Stephanie says

    Sounds like a really nice shower! And I am super envious of your KitchenAid! I want one so badly!

  10. Classy in Philadelphia says

    You look gorgeous in all these pics! Yay for showers.

  11. You are going to be so happy! (I am referring to the Kitchen aid mixer but obviously with Dave as well) I can't believe the wedding is so close!!

  12. So fun!

  13. So fun!

  14. Way to go on the KitchenAid mixer! It's so pretty! And I love the invitation too.

  15. Looks like you had a blast 🙂 I loved my showers too. Plus your invites were adorable!


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