Pictures of My Life – In Da House! (Errr… Apartment!) Part Deux!

We are snowed in today! All NYC public schools are closed (AGAIN) so Dave has off, and once I saw the foot or so of snow outside out door, and got the OK from my job to work from home, my couch is where I’ll be. Woo!!!!!!!!

To continue on with PICTURES OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!, I bring you – THE GREAT OUTDOORS! (Kind of.)

Alyssa said, “Ohh, you reminded me that I want to do this 🙂 (DO IT!) I would love if you just walk outside, and take a picture! :)”

Well I didn’t so much walk outside as open the door slightly and stick my camera out, but there it is.

These are our steps in the snow this morning. AND this is after our landlord was out there shoveling at 11:30 last night.

said, “fun! I want to see your view (from the window of your choosing.)” Well Hillary, I hate to say you’re not going to get much out of this one – we live in a basement apartment! We have windows, but they kind of look at… nothing. But here’s what I’ve got for you:

More snow!

This is our kitchen window. It looks onto the next door neighbor’s yard, and also those stairs, which leads to our landlords shed? Or something. Who knows.

I had forgotten in the last post that Katelin had also asked to see my bookshelves. (Sorry Katelin!) She said, “i vote on the kitchen and your bookshelf. because those are two places i think are awesome, clearly.”

And in addition to wanting to see my favorite place to read, Mrs. Potts also wanted to see my kitchen. (She had one more request, but I’ll wait til next post on that one!)

Here it is… in all its messy glory

Please excuse the mess. We are in the midst of reorganizing after getting so many awesome shower gifts, and we’re not so good at washing dishes before the sink is full.

Last for today, the Discipled Pilgrim had a bunch of requests:

How about pictures of
(1) you at your office desk;
(2) the dinner table when a meal is served; and
(3) the inside of your medicine cabinet.

I love your blog! (Thanks!)

Sorry to say I wont be showing a picture of my office desk. Not everyone at work knows that I blog, and I’d rather not be questioned to why I’m taking a picture of the sorry excuse of a work area I have. (My office works at picnic tables. No lie.) But the other two requests, sure!

Look! I set the table for you!

No seriously, Dave and I eat 95% of our meals at the coffee table in the living room. Soooo bad, but what can ya do? Our dining table is usually covered with mail and other random items, and SOMEONE who lives in this apartment has a bad habit of using the dining room chairs as his own personal coat rack/shirt storage. Ahem.

Our medicine cabinet.

It doesn’t look that full, but that’s because I keep my make up and hair products in a unit above the toilet, and those take up a LOT of room. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this episode of PICTURES OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! I’m going to curl up on the couch and watch Dave play Call of Duty 4 (badly).

Happy Snow Day!


  1. I wish they had snow days for work…. are u super excited for your wedding?! omg its soo soon!!! xxxooo

  2. Children of the 90s says

    I wish we got a snow day–I was out of town when it snowed here in Dallas so I missed out! We usually eat most of our meals at the coffee table, too 🙂

  3. I am jealous of your kitchen! You have ROOM to move around!!

    I'm over the snow. So glad we didn't get any while I was in Maine this week. Just tons of rain. I'd almost prefer the snow.

  4. i spot ducks in the kitchen! it's almost like where's waldo, i love it, haha.

  5. Discipled Pilgrim says

    Thanks for posting the pictures! I loved looking at them.

  6. I'm with you, while it would be fun to see a picture of someone's office, I'd feel a little too awkward to actually take one.

  7. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Your medicine cabinet is so well-organized, & your kitchen is so shiny! I'm jealous…

  8. nicole antoinette says

    I mean, you're so domestic I can't really deal with it. Also I miss you. Um.. yeah, that about covers it.

  9. Wow great pictures of the snow. You guys have really been punished with it lately. Insanity.


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