So… much… food!!


(Really I was only rooting for them because they were the underdog, I didn’t want Peyton Manning to win, and my boyfriend Jeremy Shockey is on the Saints. (I was all about his white trashiness when he was on the Giants.)

If you remember, last year’s Super Bowl theme was bacon. Oh, gluttonous bacon. This year’s theme, although not at our house, was…. CHEESE. Oh yes, CHEESE. And it was amazing. Dave made these amazing Blue Cheese and Chicken Parcels, which in my opinion were the hit of the party. Well, that and our friend Robin’s “Cheese”cake.

How cute is that? Excuse the line going halfway through, Dave started cutting into it before I could take the picture.

After all that cheese yesterday, and the fact that we’re both gluttonous, Dave and I have decided that going forward we’re going to try and make one vegetarian meal, and only one meal w/ cheese for each week that we meal plan. (We’ll see how long this lasts!) For this week we have:

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili – from A Year of Slow Cooking

– THE BEST MEAL EVER – Spaghetti Pie

– Hamburgers. (Would be cheeseburgers but we hit our cheese item w/ the spaghetti pie of deliciousness.)

– And what we’re calling “Pantry” or “Cupboard” Soup. Basically making use of all the soups we have in our pantry closet that we haven’t touched. Like the Red Roasted Pepper soup from Trader Joe’s. Yummmm.

I wont be home on Wednesday night since I have an event in the city on Thursday, and Dave won’t be home Friday night, so we’re trying to keep it a little lighter than normal this week. What our excuse is for the rest of the weeks we’ve meal planned, I don’t know!

So, any good recipes from SuperBowl you care to share? What are you all cooking this week?


  1. This week is beef stew (in the crock pot now), chicken tacos, and chicken taco salad. I prepped all the stuff for the stew last night and threw it in the crock pot this morning. The chicken recipe I found on Tasty Kitchen, and it's going in the crock pot on Wednesday. I'm excited to come home to a warm dinner!

  2. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Oh my God, sweet potato chili. I must have it. And how cute is that crazy cake?!

    I made red beans & rice with bacon during Superbowl Sunday – when I didn't watch the game.

  3. nicole antoinette says


  4. i've made the sweet potato chili ( and it is SO good…especially on the 2nd day! can't wait to hear what you think!

  5. I made cupcakes for the party that we went to. But everyone got so stuffed on meat that nobody wanted them! So I forced everyone to take them home with them. :p

  6. Love the "cheese" cake.

    This week is breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs + toast), taco soup and that's about as far as I've made it. Do the cookies I'm making now count?! =)

  7. The cheese cake is adorable! I made balsamic poached chicken with asparagus and potatoes. Delish.

  8. Classy in Philadelphia says

    I was rooting for the Saints because I like Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian. I'm so lame, haha.

  9. Mrs. Potts says

    Yum – sweet potato chili sounds so good! I'll have to try that!

    We had Red Beans & Rice on Sunday to watch/celebrate the Saints!

  10. Torsten is out of town so I'm not cooking much of anything. Lots of scrambled eggs with cut-up buffalo hot dogs. Yum.

  11. That is about the cutest cake ever. So orginal!

  12. How cute is that cake!?!?!?!

    I love cheese. Love, love, love cheese.

  13. You are going to control your cheese intake??? I don't think I could ever do it. Ever. I eat cheese with *almost* every meal!

  14. I love the cheesecake! But have to know, is it an actual cheesecake-cake too?


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