"Have you been eating a lot, Lacey?"

This post could otherwise be titled “That time I got called fat in the bridal store”.

I went for my dress fitting on Friday… oh I bet you see where this is going already. I show up with my mom, shoes and wedding day undies in tow. (They’re my something blue.) Now the store I got my dress at isn’t a fancy boutique. Think more like, no frills factory that sells wedding gowns. And I am fine with that. The price of my dress was right, I appreciate that they didn’t try to sell me an overpriced dress that wasn’t me, or force tiaras and veils on me. Anywho, so we check in, the girl goes to get my dress, and my mom and I are chit-chatting, and smack talking about the women trying on HIDEOUS dresses all around us. (No one said we were nice.) We’re finally called into the alterations section, and I step into the curtained corner where my dress is to get into it. The consultant, or whatever she does, steps in to help me get into the dress. And as she’s zipping it, she says,

“Have you been eating a lot, Lacey?”

Cue stunned silence, followed by me stammering, “Umm, I’ve been trying not to??”

Yes, we were having trouble zipping my dress. But you know what? I weigh 110-115 pounds. That hasn’t changed since April when I ordered the dress, and YOUR STORE ordered it for me in the size they said was correct. It hasn’t changed since June when I tried on the dress when it came in, and it was tight then! It wasn’t tight around my stomach. It wasn’t tight around my hips. IT WAS TIGHT AROUND MY RIB CAGE AND BOOBS. Do you want me to remove a rib? Boob reduction? They sure as hell haven’t grown recently. (But for a small girl, I gots some boobs.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

And really, at first when it happened, I wasn’t too upset. It stunned me, but then I felt vindicated when I was working with the seamstress and made the girl feel dumb when she overheard me saying the dress had been tight when I tried it on in June. But then as I told more people, and saw how upset they were for me, it started to get to me. (My Co-MOHs Allison and Arielle are threatening to come with me next time and slap a bitch.) But really? You work in a BRIDAL STORE. Aren’t you trained like the first day of work that you don’t tell a bride she’s gained weight/she’s fat/etc? Isn’t that a cardinal rule? Yes, you want people to buy dresses appropriately sized for them, and not let them walk down the aisle looking awful, but to ask a bride (or any woman) if she’s been eating a lot? That’s just plain rude. And lady, I already have a complex, thankyouverymuch. I’ve been trying to deal with not liking my body as much as I used to when I was younger, and it’s hard. I’ve been working out and trying to eat better, and it’s still hard. So you saying that to me? You saying that to anyone? NOT OK. Maybe you thought it was a joke because I am thin, but it wasn’t funny and wouldn’t be funny to anyone.

Be thankful that I didn’t have more of a reaction at the store, cause I probably would have called over your manager.


  1. Wow, you have a lot of restraint…if it was me that lady would have been very sorry indeed. Try to ignore all the body issues, because when your guy see's you for the first time in your dress, nothing, but your love will matter.And when you look at oyur wedding pictures all you'll see is how happy you guys are, promise.

  2. Oh, I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut once I got over the shock of being asked that.
    How rude!

    I used to work in a bridal shop and let me tell you, it's better to just let people get what they like and let it fit how they like it to fit.

    I hope for her sake that she is new-ish to the job. If not, at some point someone will call her out on that and there goes her job.

  3. um say what?! what would compel the woman to say that, that's just plain rude. and i'm right there with arielle and would not object to slapping a bitch to such a horrible way of talking to you, oy.

  4. That's awful! I'm with your bridesmaids… reading this post makes me want to slap a bitch!

    Sounds like someone at the store didn't do the best job with your measurements!

  5. When I was the weight you are, I had a bit of a body issue and my mum and sister thought I was borderline anorexic because I didn't look good with it. But I didn't realise I was as thin as I was.

    If someone had said that to me back then, it would have caused me so many problems.

    That being said, I'm at least twenty pounds heavier now and I would take just as much offence, for different reasons, if that was said to me!

    It's just plain rude!

  6. thatShortChick says

    The only rational explanation I can think of for the consultant was that she was new and unaware of the proper etiquette.

    but it's still not a good enough excuse because it's COMMON SENSE not to say anything like that to anyone.

    sorry you had to deal with that. have you requested a new consultant?

  7. Tails from the City says

    Ugh. What a way to ruin the day!

  8. oh guuurrrllll
    I am shocked you didnt smack her.
    You are not a big girl. at all. and even if you were they should shut their mouth.

  9. walkingonsunshine18 says

    OMG that's horrible, I would have told her right off. That is so disrespectful

  10. Singled Out in Boston says

    what a ridic bitch.

  11. OMG There would have been tears and possibly physical violence if she had said that to me!

  12. I don't know how you didn't slap that lady. You are a better woman than I. Sorry about that sweetie.

  13. ablogofherown.wordpress.com says

    wow. definitely breaks the carnal rule of "the bride is never fat"

  14. Seriously! WHAT were they thinking? don't they know that Bride's are already under tons of stress, then to say that? GEESH!

  15. Seriously. That's worth a call to the store about her. NOT OKAY.

  16. that is absolutely obnoxious! I would have asked for someone else.

    When i was looking for dresses, my sister and i went into a store, we saw a dress and the woman said "oh that won't fit you" and wouldn't let me try it on. I walked out of the store after that. My sister was PISSED.

    your co-moh's should slap a bitch. She deserves it. <3

  17. Suburban Sweetheart says

    Wow. A lesson is exactly how NOT to treat a bride-to-be. Or, um, ANYONE ordering ANY item of clothing. I would have freaked out – afterwards, in writing, to a manager.

  18. I would die! I would just die! Impressive that you kept your composure and didn't yell or cry!

  19. Seriously. I'll cut a bitch. And you know Allison will too.

  20. SLAP! That's what would have happened if it were me ๐Ÿ™‚ That's just rude regardless.

  21. Yes, that's rude and very bizarre. You would think they would know better. But then, you'd think by now they'd know how to measure people and order the right size dress, and apparently that didn't really happen either.

  22. Classy in Philadelphia says

    Oh man, good for you for keeping your cool. You are so tiny anyway I can't believe she would say that!

  23. You would THINK they'd be nice in bridal salons, but I've run into super rude people working in these stores too. Not sure what gives – but my friend is designing my dress so I can avoid them at all costs from here on out.


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