Meal Planning – Take 2! And other updates!

So meal planning was a dismal failure this week. We made two things off the list of 5, being my chili and Kyla Roma’s French Onion Soup (which was super easy, delicious, and she keeps saying she’ll post the recipe so if you want it go bug her for it!). Besides that we either ate leftovers, ordered, or ate crap. Boo. A lot of it was attributed to the fact that Dave was in Vegas until late Monday night, and then was working crazy late most days, and I didn’t feel like cooking for myself if he wasn’t home. LAME EXCUSE. I know. We did make the Lemony Chicken Milanese w/ Arugula Salad tonight though, which was delicious!

After talking, (and spending wayyyyy too much money at Costco) we decided to keep on with the meal planning, but to cut it down to 4 meals a week, as opposed to 5. So, this week, we’ll continue on with last week’s menu and make:

1. The Best Lasagna. Ever. – courtesy of The Pioneer Woman
2. Cranberry Gorgonzola salad

and add

3. Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Breasts with Cheddar Mustard Sauce by Rachael Ray (have made this before – it’s delicious!)
4. CrockPot Thai Curry w/ Chicken from A Year of Slow Cooking, this great CrockPot blog I found, who now published a book! It’s also great for people who are gluten-free, since that is how she cooks for her family.

I JUST got this little bad boy of a CrockPot you see on the right, and I’m so excited about it! How many of you have crock pots and what are your favorite recipes? Any favorite cookbooks/blogs? Pass them on!! I’m so eager to start using this thing it’s insane. The thought of throwing things in it when I leave in the morning to come home to a meal at night is so amazing!

So we’ll see how we do this week! In other update-y news, I haven’t been going to the gym as much as I should have been (kind of hit a lull right after New Years), but if you look at the little sidebar over there, I’m up to 8 visits, which means 42 left in total, and 7 left this month to be on target. (Yeah I’m a little behind.) I’m planning on kicking it into high gear for the last two weeks of January, and checking out the Zumba class my gym offers on Thursdays, just to change up my routine a bit.

I’m also up to new recipe #2 out of 50 on “learning 50 new recipes” from my life list. Besides Kyla’s French Onion Soup, I’ve made Keys Style Citrus Chicken, from the Easy Everday Cooking book I received in the Cookbook Swap. Yumm.

Annnnnd we finalized our wedding menus today!! And picked out linens and our cake! The RSVPS have been rolling in, and I love that our friends and family are taking it upon themselves to write little notes on the cards. Especially my one friend Joe who wrote on the back:

“Hellz to the yes, we are coming! Hope you are ready for booty-shakin’, double fistin’, and blacking out on the dance floor! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!”

I love my friends.

We also got our engagement pictures back, and I promise I will share them with you! Just have to go through the HUNDREDS of them and pick our favorites!!

Stay tuned!!


  1. I'll be curious to hear how the pretzel-y chicken turns out! It sounds really good!

  2. I need this French Onion Soup recipe! That is my ultimate favorite!

    Usually, even though I'd like to use more crock pot recipes…we end up throwing a bunch of a crap in a the pot. A really good thing I made not too long ago, sort of following a recipe, was some sort of beef (think fall off the bone) with a chipotle/chocolate sauce. It was SO GOOD! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The Rachel Ray recipe sounds really yummy. I may have to give that one a try!

    Meal planning can be such a lot of work but so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing the recipes; definitely gives me some new ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We have that same crock pot and I love it!

  5. I have a recipe book or two at home just for Crock Pots. They are super easy and I really should use mine more, but Im just lazy. LOL
    Imight also have to try the rachel ray recipe, it sounds yummy.

  6. Mrs. Potts says

    I've found that I do better at planning when I count for leftovers – I usually make enough that we can eat leftovers at least twice during a full week.

    I adore my crockpot!!

  7. Jen on the Edge says

    I've never owned a slow cooker, which is odd, considering how much cooking from scratch I do.

  8. oh yay for a crock pot, i definitely just put one on our registry, haha. and more woos for the menu and rsvps coming in, that's gotta be so exciting!!

  9. French onion soup sounds delicious! Can't wait to see the engagement pictures =0)

    P.S. I am making Paula Deen's potato soup tonight in my crockpot!

  10. nicoleantoinette says

    I totally want a crock pot. My mom would be so damn proud.

  11. here's another recipe for you to try:

    Pretty dang easy. And lots of yummy leftovers.


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