Harry Potter Fest-a-Thon!!

Arielle and I are spending the first weekend of 2010 in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

We’re having a Harry Potter marathon. (#harrypotterfestathon)

6 movies
15 hours
902 minutes

Can they do it?? Yes, of course we can. 🙂 We’re live blogging this, so be prepared for insane amounts of awesomeness. We started at 12pm on January 2. Let’s see when we finish!

Movie 1 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
12:17pm Dude Daniel Radcliffe is MAD YOUNG in this movie. Like holy crap he probably doesnt have balls yet.
12:37pm – Arielle and I have now figured out what our wands are made of (yes we went outside found some twigs and are now calling them wands) Check out her blog post to see.
12:55pm – Lacey: “Do you think anyone ever drops out of Hogwarts? Where would they go?” Arielle: “Public School? Or maybe they work at McDonalds.”
1:15pm – After discussion, it’s decided that Michael Gambon is a better Albus Dumbledore than Richard Harris (RIP). No rhyme or reason, he’s just better.

1:46pm – Arielle has eaten her Golden Snitch. (We were using Ferrero Rocher chocolates as snitches.)

End of Sorcerer’s Stone 2:31pm – Start of Chamber of Secrets 2:34pm
(We waste no time, folks)

Movie 2 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2:35pm – Per the books, James and Lily Potter are like, 21 when they are killed. a – young parents! And b – they sure as hell don’t look like they’re 21 in the movies. More like 31.
2:55pm – It’s amazing how fast Hermione’s hair went from crazy rats nest in the first movie to much nicer in the second. You think she had it written into her contract that she wanted nicer hair?
3:08pm – Arielle does a pretty good impression of a Mandrake. (video to come)
3:25pm – Lacey: “I think Helga Hufflepuff was probably fat.” Arielle: “I think anyone named Helga is probably fat.”
4:36pm – Turns out we were right about Helga – “Hufflepuff was particularly famous for her dexterity at food-related Charms. Many recipes traditionally served at Hogwarts feasts originated with Hufflepuff.” (source)
4:40pm – Tom Riddle (aka Voldemort) is kind of a hottie. Too bad he’s an evil a-hole.
4:47pm – Arielle just raised her wand as Tim Riddle said, “Voldemort will return.” I’m thinking of kicking her out of my apartment for that one.
4:52pm – Fawkes has made an appearance in my apartment.

End of Chamber of Secrets 5:06pm – Start of Prisoner of Azkaban 5:11pm

Movie 3 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
5:36pm – Arielle has eaten her weight in Hint of Lime Tostitos. I am trying to save room for dinner. And possibly more junk food.
5:47pm – Why is Malfoy rocking the shroom haircut that all the boys had in like, 1998?
— Arielle does a mean impersonation of Professor Trelawney (pic to be inserted tomorrow)
6:20pm – What would your Patronus be? Mine would be a flying squirrel. Arielle’s decided hers would be “those things… African gophers??” (Turns out its a Prarie Dog, but once Arielle found out its name, she didn’t want to be it anymore. Now she’s a Hammerhead Shark. LAME.)
6:44pm – I sometimes want to punch Snape in the mouth. He’s like that annoying friend who invites themselves to parties.

End of Prisoner of Azkaban 7:20pm – Start of Goblet of Fire 7:43 pm
(We needed a break to order Chinese food for dinner and say hi to Dave)

Movie 4 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
7:45pm – Arielle can’t stop laughing because of the Twitter trending topic “#whoremembers“. Child.
7:49pm – Cedric Diggory has made his first appearance. He is way better then Edward. (Twilightsucks)
7:55pm – I’ve figured out that Harry Potter has passed out at least once in 3 of the first 4 movies. WUSS.


8:46pm – Pausing the movie. We’ve been told that there’s a Wizard Rock song called “Pensieve Diggory”, by the band “Ministry of Magic”. Taking a moment to check it out on YouTube. People have too much time on their hands/I just lost 5 minutes fof my life.
9:13pm – I don’t understand why the guys have to wear dress robes at the Yule Ball, and the girls can wear whatever dress they want. Seems a bit unfair to me.
9:19pm – It’s been decided that Moaning Myrtle will now be known as “Pervy Myrtle” since she likes taking a peek at Harry’s naughty bits in the Prefect’s bathroom.
9:56pm – I wonder if Voldemort can smell anything. He’s really got no nose. I mean, maybe it doesnt matter since he’s barely alive and all, but I’d be pissed if I couldn’t taste anything.

End of Goblet of Fire 10:16pm – Start of Order of the Phoenix TOMORROW!!!!!

We took a bunch of pictures and also a GREAT video, but my douchebag of a wireless connection is refusing to cooperate enough for me to upload anything. So you’ll have to wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!! (I know you can’t wait.)

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love that you are doing this! We did the first four movies once, but haven't gone for six yet.

    And I don't think either Richard Harris or Michael Gambon get Dumbledore right.

  2. You're brave! 6 at once? My head would probably be buzzing and my tummy would probably hurt from all the snacks lol. I love the old dumbledore though, he has such kindness in his eyes. Dumbledore isn't supposed to be strict or harsh at all, the new one is pretty much like that.

    Ps. Totally agree on Moaning Myrtle :p

  3. I am sooo jealous!!!! How FUN!

  4. Ferrero Rochers as golden snitches. INSPIRED idea!

    Enjoy Day 2!

  5. Martinis or Diaper Genies? says

    I heart you beyond words and pictures. I am an italian in a jap body in a jap sorority in a jap life. Meet me your new bff.

  6. Suburban Sweetheart says

    I want you to know that this is the best blog post ever. On your blog, on any blog. I'm obsessed. Also, I'm watching "Half-Blood Prince" for the second time in as many days…

  7. You two are awfully amusing! Just be glad to last 2 movies haven't been released yet!

  8. Lisa-Marie says

    I am so, so jealous.

    My ex-boyfreid and I once watched the Starwars films back to back, with a 15 minute break between each for loo trips etc. It was epic!

  9. Nuhuh! Richard Harris was a MUCH better Dumbledore.

    p.s. totally misunderstood the 'JAP' at first. "What the heck, she's not oriental…?"

  10. WE ARE SO AWESOME. That is all.

  11. Ha that is the best idea for a movie marathon…I might suggest this to my housemates!


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