Harry Potter Fest-a-Thon!! Part Deux!

Here we are, bright and kind of early, ready to start Day 2 of our Harry Potter Fest-a-Thon!! (#harrypotterfestathon). I’m surprised I didn’t have any Harry Potter inspired dreams from the 10ish hours of HP movie we sat through. We’ve got movies 5 and 6 to go, and Dave making us pancakes for breakfast. Yummm. First, some pictures and a video from yesterday, since now my computer is deciding to be nice and let me post them:

The movies and our wands Our reference library
The movies, our wands, and our reference library (yes we’re this serious)

Our Golden Snitches Arielle as Professor Trelawney
Us with our Golden Snitches (aka Forerro Roche chocolates) and Arielle as Professor Trelawney (best picture ever)

Annnnnd Arielle doing an awesome impersonation of a mandrake, once it’s been pulled:

And we’re off!!!!

Movie 5 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
10:18am – START THE MOVIE!
10:45am – Pause movie to consume delicious pancakes and bacon made by Dave, and listen to our friend Anna tell an embarassing story from last night.
11:11am – I forgot how much of an angsty bitch Harry is in this movie. I understand you’re going through tough shit and all, with Voldemort wanting to kill you and the country thinking you’re a crazy liar, but still, get rid of the emo act, will you?
11:40am – Why is Dumbledore so mean to Harry in this one? Maybe people were talking about how unnaturally close they were? I mean, Dumbledore being gay and all. ๐Ÿ™‚
12:19pm – I dont think Helena Bonham Carter has ever played a normal role. Bellatrix Lestrange, that deranged chick in Fight Club, every Tim Burton movie.
12:32pm – Do you think Hermione ever goes home after the school year and tells her parents what goes on? Like, “Hey Mom and Dad, I just fought a bunch of evil wizards and Harry’ godfather died… can’t wait to go back next year!”

End of Order of the Phoenix 12:38pm – Start of Half Blood Prince 12:44pm

Movie 6 – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Before the movie even starts there is a preview for the Lego Harry Potter, and OMG it’s hilarious. Baby Harry Potter was hysterical.
1:28pm – Never give Arielle a large box of Nerds. She can’t handle them and they will wind up all over your apartment, and in between all your couch cushions.
1:30pm – I just did the “Tim Tam Slam”, much to Arielle’s enjoyment. It was delicious, but very messy.
1:35pm – Everyone is snogging each other in this movie. TEENAGE HORMONES FOR THE WIN!
1:48pm – I wish I could conjure up little birds and then have them attack people like Hermione does. That would be awesome. And useful.
1:53pm – Why is Malfoy always wearing that black suit? It’s dapper and all, but what kid doesn’t own a t-shirt and a pair of jeans???
1:57pm – I forgot how funny this movie is. Looked it up on IMDB and its the same director for the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). Yay!
2:02pm – I don’t like that they burn down the Burrow in this movie. It doesn’t happen in the book, and I don’t really think it was needed. I heart the Burrow.
2:08pm – Arielle and I discussing why there are no Jews in HP world. @KatyComeTrue says there was mention in the books, but the ony thing we can find online is that she goes home for “Holidays” as opposed to “Christmas” and that her parents are doctors (dentists). Hmmm.
2:33pm – Arielle has seen this movie wayyyy too many times (3 times in theaters). She’s reciting lines a they happen.
2:57pm – Malfoy is a little bitch. But I think we knew that all along.
3:01pm – Both the Weasley’s and Hagrid’s homes are burned down by the Death Eaters – and yet they don’t really seem to be bothered about it? Is there Wizard Fire Insurance?
3:08pm – IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 hours of Harry Potter completed… we probably could have done all 15 straight through if we didn’t care about things like sleeping.

WOOOOOOO! Now to leave my couch for the first time in 2 days. ๐Ÿ™‚


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