Ta-Da! My Life List

Happy 2010!!!!

If you didn’t notice, I changed my NYC-To-See List to a Life List. I started compiling a list of things that I want to do/see/accomplish in my lifetime, like many other bloggers have. (Some are doing the 101 in 1001 list, but you get the idea.) I mentioned yesterday that I was going to unveil my Life List, so here we go!!

This is a work in progress, and I will continuously be adding new things.

crossed out = completed
italics = in progress

In the US
Have sex in all 50 states & Washington D.C.
as of 1/1/10: 11/51 -NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, FL, TN, CA, MA, D.C., LA
Visit all 50 states and Washington D.C. (airports don’t count)
– as of 1/1/10: 19/51 -NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, NH, MD, AZ, CA, TX, NV, LA, FL, TN, IL, UT, VA, DE, and D.C.
Go camping with a group of friends
New York
– See Niagara Falls from the US side
– Go inside the Statue of Liberty
Visit Portland, OR
– Get a Voodoo Donut
Visit Seattle, WA
– Drink coffee at the original Starbucks
– Take a picture with the Fremont Troll
Visit Denver, CO
See the Grand Canyon
– Do the Skywalk
– Take a Pink Jeep tour
In California:
– Wine tasting in Napa
See the sea lions at the Wharf in San Francisco5/11
– Ride on a Cable Car
– Take a picture in front of the Hollywood Sign
– Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Go to Mardi Gras
Take a road trip cross-country
Paint my name on one of the cars in the Cadillac Ranch
Visit the new Harry Potter World at Islands of Adventure.

Visit 15 countries
– As of 4/1/2010: 6/15 – have visited Mexico, Canada, Italy, England, Israel, Costa Rica)
In France:
– Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower
– See the Mona Lisa
Go back to Israel
Visit Australia
Pay my respects at a concentration camp
Go on a week or longer cruise
Visit Vancouver
See Niagara Falls from the Canada side
Stay at an all-inclusive resort
See the Egyptian pyramids
In Amsterdam:
– Take a bike tour
– Visit the Anne Frank House
Hang out at the Kit Kat Club in Berlin

Across the Globe
Visit as many breweries/brew pubs as possible
– Have visited: Heartland Brewery (3 locations), Brooklyn Brewery, Sam Adams Brewery, Chelsea Brewing Co, Crescent City Brewery.
Visit 1 country on every continent (America is a given and not counting Antarctica… cause let’s be real here.)
– As of 4/1/2010: 3/6 – North America (US, Canada, Mexico), Europe (Italy, England), Asia (Israel)

Mind, Body and/or Soul
Get a tattoo
Try acupuncture
Get a body scrub at a spa
Get a drastically different haircut, showing off my curly hair for once
Take a Zumba class
Complete the 30 Day Shred
Get laser eye surgery
Try Bikram Yoga

Eat at 10 Man vs Food locations
Mother’s 12/29, Taqueria La Cumbre 5/10
Cook a whole chicken/turkey
Bake a frost a multi-layer cake from scratch
Join a local CSA
Learn to cook/bake 50 new recipes in a year
– as of 5/1/10: 24/50 recipes learned
Plant and harvest a vegetable/herb garden

Meet/spot 10 “real” celebrities (not reality show people.)
– Nathan Lane, spotted @ Schnippers, 10.09
Learn how to play one song on the guitar
Learn to knit
Get on the Amazing Race
Ride a mechanical bull 10/24 – read here
Ride a segway (do a segway tour)
Own all of the Brat Pack DVDs
Volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity trip or something of the same nature
Go to BlogHer – bought my tickets!!!
Smoke a cigar
Smoke a hookah5/30

Get an amazing camera and learn to take great pictures with it
Go rock climbing
Make a scrapbook of my relationship with Dave
Collect every single Hard Rock Cafe shot glass (of currently existing Hard Rock Cafes)
– as of 1/11/10: 19/45 US cafes, 2/7 US hotels, 0/4 international hotels, 9/80 international cafes
Have a surprise party thrown for me
Send out photo holiday cards
Throw a theme party
Watch all 3 Godfather movies
Expand on HarryPotterFestaThon, and watch all 8 Harry Potter movies once they’re all released.
Preserve my wedding dress
See a Cirque Du Soleil Show
Go to a taping of The Daily Show/Colbert Report/SNL

The Future
Own a house with an in ground pool
Get married on March 20, 2010 and have the best wedding ever ๐Ÿ™‚ Done and done! Read here
Have kids
Host Thanksgiving for the whole family
Bury a time capsule in the backyard of our first house, to be uncovered only upon moving, or 25 years passing
Become close with Dave’s family
Take better advantage of having my grandfather around, while he is still here.
Start saving money to own the house of my dreams
Become the “Halloween House” on the block like my parents
Be promoted at work
Transfer over my 401k from my last job

Do you have a Life List or a 101 in 1001 List? Share the links!!


  1. Amy --- Just A Titch says

    Great list, Lacey! You can totally do it!

  2. This is such a great list!! Hows the wedding planning coming?! the big day is sooo soon, xxxooo

  3. Classy in Philadelphia says

    Whoa..this is such a great/long list…lots of great things to accomplish! I'm so excited to hear about the wedding btw! So soon.

  4. Suburban Sweetheart says

    I LOVE THE HALLOWEEN HOUSE." Every neighborhood's got one – and the best ones give our King-sized candy bars, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great lit, Lacey.

  5. Not a life list as such, but I made up a travel bucket list not long ago!

  6. What a great list! I adore that you want to be the Halloween House. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Mrs. Potts says

    Great list! I'm looking forward to the stories as you cross things off.
    Happy new Year!

  8. I love the travel section of your list!

    I made one too in September, http://senoritarachael.blogspot.com/2009_09_11_archive.html

  9. It sounds like you have some really great ideas! I can't wait to hear about you achieving some of these goals this year

  10. nicoleantoinette says

    Clearly, you know my feelings on life lists. Also, my head just exploded because I want to do ALL OF THESE with you.

  11. I love the "meet 10 celebrities" one. So far I'm at 5ish I think.

  12. Such a great list! I don't have one myself, but I think you've inspired me to give it a try.

  13. Allison Blass says

    I'm doing the 101 Things List. It ends on Sep. 28 for me, and so far I only have 27 finished! But a few are "long-term" kinds of things, so hopefully will have more finished soon. I'm also using them as month-by-month goals on my blog.

    You can check them out here: http://lemonlemonade.wordpress.com/101-things/

  14. oooh such a great list, i may have to borrow some of these for my list.

  15. Great list! And WTF is Zumba?!

  16. Zumba is great. It has became part of our new resolutions. What a beautiful feeling of change. Thanks.

  17. Great list! Good luck fulfilling it all. I'm starting to create mine now.


  1. […] the letter, they wanted to send this stuff to me for a few reasons. One being that they liked my Life List, and the goals that I’ve set for myself, and they wanted to help me cross off more items! […]


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