Holiday Homes Tour!


I’m participating in the 2nd Annual Holiday Homes Tour, hosted by Jen on the Edge. 🙂 So come take a look at how I decorate our tiny apartment for the Holidays/Chrismaka/Festivus or whatever you want to call it. You just came through our front door, and were welcomed by the wreath that we were conned into buying lovingly and willingly bought from Dave’s scout troop.

Once you enter, you’ll notice the Hanukkah decorations, because you can’t have Festivus without Hanukkah decorations!!

(I took these pictures last night, so it was the 7th night of Hanukkah.) And yes, the Menorah is on our bar. Jews always have the good booze, so it works out. And yes, if you look closely there is a card that says “Hot Sex Now” on the shelf, Dave and I had our anniversary last week and that was the card he lovingly gave me. 🙂

Festivus can’t be complete without stockings, right? Especially ones you bought at Target and decorated yourself with glitter glue!!

I’m a big fan of our stocking holders, also from Target, even though I broke them about 5 different times last year. Oh well.

Our tree is fake this year, since we got a really nice one as a hand me down from family friends. However, I REALLY missed the scent of the real tree! One day at the mall we went to Yankee Candle and discovered their Christmas Wreath scented candles, and I was sold! Also sold on the cute little wintery tealight candle holders!!


And last, but certainly not least, I know you all want to see the tree. The tree that me, the Jewish one, is always way more excited about and can’t wait to put up more than her (technically) Christian fiance. 🙂

Our tree, and from the top right down: my ornament from Dave, our tree skirt (with our/my future last name blacked out), and Dave’s ornament from me.

I LOVE our tree. Actually, I would love it more if it had colored lights vs white, but when you get a 7ft pre-lit fake tree that came from Fortunoff’s for FREE, you don’t argue. 🙂 Our tree skirt is brand new, and I chose to get it personalized with our last name on it. Well, it’ll be my last name in less than 4 months!! We also gave each other ornaments this year (Dave got me one last year) and decided to open them early, so there they are! Mine is the cute polar bear who rolled a penguin in the snow (tee hee!) and Dave’s is a coffee cup, cause if you know that boy, he is ALWAYS drinking coffee!

Hope you enjoyed my Holiday Home Tour! Now show us yours! 🙂


  1. Loverly!

  2. Jen on the Edge says

    I was totally not expecting that you would have a tree, so I am excited that you do. And, you know, you could add a string of colored lights to your tree. There are no rules against it. 🙂

  3. Mommy, I'm Home says

    The Menorah on the bar is classic!

  4. I love how you blended both holidays. Great decorating!!

  5. It all looks so good! Yay mixed holiday houses! I love lighting the menorah with the Christmas tree in the background.

  6. Gorgeous! And I wouldnt expect any less from you miss Lacey… I hope that when we dont have a 5×5 apt I can decorate a bit more. Right now we just have our menorah and reindeer ears for Thundy, hahah xxxoo

  7. Badness Jones says

    I think it looks great! And I'm with Jen – I've had white lights for years, and this year I added 300 coloured light too, they look great together. I like your stocking holders too…I wish we had Target in Canada…

  8. Classy in Philadelphia says

    So cool! I love your house…I'll be posting some of mine soon 🙂

  9. So cute! love the little stockings with glitter writing. You are definitely a better christmas celebrator than anyone in my somewhat catholic household. We have a tree up but its been undecorated for a full week now. That's about it for decorations! Pretty sad…

  10. aw i love it all, so cute and festive and so fun to give each other ornaments. and decorating for both holidays is definitely the best, woo.

  11. Awesome! Loving the Menorah on the bar. A great mix of both holidays!

  12. smalltownmom says

    I love everything! (I noticed the Harry Potter books on the shelf, too.)

  13. It's fun to start your traditions together!

  14. Very cute! And I like the ornament exchanging idea. Was it hard for him to pick one out??? I can imagine Adam trying to pick an ornament would be a funny thing!

  15. I love Dave's coffee ornament. I would totally want to have one like that if I had a tree.

  16. Suburban Sweetheart says

    GAH. I want to date a (technical) Christian just so I can someday celebrate Christmas…

  17. Oh, I think I am going to do this! Looks great!

  18. I love your tree and the decorations 🙂 really lovely!

  19. I am a huge fan of putting up Christmas trees & the multi-colored lights as well. Love the home tour and thanks for sharing =)

  20. Everything looks awesome! I love the wreath on the door!


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