Morning routines

A lot of people I know live by routine. They have routines so that they don’t forget anything. A routine for how they get up and ready for work/school in the morning. A routine for studying. People create routines for just about anything, whether that’s for memory issues, or just for the daily comfort of the familiar. I realized that I have a lot of routines, and when looking at them from a stranger’s eye, they’re pretty random.

In the mornings I don’t have any specific routine at home before leaving for work. I try to pack lunch or my gym bag the night before if I’m being a responsible adult, just so I don’t have to do it in the morning, but that’s pretty much it. However, when I get in my car to head to the subway, that’s when the routine begins.

Get in car.
Turn on radio – must be set to Z100. (I like their morning show.)
Drive to subway. Curse at drivers who are too slow to make the long ass light halfway there.
Find parking. (Some mornings quicker than others.)
Trudge to train. Hike up mile of stairs to get to platform.
Reach platform, look up tracks to see if train is coming.
Get into train car that will allow me to exit right by the stairs at my final destination, attempt to find seat right next to the end, so I don’t have to be squashed in between 2 people. If no seat by the end, find seat by the pole in the middle, or seat in between 2 people with most room.
Turn on iPod.
Make eye contact with no one. Close eyes, or if weather appropriate, rock sunglasses.
Do not take off sunglasses even when train goes underground.
Make sure to pop out an elbow when someone tries to sit next to me, to ensure maximization of room.
Check time at 125th Street station, determine if enough time to stay on this train, or switch to express, without being late to work.
[Switch trains if running late… happens more often than not.]
Get off at 42nd Street/Grand Central.
Elbow people and push through crowds to get up the stairs and get on the blasted Shuttle.
I hate the Shuttle.
Run to whichever track is leaving first, try to get into whichever car will leave me closest to my exit.
Head to escalators, curse people who stand on the walk side. (New Yorkers, you know what I’m talking about!)
If there’s time, get breakfast before heading into the office. (It was usually Dunkin Donuts, but I’m trying not to go as much.)
Get into office, shed iPod, sunglasses, coat, etc.

And the routine doesn’t stop once I’m at work. When I get into the office, the following must occur:

Get settled at computer.
Open up work email, database website, other database website, any important internal documents that I need to work off of for the next event.
Open up Gmail, Google reader, and Twitter.
Make sure cell phone is on vibrate (lest we want Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” blasting at everyone when I get a phone call.)
Start to consume breakfast, or run out and get breakfast if I was running late (which is more often than not.)
Discuss last night’s episode of Gossip Girl/So You Think You Can Dance/Glee/etc with coworkers.
Turn iPod back on. With only one earphone in so I can eavesdrop around me.
Catch up on any emails that came in over night.
Commence real work.

Anyone else have insane morning routines? It’s funny how leaving out something during my morning can totally throw me off, like if it’s sunny out and I forget my sunglasses, or if I forget my iPod.

I’m weird.


  1. Lisa-Marie says

    On work mornings, I am uber-organised. I get up at 5.10am, so I essentailly get ready in the dark. here's mine

    Get up
    loo trip – get washed
    leave bathroom light on for some light
    go to window seat in bedroom
    get dressed(the clothes are in order)
    go to living room
    check bag(which i packed last night) to make sure have everything.
    say by to bleary eyed dave
    walk to bus station(get money if needed)
    get on 6.10 bus – have banter with bus driver
    get off bus at 6.40 in perth. check if driver is in connecting bus. if not, get roll for breakfast
    get on bus
    get off in kinross. check time on church clock
    walk to shop, buy juice, and a roll if i didn't get one in perth
    stand in bus stop for 20 mins
    say hello to other girl who gets bus
    get on bus, try not to kill children on it(you'd think their fancy priate school could teach them to sit on a bus)
    get off bus at stop walk to the house
    here tom tell me he missed me(aww)
    give anna a hug
    help with breakfasting the kids.

  2. Unlike you, my morning routine is all based around me getting ready before i leave my flat. I walk to work which takes me 45 minutes. And I've worked out, through trial and error that it takes me 45 minutes to get ready (when I have to get up early and its cold, I go slow). So I have my whole make up, hair, breakfast, getting dressed routine. And if I go OVER the 45 minutes I get stressed out. And if I finish BEFORE 45 minutes I have to think of other things to do, because it's like I CAN'T leave without at least 45 minutes preparation time. Odd…..

  3. Amber (Girl with the red hair) says

    My routines are very similar to yours with the exception of the subway/public transit. I drive to work.

    But AS SOON as I get settled at my desk I open up: work email, personal email, tweetdeck and google reader! Haha

  4. Classy in Philadelphia says

    Haha, I loved your breakdown! My routine is a little different depending on if I have school or work, but I have this one coffee and breakfast guy on campus that I always always always go to!

    What do you do again?

  5. On my computer at work I have to have thing opened in the exact same order. If I accidentally close something I then have to close everything so they're back in the right order on the bottom of the screen. The order (because I KNOW you're curious) is:
    Main Network Folder I work out of
    2nd Network folder
    Internet, first tab sent to part of the network, second tab sent to sales info

    I would definitely have gmail, google reader, and twitter open as well. Except they block all of that at my office.

  6. ha ha, thats funny. I have a routine. might have to blog-share my own. its crazy what we do to feel "comfotable" or "normal" every day.

  7. Since I'm self-employed, I never start my day off at the same time. Some days I work 9-5, but I usually start later around 11 or 12 and end at 8. And then when there's a big project, I usually work 9-5 (that's 9pm) because I'm working with graphic artists. In California. So they're night owls AND 3 hours behind.

    At any rate, the only thing that almost always happens is I stop and get coffee + bagel sandwich + doggy bagel for the pup (I bring her to work!)

    When I open my computer to start, I open up gmail, google reader, take sporcle quizes, read "ask amy," and check facebook.

    When I'm done with work, I go through the blogs I read. Or sometimes during the day when I have a break.

    By the way, I find your whole train routine fascinating. I don't know if I could handle such a complicated commute. Maybe I would wake up easier!!!


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